Guns in St Petersburg

I have seen photos of guns on Google Street Maps before, usually of men outside gun shops, but never any as close up as this photo which was captured by, a Russian equivalent to Google Street Maps.

The images seem to have been taken outside a gun or hunting club. The rifle pictured above appears to be a wooden stocked 7.62x39mm Saiga with a five round magazine. English Russia has more photos.

[Hat Tip: Whale Oil ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Gir

    havent we learned by now russia is crazy?

  • Alexey

    not a hunting club, just a regional police department.

  • Lance

    What are the fire arms laws like in modern Russia? You can own a Saiga but can you own a semi auto AK mil type like a SAR-1? Can you won a Makarov or Tokarov Pistol?

  • Rus

    It’s just a hunters . They registered brandnew guns in “License and Permit Division” of St Petersburg militia . :))))))

  • I saw a Google street view of a kid holding a gun at someone. I lost the link but I believe it was in the US.

  • Henrik Thomassen

    To me it looks like a Valmet Petra, I might be wrong though, but it is strikingly similar. I was offered to buy a used one in Norway, but I had to turn it down as I couldn’t afford it at the time.