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  • jaekelopterus

    So, bolt-action Kalashnikov, sure. That makes sense. But Lisa Frank stickers? If I spent the time converting an AK into a bolt-action thingamabob, I doubt I would treat it like an eighth grade girl’s trapper keeper.

  • Jesse

    It looks like a prop from a shitty movie.

  • MacK

    When we were in Afg… The steves had shit like this all over… Some of the border towns and in Paki they make one off guns; and this stuff is par for the course…

  • Was probably a nice type 3 AK originally.

  • bob

    Looks like some of the rigs I found in Afghanistan

  • Maushnikow:-))

  • Scott

    The BX cable gas chamber is the best feature

  • That has to be fake. Do you know how badly it’d hurt to have those hot gasses come flying back in your eye through the gas port?

  • Side note: Looks like it’s a Chinese AK… just a guess based on the front sight.

  • Anon

    This is definitely from Afghanistan – I can tell by the “police” writing on the side of the standard afghan police pickup. They also love to jingle their weapons. It could also be from an AP3 militiaman.

  • Matt, you’re assuming that they’re actually trying to use the sights…

  • Anton

    “That has to be fake. Do you know how badly it’d hurt to have those hot gasses come flying back in your eye through the gas port?”

    Maybe the port was blocked?

  • Gir

    i’ve seen these used in iraq, by making the weapon terrible beyond recognition it taps the locals natural fear of the unknown. essentially its an intimidation tactic, when people see a rifle like this they just give up, its only natural.


  • Matt Groom

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Apparently, stupidity is the father.

  • Gir

    you will see cars very similar to this if you drive through mexico

  • D

    looks like a mosin receiver, same diameter barrel as the AK at least

  • WJS

    Yup, hooded front sight, like a Norinco-made AK

  • Ninth

    Looks like a commy version of a tube gun. As for the decorations, prolly did not have airbrushes.
    Impressive mag capacity for a bolt gun.

  • David

    Reminds me of that Johnny Cash song, “One Piece at a Time.”

  • geoff

    I’m thinking it was a modification done after the original AK was rendered unusable. Just a method of salvaging a usable firearm from the parts left over. I’d assume that some insurgents need every gun they can get.

  • Vaarok

    Really common Afghan/Khyber rifle configuration, I’ve seen them in pictures many times before.

  • Redchrome

    WTF is that metal coil doing in place of the cleaning rod anyway?

    How did they attach that P14 (?) action to the barrel? Is is still 7.62×39; or did they actually fit a .303 barrel or chamber to it?

  • Mu

    Looks like a Mauser bolt, but what’s the receiver from?

  • Bryan S

    Yeah, it would only take a quick weld to fill the port, or drill and tap the gas block.

    To me it looks like what you would have to do to an AK in Pennsylvania to hunt with (our game commission doesnt trust us with Semi’s)

  • um, words fail me to. All that pops to mind is “jacked”, as in that rifle looks jacked up. Put it this way, even if I was the last freedom fighter alive at the end of he Red Dawn movie I wouldn’t put a single round down range with that thing for fear of losing a hand. It might make an OK club though for CQB.

  • Zulu


  • allen

    The black electrical tape is ghetto standard operating procedure. It is used to enhance the grip of a variety of cheap and/or broken guns….

  • Will

    I’ll take three! Anyone know if I can attach a scope to that bad boy?

  • Lance

    Hmm looks like a gun that would be leagle in England. But for Police??? Must be a India POC.

  • B Woodman

    Holy Mother of ***!
    Does it even fire??!!
    I’d be afraid that it would blow up on me, even with the middlin’ AK round.

  • Rusty Ray

    My God that is awful, one should never lean a weapon against a wall or truck. That’s just waiting for an accident to happen…….

  • Matthew S.

    A budget precision rifle build..

  • DJ

    Hmm, must have picked up some stickers along with the conversion kit at Toys R US.

  • Bill Lester

    I like the pieces of electrician’s tape trailing off the butt plate. What a novel way to keep the assembly folded under the receiver!

  • the hell….

  • Mount


  • MAJ Dave

    I’d say it’s more likely something captured/seized/found by the Afghan police.

    Both ANP and the members of the AP3 program (technically called APPF) are issued weapons (originally the APPF received VZ-58s, but they had issues with them – they required cleaning – and I think they’ve gone to issuing them AKs), so they wouldn’t have reason to use a shade-tree gunsmith creation of this nature.

    Also interesting to note is the safety, which looks like it came from and Enfield. I’d venture a guess that the bolt is of an Enfield type as well. Given that Enfield rifles were made at the Ishapore arsenal for decades – and they wre the primary long arms of the first anti-Soviet mujahadeen – I know the local gumsmiths are quite familiar with the type and quite capable of fabricating parts for them.

    Personally, I’m pretty impressed by the obvious ability to use what’s available to create a functioning rifle. Another example of why the hoplophobes are tilting after windmills.

  • How do you like the cleaning rod 😛

  • GS

    Is it bad that I want one?

  • Tylermar

    Why just why

  • gunner”

    what, no kalashnikitty t-shirt with it?

  • gunner”
  • El Duderino

    When is Century importing this to the USA???

  • Lance

    Agree with david its a AK, mauser, Enfield ect ect. its a gun made of alot of guns.

  • Bobby

    I kind of want it…

  • Crabula

    Whoever it was, looks like their r&d department has been reading this blog.

    Kinda reminds me of this in an entirely backwards, crappy way. I mean obviously the mag will not feed, but it still makes me think of this…

  • John Callahan

    thats pretty cool. wouldnt be too hard to do if you had the right tools, parts, etc. just weld a bolt action receiver onto an ak-47 body

    • Fluffy

      Unfortunately, that does not answer why anyone would do this.

  • Mouse

    Mother of god, what IS that?

  • Woody

    im sure the cost of retrofitting a AK with a bolt-action design would be higher than purchasing the widely available automatic variant.

  • Mouse

    Wait a minute… Wouldn’t the blowback from the open gas tube kind of blind you?

    • Matthew M.

      no, it looks like they refitted the barrel and sized it to 8mm mauser so the opening to the gas tube is closed.

  • William

    Eat the AR fanboys, ak CAN be sub MOA (sarcasm)