Steyr’s upcoming .50 BMG rifle

Steyr is updating their line of single shot big bore rifles. The new models will be magazine fed. This updated Steyr HS-50 was on show at IAW.

Photo by Julio

Steve Johnson

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  • Darwin
    • Darwin, Steyr denies this.

  • Carl

    Magazine on the side… I wondered how they were going to put a magazine on the bolt action HS50 with the breech as far back as it is.

    I suppose you don’t really need to carry a 50 BMG rifle with the magazine inserted anyway.

    Speaking of .50BMG rifles with the magazine far back, does anyone know how Barrett is doing with the XM500?

  • Carl

    To make a really short .50, you could use the falling block mechanism. Like a really big Sharps Rifle.

  • D.Baker

    Side feed. Interesting.

  • Ramsey

    We have to make sure that these don’t find their way into the hands of criminals. The whole country should follow California’s lead and join together to halt the crime wave caused by the .50 menace. These are way more dangerous than the .416 Barrett. /trolling

    I was airborne infantry, and my biggest regret was getting out of the military without firing the M2. These look like an absolute hoon to shoot. Although, as a grad student and new father I doubt I could afford to feed it.

    Anyone near Madison WI willing to let me try a .50 out? I can[‘t even get a CC permit here. I have black powder rifles and revolvers up to .54, we could arrange a shooting day.

  • Danny

    Looks sexy and deadly both.

  • Vitor

    Was the moustache to manly to us handle the non-censored view of it?

  • Daverino

    I remember a few years ago hearing about Steyr selling 50 BMG rifles to Iran. And as the story goes, Iran then promptly supplied them to Shia militants in Iraq possibly resulting in the death of an Army officer.

    If anyone has any details on this I am sure it would be interesting for the rest of us, I know I am very curious.

  • Clodboy

    “We have to make sure that these don’t find their way into the hands of criminals. The whole country should follow California’s lead and join together to halt the crime wave caused by the .50 menace. These are way more dangerous than the .416 Barrett. /trolling”

    Actually, it is a sad fact that American Barrett M82’s and M90’s were used to kill 6 British soldiers by IRA terrorists in the 1990s.

    Of course British gun laws didn’t deter the IRA from smuggling these guns into the country.

  • Danny

    It looks like a younger sibling of NTW-20mm

  • Julio


    sorry about the pixellation: I’m sure you’d find him a handsome chap without it, but as I don’t know him from Adam, I thought it might be unfair to splash his face across a public forum.

    Who knows, though, he may be a regular on here. If so, and he wants his 15 minutes, he just has to get in touch and I promise his ‘tache and fizzog will be shown in their full manly glory!

  • Clodboy

    As a cynical citizen of Austria, I don’t think I buy Steyr’s denial here.

    During the Iran-Iraq war, the Austrian Noricum company illegally supplied both sides with hundreds of GHN-45 155mm howitzers. Of course they weren’t dumb enough to sell them directly – Iraq used Jordan as the middle man, and Iran got theirs via Lybia.

    It is also pretty much an open secret that Steyr and Hirtenberger supplied Croatia with sniper rifles and ammo during the Yugoslav wars (again using foreign middle men).

  • I think the side magazine is a very good idea as it would give the rifle a low profile. With rounds as thick as the 50 BMG, even a five round magazine extends substantially below the receiver in a conventional setup and this could affect concealability significantly especially when shooting from a prone position. This configuration would lower the profile of the shooter with the rifle quite a bit.


    “We have to make sure that these don’t find their way into the hands of criminals. The whole country should follow California’s lead and join together to halt the crime wave caused by the .50 menace. These are way more dangerous than the .416 Barrett. /trolling”

    Ramsey, sorry I have to call you out. Your words are a threat to the second amendment. Show me the US statistics of the so called “.50 menace crime wave” The .50 caliber rifle is a tool just like a hammer, hammers have caused more deaths in the US than .50 caliber rifles. Have you ever heard the expression guns don’t kill people, people kill people? Your quote about the .416 caliber also shows that you know nothing about ballistics and threat capability. I think you are sadly confused and misinformed by anti-gun rhetoric or you are just an anti-gun philospher. You make comments extolling the virtues of California’s ban on .50 caliber rifles then ask other readers if you could shoot one of their .50 rifles. You sir counter your own argument. This coming from a so called former armed forces member, I think not. Tell us why you can’t get a CCW in your state. Truth be told I think you are really Sarah Brady in disguise.

  • Ramsey

    Hey HIGHSPEEDLEO, i hope you are joking. If not, you might want to look up modern definition of trolling. I even gave it a tag. The post was meant as a humorous jibe at the mentality of the hoplophobes. I am all for personal firearm use, as evidenced by my desire to shoot the damn things whenever I can. Maybe if you come around the midwest we can check out a range or two. As for my inability to get a concealed carry permit: take it up with the Wisconsin government. I write them letter after letter and they never pass the damn thing. Only three states in the country without CCW laws and I wind up in it.

  • Spiff

    Darwin, perhaps you ought to read more about the “sale” to Iran of Steyr rifles…The original sale was to a Iranian government favored by the US, the UN, and in general, the rest of the world. When that nut case won the elections in Iran, all shipments to Iran ceased. The article written has no author nor evidence to back up their story. The US Military Command in the middle east in charge of the area where incidents were mentioned told our Congress that NO Steyr firearms have ever been found in the hands of our enemies, nor had US forces found stock piles or caches of Steyr weapons…The HS-50’s patent ran out many years ago and it is well known that the Chinesse have been copying it and selling their version abroad.

  • charles222

    Yeah, I’m starting my third rotation in Iraq (2005-2006, 2007-2008, and 2010-2011) and I’ve never once heard about insurgents toting .50-cal rifles.

    • charles222, best of luck for your third tour.

  • charles222

    Well, technically it’s my fourth (I have one in Afghanistan) but thanks.

  • Spiff

    Just curious, a .50bmg has about a 2,800 yard killing range, and if an individual shot at you from a long way off, how are you going to know what brand of weapon was used? Did the shooter with the supposed Steyr HS-50 wait around until defensive units got there so that the weapon could be showed off? How did such a stupid story get started? Oh, yes, the UK rag, The Telegraph, published just such a story, with no author or investigation of facts…I think in one version they published it was an American soldier who got shot, then later I believe they changed it to a UK soldier…Funny, when the US Officer in charge of the area that the “incident” took place was asked by Congress if he, or his troops, had ever found “a cache” of Steyr manufactured weapons, he said no, they had never found any Steyr weapons…Something else, the patents on the Steyr .50bmg rifle expired years ago, and anybody can make copies, such as the Chinese, whose weapons, including clones of the Steyr .50bmg, are found throughout the middle east.