C.O. Arms AWP Model 1911

The C.O. Arms AWP is set apart by an all-black Carry-Tuff finish that protects the gun from all types of weather conditions, rust and scratches and is easily cleaned with just a wipe down. The AWP has a forged 7075 aluminum frame with checkered front strap and 4140 carbon steel slide. It has a 3 ½ in. forged stainless steel bushingless bull barrel with broach cut rifling.

The AWP has XS Express Big Dot sights, a solid adjustable trigger and Commander style hammer. It has a nine round capacity, full-length guide rod, single recoil spring and 30 LPI checkered front strap with matching checkered mainspring housing. This gun also features the new C.O. Arms CCT (concealed carry tactical) slide stop, which has no sharp edges, low profile, one hand operation for ease of use and is checkered to minimize slip.

MSRP is $1599.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Jim

    And did they show a retail?

    • Jim, thanks, I forgot to add that. MSRP is $1599.

  • Tony

    Yikes, that’s not a slide release – that’s an airline carrier!

    And I see XS even managed to make a version of their rear sight that sucks for one-handed malfunction clearing. *sigh* (The one thing I like about the sights on mine is how the rear sights has a nice, vertical edge to catch on a belt or similar. Makes the whole business so much easier!) Hell, next thing you folk will tell me is the damn thing doesn’t even come with an ambidextrous safety (because nobody ever gets hit in their weapon hand / arm, and there are no left-handed people in this world either).

    You know, it’s a very pretty gun and all, but what with all these 1911s advertised as carry guns, it would sure be nice if someone would figure out the fine details and build one that is actually ready to carry. (This would be something of a pet peeve of mine.) Less “this is what’s in fashion” and more “this is what actually works when you run a gun hard”. But I suppose nobody would want to buy a gun like that – it just wouldn’t be fashionable, after all.

  • Lance

    Is it just .45 Auto or dose it come in 10mm Auto?

  • Tom Stone

    $1599? I think most people paying that much for a .45 are going to look at alternatives…

  • WPZ

    I have trouble with the layout- why go short barrel on the edge of reliability funky guide rods and springs, short sight radius, reduced power, all of those disadvantages, when the barrel’s not the hard part to hide?
    It’s the handle on an auto that’s the problem, and this is a full-size government model-sized one, apparently.
    They cut down the easy end to conceal and left long the hard one.

  • Why use a short barrel on the larger frame ? very simple it is more user friendly to most peoples hand and it gives you a very big advantage in an upclose and personal fight where weapons retention comes into play. With the shorter barrel the bad guy has less leverage and with the longer grip you have better retention. As to concealed carry after over 25 years of carring a 1911 the difference between an Officers size frame and a Commander size really makes very little difference.
    As to the finish the real beauty of this is that the finish is impregnayed into the metal and even at some point if you start to wear the color away the protection stays with you.
    as to the ambi saftey we will put an ambi saftey on the gun per customer request. I personally do not care for them and before any blows up on me I was born left handed and have just learned to adapt. My real issue with ambi safties is the way most attach to the gun there ir really not a good system out there that will continue to run if the right side lever where to come off. Maybe the new Caspian will change that I can not wait to see it at the NRA Show.
    As to pricing simple you get what you pay for. Our products are all US. made from U.S. components those that we do not make in house have to be certifed to be a US product made from US materials. We build each gun by hand fitting each part the way they should be. When guns are built like this they will never be as cheap as the mass produced stuff from over seas or the like. When you select a C.O. Arms product you have chosen to go with quality and craftsmen ship that sets you aprt from the crowd. You said no to compromise and have chosen the right tool for the job. A tool that will last several lifetimes. We are so confident of that we lifetime warrenty all of our pistol and the warrenty goes with the gun so it does not matter if you are the original purchaser or not.
    As to other calibers we are in the process of 9 mm , 40 , 45 , 10mm , 22lr , and hopefully a 460 Rowland.

  • Carlos U.

    3 Glocks vs one of these… Mmmm.

  • Aurelien

    Tony – If you want a conseal carry 1911 that is both solid and no-BS you can go see Dave Lauck. He’s got some really nice carry 1911s. But i hope you got money, because every gun he builds costs a fortune.

  • Mark

    Tony, I suggest you learn to use a standard safety with your left hand. Hold the pistol in your left hand and then move your thumb over to where the safety is. It takes some practice, but is a lot easier than you think. I am with you on the sights, though. You can rack it with the Novaks by digging it into your hip and it hurts like hell, but it’s doable.

    Hey C.O. Arms, I’ve got a couple of questions for you . . .

    First, can different sights be custom ordered?

    Second, can a “regular” slide stop be ordered?

  • Tony

    Mark, I have indeed studied manipulating a single-sided safety. I suppose hand size has a lot to do with the results, but it has always felt pretty awkward for me. Besides, the gun is very unsecure when held like that, which would be a Very Bad Thing in a close range fight. Any time the gun is secured by your grip (as opposed to a properly designed, high quality holster) you want to maintain that strong, controlling grip, lest you find your gun goes tumbling away from you when you get knocked to the ground, slip and fall, or something else unpleasant like that happens.

    No, I very much prefer a good, ambidextrous safety switch.