Tactical AKs in Russia

While the tactical craze may have been largely lost on Izhmash, the official makers of the AK series of rifles, our Russian friends appear to be embracing it. The previous issue of the Russian Reporter magazine featured some very cool AK rifles. Unfortunately I do not know what the title of the article is or what it is about. UPDATE: See the comments below for a translation.

Russian Reporter (No 13, Issue 141)
Close up

Last year I wrote about some tacti-cool prototype AK-74M rifles that Izhmash exhibited.

[ Many thanks to Lauri and Sven (Defense and Freedom) for emailing me the the image. ]

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  • Jesse

    That’s an interesting mount for that red dot.

  • Clodboy

    An M4 style buttstock on an AK?
    Infinity Ward: 1 – Mikhail Kalashnikov: 0 😉

  • stillbluelight

    My Russian’s a little rusty, but I believe it’s an article about FSB spetsnatz counterterror operations.

  • Maybe it is just the perspective, but doesn’t it seem like he’s lasering his buddy in front of him? I mean, I always knew that Russian muzzle discipline was lax, but the marketing team probably could’ve caught that…

  • Erik

    Что может лубянка? Is the title of the article and roughly translates as, “What’s going on (is Lubyanka doing) at Lubyanka” (FSB HQ) and the lines below it, Cпособны ли спецслужбы победить террористов, roughly translate as, “Are the security forces going to beat the terrorists?” СMР. 20=Page 20.

    • Guys, Thanks for the translations

  • sisa

    The title and caption say something along the lines of “Can Lubyanka [KGB]: Are the security forces defeating the terrorists”

  • Dmytro

    Looks like it’s analytical article about “Can the FSB and other do something with terror ”
    But on photo we see internal troops (MVD VV) specnaz operators on the training in the abandoned school (can’t find this photo session right now).

  • rusgunnut1

    Looks like fab defense have been up to their usual tricks. Damn those Israelis!

  • Apathy

    Here is the Full original article

  • FSB TsSN (or CSN depending on transliteration) groups like Alfa have been using AK’s with this kind of gear for years. Here are some pictures I’ve collected:

    Those pics from 2005 are from a test run reported in Bratishka magazine, but there have been pictures of FSB operators with eotechs and such in the widl since at least 2007.

  • Bryan S

    Interesting rail mount, allows you to keep a zero while able to field strip, and use the side scope mount.

  • AP

    Wow, two foregrips! Magazine-grip guy looks all business and foregrip guy looks like he’s flushing an olde pull chain toilet! I hope Magpuls AFG idea takes off and we can do away with this silly, silly trend.

  • N0mad

    There is already a perfectly good rail… on the side of the gun. Why not just use a kobra… I like it better than the eotech anyway.

  • That mount looks like a Mako VFR. But with only the bottom half. The top looks like just a standard polymer handguard.

  • Lance

    The FSB and SpetZ NAZ can have there guns in differnt configurations. They seem to embrace tactical guns more than the tradional miitary. Remember they have bought Glock 17s to supplament the Makraov PM pistols they have. After failing Yarygin PYA pistol which was issued in small numbers currently to Spetz naz only, the FSB shoved Russian prid to adopt forigen designs. I feel the sam feel for there AK-74s and AK-103s in there service that they want 1913 rails and colaspable stocks. While the military stays with traditional AK setups.

  • zach

    thats a good mount for the EOTech, that’s always been the problem with AK’s, a rail mount on the receiver wouldn’t hold zero because of how it field strips. here the side mount is used, and I have never seen one with a 1913 rail before.

  • zach

    @AP some people prefer the traditional forward grip others don’t it’s not a trend. I personally like a vertical grip but I grip it sort of like the AFG for extra stability but it’s great for guns with folding stocks i.e. a PDW. mag gripping is good too as long as you don’t squeeze too hard and jam the mag

  • William O. B’Livion

    For mounting optics on AK pattern rifles (and others), one suggestion is Ultimak (http://ultimak.com/).

    (no financial interest etc. etc.)

  • Vak


    Side mounts with 1913 rail do exist, take a look at kalinkaoptics.com.

    (no financial interest either)

  • Jonathan

    Not only is the muzzle sweeping a team member but the finger appears to be on the trigger. Not good.

  • Some Un Russian

    Why put a forward grip on it if you’re just gonna grab the magazine like an 11 year old Liberian?

  • Bryan S

    @Zach, the other problem with a mag grip is that if there is an out of battery discharge, thats where all the force is going, down, and through your flesh.

    Mag grips… bad idea from a safety and leverage standpoint.

  • Staff Member

    He’s flagging the s*** out of his team member. Looks like a beautiful weapon, though.

  • tylermar

    if that is an m4 style 6 postion stock knowing the russians the buffer tube is probly a diffrent size then an m4 no offence to the russian there awsome

  • yoni

    Nice pics. This is actually the TDI/CAA X47 3 piece rail system made in Israel. The operator in the photo is only running two of the three components.


  • Mad Saint Jack
    • Mad, LOL, thats funny.

      I think they may be using airsoft or an air pisol. The holes are about the right size (6mm) and the guy behind the target appears to be covering his face with his cap. That would protect against airsoft bb’s and maybe against a low powered air gun.

  • Bill


    Looking at the pictures and others from the slideshow, I see hearing protection suggesting that it’s not airsoft.

  • kaur

    On the Mad Saint Jack’s photo it seems that grass is burning …

  • LoveMyXds

    Isn’t that Phillip Michael Thomas in the lower left pic? Wondering what he’s been up to since Miami Vice….!

  • @Johannes those AKs are pretty sweet. I would go for a full tactical AK.