Steyr discounting HS .50 and HS .460 rifles this month

From the press release …

Steyr Arms has drastically reduced the price of its big-bore ultra-long-range HS .50 and HS .460 rifles to $3,995 for the entire month of April-or while supplies last. This special promotional sale represents a savings of nearly 25 percent off the suggested retail of $5,299 for HS .50 and HS .460 rifles.

Available in either .50 BMG or .460 Steyr chamberings, the smooth-cycling, single-shot, bolt-action HS platform features a 33-inch cold-hammer-forged and fluted barrel that provides unparalleled accuracy and ensures supersonic velocity at distances beyond 1,500 meters with most match ammunition. A highly efficient, three-chamber muzzle brake tames felt recoil. The barrel is fully free-floated above the rigid aluminum stock. A beefy two-lug bolt locks into the barrel block, which mates the barrel to the stock via two action screws. This configuration provides for quick and easy disassembly for cleaning and transportation. A 20-MOA declination Picatinny rail is attached to the barrel block, so the scope remains attached to the rifle when disassembled to prevent loss of zero. Maintenance is easy due to a low parts count.

To take advantage of this incredible offer, visit your Steyr Authorized Dealer, or call Steyr Arms at (205) 655-8299.

Steyr HS .460
Caliber .460 Steyr
Capacity Single Shot
Trigger 2 stage
Barrel 33″ (with muzzle brake)
Overall Length 54″
Weight 28.5 lbs.

Steve Johnson

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  • Are Steyr getting rid of their single shot rifles at discounted prices because they are coming out with the rumored magazine version of this rifle? Please try and dig up some info, Steve and thanks in advance!

    • Mehul, ahhh, I will dig.

  • Julio

    The magazine version isn’t a rumour:


    I took this photo of a magazine-fed HS50 at IWA last month.

  • Diesel

    That mag looks like you will be lucky to fit 2 rounds of 50 BMG in it.