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  • Lance

    More ways to nail us with high prices in ammo.

  • Martin

    All commodities are expected to rise. Increased lead prices are good for my area (Lead mines). It’ll still be absurdly cheap. Your price increases will be mostly caused by the ‘excuse’.

  • Run that out another three years into the past and watch the sawtooth waveform develop. Commodity prices climbed until the peak, then fell off big time, and now they’re back to the point when they started soaring a few years ago. The US had a bunch of speculators then. Now pig farmers in china are stockpiling metals.

    Note: China is working up its own real estate bust, and when pig farmers sell off the pigs, you might want to consider investing in something other than what they bought with their pig proceeds.

  • The Firearm Blog » Lead, Copper and Zinc prices continue to rise http://www.vasiliyucecozavy.blogspot.соm