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  • Griffin

    Now that looks like a rifle…

  • Clodboy

    The IRA did have their own folk song called “Me little Armalite” ( )

  • Every time I see something with a 1, R, A, -, and 0 my wallet hurts.

  • steve b

    As a citizen in Northern Ireland, what on earth were they thinking calling it that!?!?!

    (nice rifle though)

  • CMathews

    Website says you get a ski mask, some old euro cammies, a flask of whiskey, and an Irish flag in every box.

    (I’m of Irish decent, no racism or offense intended towards our brothers across the pond.)

    Not too much better of a name than the iPad. Lol

  • Witt Sullivan

    One of the kids from out church spent a year as a missionary in Northern Ireland. He mentioned Armalites when he gave a presentation about his trip and the IRA. It seems that’s all they think of Americans, as supplying them with guns and explosives.

  • Marc

    Nice rifle, it has most of what i was hoping it would have when I first saw it. I wonder what the iron sights look like? I hope they do have them I go old school like that unless I can get a hold of a scope I would also love that whiskey too, just send me a hat with the ski mask you can keep the rest for a true Irishman 🙂

  • Lance

    Looks fun to shoot.

  • Don

    The tacti-cool black rifle thing typically does nothing for me and I scoff at the the idea of an ar15 over my leverguns, garand, or my m1a, but that’s a hot looking black rifle. I can get definitely get behind a black rifle that looks like these things.

    And yes, very unfortunate acronym…

  • Bob

    Why wouldn’t they call it that….. IRA=Iron Ridge Arms….?????

  • It could be worse. The company could be named Iron Ridge Systems.

    • Daniel, RRROOOFFFFLLL. That gave me a good laugh!

  • Mark

    Well, I thought IRA could stand for Individual Retirement Account as investing in military arms has a far superior return than the stock market over time….