Custom compact XDM 3.8 “Minus”

Rich at Canyon Creek Custom has created a custom compact variant of the Springfield XDM 3.8 which he has named the “Minus”. The original XDM, despite being called a compact by Springfield, retains a standard sized grip. Rich has chopped 0.5″ off the grip which makes it more concealable without making it uncomfortable to shoot. The cut down magazines are reduced to 16 rounds of capacity.

Standard XDm (left, note: it is not a XDm 3.8 but the grip is the same size as the 3.8) vs. Canyon Creek’s Custom

Personal Armament Podcast has a very interesting interview with Rich about this gun and speculations about the future of the XD line. It is well worth listening too.

Steve Johnson

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  • Andy in Connecticut

    THAT’S what it should have been in the first place! Kudos to CCC.

  • LoveMyXds

    I have had my original Xdm up on my bandsaw MANY times over the past 20 with masking tape on the grip and my hand hovering near the start switch. The little red devil on my left shoulder saying “Do it! Glock 19 Grip Length, so much better for EDC, you can make the magazine work!” The Angel on my right says “Wait for Springfield!” Obviously Canyon Creek is the devil! 🙂 Good job!

  • LoveMyXds

    TYPO….. past 20 months…. Sorry

  • Why the hell NOT the factory makes it???

  • AP

    Hey Springfield, you won the capacity war! Great job! You can make smaller frames, now.

  • LoveMyXds

    Gvas… the factory does not make an XDM with a compact grip… they make XD…. different magazine… the real trick thing CCC did was shorten the XDM magazine…

  • Don’t forget his trigger work… OMG! NICE!

  • CMathews

    Could you still use the standard xdm magazine in it though? Like using a glock 17 mag in a glock 19? Because that would be sweet.

  • I know, the 3.8 is nothing more, than a normal frame+short slide, but I don’t know why did they feel this model marketable on a CCW-dominated handgun market.

    And I know, that Springfield do not manufactures it, ‘cose the gun is made right here in our neighborhood Hrvatska.

  • Dave

    Looks more like my Glock 19 all the time…

  • Marc

    The rear sight looks a little simpler as well. I might have to go with the original, the custom looks too small for my hand though it does look nicer. I wonder what internal tweaks were done to this pistol.

  • Beaumont

    To chime in: yep, that’s what Springfield should have done to begin with. The 3.8 reminds me of the old Astra A-100, which had horrible balance & all the concealability of a hatchet.

  • Carl

    “Hey Springfield, you won the capacity war!”
    Did they really?
    IMHO, increasing the capacity by making a mega long grip is pointless (unless you are making guns for King Kong or Bigfoot).
    Glock makes 33 round magazines that fit in the 17,19 and 26 (and 18), if you are really interested in high capacity.

  • AP

    Carl, I’m with ya. The same, full size grip on the 3.8 is lazy and corny. I’d rather have a proper grip and OEM + floor plates or just pony up for Arrendondo, etc. Springfield’s polymer line have become a magazine dog and pony show. I hope they know they won the safety war, too.

  • Cymond

    I read somewhere that 3.8″ is the maximum barrel length in the back-up gun division for one of the practical shooting sports. The long grip and short barrel make sense if it was intended to be the basis for custom race guns.

  • Sean

    They will come out with a similar size model soon enough. It is a marketing thing. First they have to come out with the XDM in .45acp first. Then the compact size .40 and 9mm. Then maybe a 10mm somewhere along the way.

  • Griffin

    The “Regular (left) vs. Canyon Creek’s Custom” picture is a bit misleading as the pistol on the left is not a 3.8 compact.

    • Griffin, good point. I have updated the caption.

  • kevin

    Springfield XD. For when you think you’re to good to buy a Glock.

  • my my, doesn’t take the glock koolaid drinkers long at all to show up, does it?

    Some of us just don’t LIKE the glock grip angle, or “ergonomics”. I personally shoot better with a Springfield, or a 1911. Hell, even my (gasp, dare I say it) Taurus!

  • SonOfTheGriz

    +1 for “Springfield should have designed it that way.”

    Earth to S/A… 19 rounds of 9mm gets HEAVY after a while and it’s the FRAME that pokes under a cover garment. If you want to make a CCW-friendly “M” put BOTH ends under the saw.

    Get ready for the industry buzzword to shift from “TACTICAL” to “CONCEALABLE” very, very soon. The upshot? A whole new spectator sport to emerge in 2010 and 2011 — the “hey honey, you think he’s packin’?” game at the grocery store! That 3.8 will create a “beginner” class for the new players… not to mention that nervous twitch every thirty seconds. Yes, it’s still there 🙂

    The real irony is I just picked up a new “real” CCW gun today — a 6-round compact auto in .45 ACP. Do I feel “outgunned” by someone who can go 19 rounds in between reloads? Nope.

  • Griffin

    Steve, of all the gun blogs I read this is easily my favorite.

    The way you actively strive for accuracy, have no problem correcting previous posts, and somehow manage to keep politics out of the many and varied entries makes this an amazing site and one of the first websites I look at in the morning over coffee.

    Thank you for all your hard work on TheFirearmBlog. It’s greatly appreciated.

    • Griffin, thanks for the kind words.

  • Justin Grigg

    this guy fixed exactly what I hate about the XD series. If springfield would make it Glock19/23 size like the guy pictured, I’d buy a few!

  • Steve,
    Looks like the “Ultimate” XDm conversion, but just wondering if you are able to change back-strap sizes – – or if you are committed once you choose?! Your chop grip-size seems perfect, but you express that possibly another 1/4 to 3/8″ could be removed – – I sincerely doubt it !!!
    I know you appreciate the extra business, but I would love to hear what Springfield would say if you sent them a picture of what your chop-job looks like, and(what the 3.8 should have looked like right from it’s first intoduction) – – and hear there “Reply” !!! Thanks for the great work !!!

  • Randy

    i own an xdm in 40 cal…freaking accurate gun! Drilled a leftover Halloween pumpkin at 150 yards,… all day! Spooky accurate right out of the box! I have nothing but respect for my fellow shooters out there, especially the “Glockers” ( i have a model 22 myself ) but how can you guys hit anything with those things! I can’t STAND my Glock…..

  • Alex Ingram

    I’m a long-time 1911 shooter who moved to a Glock 17 as my primary carry gun two years ago. After doing a trigger job and adding combat night sights I got it to shoot the way I wanted, but it didn’t have the natural point and feel of a 1911 and lacked a secondary grip safety. And I never really liked the overall look of the gun much either, too sterile, but I’d joined the 21 century, right!?! Of course I could have taken out a loan and purchased a SIG-Sauer or HK USP for a $1,200+.

    This past weekend I was at the Scottdale Gun Club on some other member business and the Springfield sales rep was there displaying his wares. We began talking about their “Super Gun of the Year” and then ask me if I wanted to try out one of their demo guns. He’d give me a 50-round box of ammo to shoot it, so what did I have to lose! I wasn’t expecting much, but I’ll never walk away from burning holes in targets.

    He handed my a production model of the XD-M in 9mm with a 3.8″ barrel. My first ten rounds registered 3-inch groups at 50 feet. I’ve never been able to do that before with any floor production gun right out of the box, so cudos to Springfield for both their marketing and engineering. I was totally amased by the natural ergomomics, remarkable accuracy and superior craftsmanship of the weapon. After putting another 40 rounds through the demo gun, I immediately purchased one for myself and repeated the same range performance with my new gun with another 50 rounds. This gun is absolutely impressive guys!

    My gunsmith is adding me a new trigger group (I prefer around a 3.5-pound pull) and a Trijicon red dot sight (the eyes aren’t what they used to be at 63). It will then take its rightful place as my new carry gun.

    There was also a neat freeby — the gun comes with a polymer belt hoster, twin magazine belt carrier (also polymer) and two magazines, all neatly packed, along with the gun, in a well-designed and rugged form-fitted carry case. I don’t know if this is a limited-time promotional deal but it added value to the deal!

  • Scott Steinmetz

    This is PERFECT. I don’t like the subcompact, but it’s easier to carry. I love the 3.8, but the grip is too long. As was mentioned above, this is what Springfield should have done in the first place. Mine, mine, mine.