AR-15 Kaboom

1098cya wrote about his Kaboom experience at

From there, we took it apart and used my cleaning rod to push out the broken spent shell case out of the chamber. Needless to say, no more shooting that rifle. We surmised a possible “squib load”, double load. But, if you look closely at the damaged spent shell casing, the end is pretty clean and the rest is fouled. RSO said that the round wasn’t fully chambered.

When the firing pin made contact, about an inch of it was also fouled. The gases went straight from the chamber, down into the magazine well and blew out the bottom of the magazine. You should have seen my face, as I fired off that round and heard and felt something different. Looking down, I saw the bottom of the magazine all blown out and seeing the magazine spring hanging out too!

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Bryan S.

    Good reason to keep your hands on the hand gaurd, and not on the mag well.

  • Matt Groom

    Yeah, ARs no-like-a-dee 80,000+ PSI loads. Just look at that case! Crap!

  • Veeshir

    I got lucky, lucky, lucky a few weeks ago at the range.

    I brought my .50 Beowulf with Bushmaster lower.
    After firing 8 round it jammed, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. The cartridges seemed to load but it wouldn’t fire.

    When I got home I found a bullet wedged in the chamber, the last shot must have had just enough powder to push it into the front of the chamber where it stuck.

    Luckily it wasn’t a quarter inch farther in or it would have gone “BOOOOOOM”.

    • Veeshir, VERY VERY lucky!

  • A. Shooter

    “…brass cased “once fired” 55 gr fmjbt .223/5.56 “factory tactical reload”…”
    (excerpt from the post)

    I know I harp on this, but here we go again. I am sure someone has had a KB with factory NEW ammo, but I really think you push your luck with reloads. (Reloaders who “roll their own” need not get angry with me, you know what you are making and shooting). Don’t buy reloads. I shoot factory new ammo or milsurp ammo. Yes it is more expensive, but my health and that of my firearms is worth the cheap insurance.

  • Lance

    Steve are you shooting your reloads again???? LOL

  • Michael

    I won’t get angry but I will state that in the 30 years I’ve been rolling my own I’ve not once forgotten to powder a cartridge or double charged one. And the reason this is so is that first of all I load only slow burning powders, meaning a double charge isn’t possible without powder spilling every where no matter what cartridge is in question, second is I inspect each case prior to seating the projectile to be sure I didn’t skip a cartridge powder charge. I only powder load with a scale not volmetric devices as well so my charges are exact and I mean exact to specification ( within 1/10 th of a grain if I’m in a sloppy mood ). Most hand loaders, and I do mean most load for economic reasons of which is the last thing on my mind. I do it only for performance thus the heavy charges of slow burning powders whcih as well produce nice consistent pressures, rather high velocities, and most importantly accuracy unmatched by the economic methods most hand loaders focus on.

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