Taurus SLIM now in .380 and .40 S&W

The new Taurus 708 SLIM chambers the .380 ACP and has a capacity of 7+1. The Taurus 740 SLIM holds 6+1 rounds of .40 S&W. Both these new models will be available in black or two tone (black frame, stainless slide).

Taurus SLIM 740 Black
Taurus SLIM 708 Stainless Two Tone

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    As much as I hate Taurus for their crappy quality control, they are one of the few firearm manufacturers who come out with very innovative and interesting designs.

    For some reason the SLIM reminds me of a futuristic Makarov.

  • Carl

    The indentation above the trigger guard seems like a good idea. It’ll teach people where to keep their fingers when they aren’t shooting.

    Is this striker fired or is the hammer recessed or internal?
    And considering that it has a manual safety, is the trigger a crisp single action as it should be (both a manual safety and a long DA pull seems a bit redundant to me)?

    By the way Steve, have you covered the Caracal pistol? It’s a brand new design out of the UAE I believe. Looks interesting.

    • Carl, not yet. I have requested info from them but it was not forthcoming.

  • Bob


  • Piers

    Is there any advantage of the .380 ACP version of the 9mm? I’ve always wondered why Taurus sells .380 ACP versions of the 9mm guns when there’s typically no size difference.

  • LurpyGeek

    Apparently trying their best to compete with the Walther PPS.

  • Kerrmudgeon

    I’ve done some research on the Taurus PT709 in 9mm. I find it very appealing, as it has many functional behaviors of the 1911 but in a narrow, light-weight form factor.

    The PT709 is striker fired, but the action is single-action/double-action. Carry cocked and locked with a round in the chamber, and fire the first shot single action. If that fails for some reason, double-action restrike is available.

    I have no interest in restrike, as I would simply rack, but I very much approve of single-action and carry cocked and locked. Its thumb safety is deactivated by pressing down, like the 1911’s. I found the trigger very agreeable when I dry-fired one in a gun store.

    The only reason I’ve yet to buy in is some people have claimed Taurus has quality-control problems, and this is a relatively new model. My hope is that introducing it in other calibers is coupled to fine tuning of their manufacturing process. At some point in the near future, I’ll probably buy in. I haven’t found any other single-action pistols in this size and weight class.

    It’s worth noting that many of the PT709 reviews by actual publishers are very promising and describe it as a reliable shooter that is both very pleasant and very accurate. Many people posting range reports to online forums say something similar.

    Either way, go Taurus!

  • CY

    i see no pictures

  • What’d be the point of a pocket gun in Cali, where they won’t give out carry permits?

  • Carl

    So, it is always single action unless you “restrike” a FTF? Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for that info, Kerrmudgeon.

    Steve: ok, thanks.

  • Can’t imagine it in 40 cal., Had a student this past weekend with one in 9mm, and he was a pretty good sized guy, found his hands were getting numb within about 50 rounds. He finished the class with my Kimber Stainless in 9mm, and remarked how much more comfortble it was, over the slimline

  • bryan

    find 709 to be fine pistol to shoot. no problems .not bad recoil. carry alot very comfort. nofeed problems with any ammo.

  • tackleberry011

    I am looking forward to finding an example of the 740. I am a Gock guy. I’m a Glock certified armorer and have owned or carried on-duty eight different glocks in various sizes and calibers. The problem I’ve experienced with Glock lies not with the guns but with Glock Inc. itself. Although the company produces great guns, they are not open to suggestion. I’ve practically begged for a “Commander” sized .45 ACP and 10mm as well as a single-stack subcompact to no avail. At one point, a rep from Glock that I spoke to face to face and presented with the idea of a “Commander” sized big-bore asked, “Why would we do that?” Taurus has been innovative, and the quality has greatly improved from the days that they were simply a company making cheap clones of mainstream guns.

  • tackleberry011

    Just called Taurus USA. I was told by the operator that answered that the 740 is to be officially released in the second week of July, 2010 and that they should become readily available in October. Kind of a long time to wait, but there’s little chnce that anyone will come out with a similar gun of similar quality any sooner.

  • Paul

    Just purchased a 740 slim in Ohio.Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet,will let you know.

  • tackleberry011

    I weighed the pros and cons of both the 709 and 740 and chose the 709. Although I typically prefer a larger caliber, in a small gun I felt the 9mm cartridge would be a better fit. Less felt recoil and quicker follow-up shots if necessary. I purchased the 709 with the natural stainless slide. Although I haven’t yet shot the gun, I am impressed with the fit and finish. My only gripes so far are that the magazine could be a lot tighter in the mag well and I wish that pemanant double-action only was an option as the double action is smooth and light all the way through. The single action has a lot of takeup and, to my fingertip, feels heavier than the double action. I’m looking forward to the first couple hundred rounds to see if it improves the trigger a bit. I was a die-hard Glock fan, having owned or carried on-duty nine different calibers and models and feel that this 709 matches the quality of any Glock I’ve possessed over the years. Kudos to Taurus for truly setting a standard with the Slim series.

  • jimmyjohn

    I bought the PT709 in early July. I admired the Glock 26 but it just did not fit my concealable requirements and I reload and shoot a lot using cast bullets and did not want to deal with the Glock polygon barrel. I belong to a private club and was able to take the Taurus to the range the day that I bought it. The trigger felt great in the shop. It was good on the range for about the first 50 shots then the trigger pull increased greatly until it was much heavier than my double action revolver. It shot very low even with the sites adjusted all the way up (about 18” low @ 25yds and about 3.5 to 4′ @ 50yds). I called Taurus customer service and they were very polite but suggested that I file the front site down for the elevation problem. I told them I didn’t think that I should have to do that with A new gun. I sent it back for repair free of charge both ways and next day air (they were 4-6 wks out). I just got it back yesterday the trigger is much better and they sent a test target with ammo type 124 gr @15 yds with one big hole (looks like seven rounds) and one flier. It is still a little low for me but on the paper. The rounds will stay in the bull with 124 gr @25 yds. Recoil is very mild. I’m a 1911 guy and the thumb safety makes me feel good. Taurus could have shaved another .120″ off the slide width and I would have liked it more. With a “Super tuck” holster (where your shirt tucks in a deep slot behind the belt clip) it is not noticeable light and an easy comfortable carry. A Leatherman leather tool carrier makes a perfect covert spare mag. holder. I will have to put a lot more rounds through it on the IPSC range with lots of practical shooting before I will be comfortable carrying it every day but that’s the fun part isn’t it. I like the gun.

  • paul

    Have put about 150 rounds through the 740 and although I am really impressed with the feel of this gun I believe it may take a while to break it in .The first few mags went all over the place but the more I shoot it the better it seems to be. Maybe it’s just me getting used to it. The recoil is not bad at all.A little more snap than my 9’s but easily controlled. My wife loves shooting the 740 and has no trouble what-so-ever with the recoil.So far,and again with only 150 rounds passed through it,I have had no troubles with feeding or ejecting of rounds.It seems to like the 180 gr. a little better than the 160gr which surprised me a little but who knows. Over all I would have to say that I am pleased with this new gun.Will let you know after a few hundred more shots.

    • Rich

      Just bought my 740 Slim a few days ago. Shot if for the first time today and put 150 rounds threw it with 180 gr ammo. It function flawlessly, I was acctually suprised how smooth it was. I was honostly more intrested in the Kahr cw40 or the Ruger lc9. The Taurus just felt better and I liked the sights and like the name it is slim and very comfortable to wear in the small of the back. I have a Glock 23 but its bulky. Break down of this gun was simple and easy just like a Glock. I think this gun will shoot even better when someone makes a rubber tactical grip for it. The 740 is my new off duty gun. Im not a great shot but i Did well from 15yrs and in. Still need more practice with it and maybe mess with the sights a little shooting a little left but not low. Tried adjusting the one sight but was not really helping. I had consistant grouping but just left. Think i just need more practice with it. Im use to shooting guns with 4 inch barrels. Does anyone know where to find slip on rubber grips. I searched about 50 web sites with no luck.

  • David

    I am glad to hear the 740 is out now. I wanted it when I bought the 709 a few months ago, but Taurus could only tell me it would be out some time in 2010 and I couldn’t wait. I might go for the 740 when it’s been on the market a little while.
    I like the 709 for many reasons, such as : being slim, second strike capability, manual safety.
    The recoil isn’t bad at all, and the groupings are good. However, it seems to shoot low even with the sights fully adjusted. I know I am not the only one with this problem, and it seems like Taurus knows about the problem. Hopefully they have fixed this on the 740.

  • TY

    Purchased my 740 at Academy today for less than the 709. ($379) Feels good in the hand, and I love the size for a 40 caliber. Extremely concealable, for my CC. I field stripped and cleaned, found a small amount of packing grease and wiped off the inner workings, lightly re-oiled, and I am prepped for targeting tomorrow hopefully. I will start it off with Remington 180 fmj but I am very interested in trying out some of my stash of Federal HST 135g with this gun. I hope the recoil is not too harsh, but regardless, I won’t likely shoot this gun daily, so my hand will surely recover and get tougher after practice rounds.

  • jimmyjohn

    Just a little up date on my PT709. I have put about 500 rounds through it now and I still like it. The trigger is getting better with use so I have been dry firing it a lot nice and crisp very short reset. If one had to fire fast in close you could empty the magazine in about 1 second. I have recovered one round of hard ball and the groves are deep and clean, the bullet had almost no distortion after penetrating 7″ of Doug fir. The more I shoot it the more I like it They got the slide weight just right and the recoil is very mild. It just rocks smoothly in your hand. It does seem like I am shooting a miniature Glock 26 which is what I was hoping for. I would say it is a good gun to consider for women or those with small hands too. I put two boxes of Speer Gold Dot short barrel 124 gr GDHP through it and they all fed smoothly and group in the black @ 25 yds. So that will be my carry ammo. I have a 4.5″ spread but I think that is just me a better shot should be able to tighten it up a lot. Just a hint when field stripping. It comes apart like a Glock (make absolutely sure triple check it is not loaded because you are likely to slip your had in front of the muzzle) as you move the slide forward pull the trigger once to help the slide clear the rear block release to allow the forward part of the trigger bar to drop down continue moving the slide forward and pull the trigger once more to allow the rear of the trigger bar to clear the slide cut out. You don’t have to do this (you can force the trigger bar out of the way with the slide) and it is not in the manual but it makes it a lot easier. Triple checking has never failed me. I have missed things when double checking.

  • Norm

    I fired my new Taurus 740 slim for the first time today. After cleaning and oiling the gun, I also used a light oil on the first 50 rds that I put through it. I beleiave this helps with feeding during “break in”. That said the .40 performed as I expected. As a defense weapon it will do the job. As a target pistol, it leaves a little to be desired. At 10 yards, I hit a silhouette 7 out of 7 rds. They were a bit scattered, but in defnse mode would have ruined the day of any perp. I only fird FMJ 165 gr so far. I will be trying a few other ammo versions soon. For now, I have put aside my larger Colt Combat Commander in favor of the smaller/ lighter 740.

    Someone commented: Why buy, when your state does not issue a CC permit. RE: Because it takes the cops a lifetime to get there to save you!
    I have been around a long time and carried for years before permits. Yes I was taking a chance, I suppose. But had I have ever needed it, the perp was taking a much bigger one. My wife was the only perosn on the planet that knew I carried. I have a permit now and it is still that way.

  • tackleberry011

    When discussing the accuracy of the PT709/PT740, the fact cannot be ignored that the gun is what it is; a three inch barrel pocket pistol in a serious caliber.

    Like so many of you out there, I also like to know the limitations of my chosen carry gun, but is it not an unfair assessment of the PT709/PT740 to expect one or two inch groups at 25 of fifty yards? I’ve been to the range with a full-custom 1911 that didn’t print 2 inch groups at 50 yards.

    If you compare the Taurus to something in the same size categroy, perhaps the J-frame revolvers, I think you will be more than pleased with the accuracy. When they become available for the gun, I will likely replace the stock front site with a Hi-Viz fiber optic or the like, but I really like the low profile adjustable rear sight. I was strictly a Glock guy before this 709 and feel that Taurus really put a lot of thought into their design and execution particularly when compared to the flimsy adjustable rear sights that Glock puts out of the factory on their guns. And before anyone asks, no, I do not work for Taurus. I’m just thoroughly impressed with the innovation and the progress they’ve made over the past twenty years.

  • jimmyjohn

    A comment to tackelberry011. I agree with your three inch barrel argument. I think accuracy has a lot to do with sight radius and trigger quality. The site radius on my custom 1911 is about 2″ greater than my PT709 and the difference in the groupings of each gun seem to have a corresponding relationship directly proportional to the site radius.

    One of the cities that I lived in had an annual police snubby .38 sp competition out to 100 yds and most of those competitors could place rounds on silhouettes on a regular basis in places I wouldn’t want to get shot.

    I don’t know if Taurus did me any special favors when I sent mine in to have the trigger repaired and the sights modified but the gun shoots fine now no complaints. Any accuracy problems seem to be mine i.e. just getting used to the gun. I have had a Kahr 9 holster modified to carry it in and it is very comfortable all day I notice it, but just.

    I am fine with the sites too. I will however be watching for replacement after market sites, who ever comes up with a good set first wins.

    Since you are a Glock mechanic do you think you could ask Ghost if they could make a polished S.S.T. trigger bar for the PT709 like the Glock?

  • tackleberry011

    I know exactly what you’re looking for jimmyjohn. Unfortunately, as is typically the case with a new release pistol, aftermarket parts are virtually nonexistent for this gun. I’ve been searching for a new fiber optic front sight for my 709 but have had no luck thus far. Even something as simple as a holster is difficult to locate unless using a generic from Michael’s of Oregon, aka Uncle Mike’s. (Quick piont though, I have a leather belt slide holster for my duty S&W 4006 that fits my 709 almost perfectly. Go figure.)

    To end my long winded rant though, I feel that the 709/740 will become extremely popular based on size, caliber and price and it shouldn’t be too long before most aftermarket companies offer drop-in trigger improvements, sights and magazines for the little pistols.

  • Beth

    So… does anyone actually have anything to say about these slim 708 40 cals? I’m in the market for a small hand gun. I’m only 5’6″ and weight 108 lbs. I don’t want a 45 cause they are uncomfortable in my hand and I don’t care for 9’s cause the caliber is to small. I have a 38 special but I want something that isn’t a revolver. Any insight is welcome.


  • I just received my Slim 709 back from Taurus repair for the second time to correct double feeds that occurred from both mags; the FTEs required both mag removal and racking the slide. “Damaged part” was the listed reason for malfunction and replaced parts included a new barrel (loss of serial number on chamber) and a new slide (cannot tell if other parts replaced this time).

    About 35 rds were fired at the repair facility before returning this second time and it was heavily lubricated (graphite and/or carbon found on hands). I had previously run 150 rds thru (~75 rds/session with follow-up cleaning) before the FTEs began and will now run an additional 200 rds FMJ before I will consider the Slim as a dependable carry. It is appreciated that jimmyjohnon (on this thread) indicated that he had run ~500 successful rds thru his 709 – this info gives me hope that Taurus has fixed my problem. By the way, Taurus returned my Slim both times in less than a week and were very polite and helpful on the phone.

    Yes, Taurus needs to put an errata in their manuals stating that a trigger pull(s?) is necessary to remove the 709 slide. Removing the slide is not as easy or smooth as with my Glock 26, but the respective difference in widths for part clearance may be a factor. I personally shoot smaller groups with the Slim and it is more easily carried – the reliability issue now needs to be answered.

  • Wes

    I know this is an old post but since the 709 is still a relatively new gun I’ll add my tidbit. I bought the 709 as my very first gun. I watched some youtube videos on grips and range safety and headed out to my local range. To my surprise the range was unattended so I couldn’t get any pointers from anyone. My first time out I put about 100 rounds through. My last mag I had a 5″ spread at 25 feet. I am a competition airsoft shooter so I have my aiming down pat but if I can get used to the trigger and what little recoil this has in less than 100 rounds then I think anyone can! Since then I’ve put around 700 rounds through and not once had a misfire or ejection problem. I CC with a round in the chamber everywhere I go and feel very safe no matter where I am.

    As far as holsters go, I bought just about every one that would fit the gun and gave each one a test-wear around town. After reviewing each one I have decided to stick with the SmartCarry holster. It is available for most guns. Check out some videos one YouTube and then order straight from their website. Each holster is made to order in Florida and for $50 you just can’t beat it. Period.

  • tackleberry011

    In response to Beth: Although I’ve had no experience with the 740, I find myself a bit perplexed over your indication that you currently carry a .38 but feel uncomfortable with a 9mm, finding it to be a “caliber is too small”. If you take a look at most manufacturers ballistics charts, you’ll find that 9mm ammo typically equals or, in many cases, surpasses both the muzzle velocity and muzzle energy of the .38 special. Make no mistake, I feel well protected with the 2″ five-shot that I carry when loaded with 129 grain +p Hydra-Shoks, but 9mm ammunition has advanced so dramatically since the infamous FBI Miami shootout that gave it the reputation of a poor stopper that the 9mm, when properly loaded, can approach .357 magnum performance with less recoil.

    With that said, I can tell you that I had a Glock 36 in .45 ACP that had less felt recoil than a Glock 27 in .40 caliber. Whereas the .45 had what I liken to a “push”, the .40 had more of a “snap” that I found more uncomfortable. My guess is that the 740, which has less overall size and mass than the Glock 27, would give you an unpleasant experience based on what you have illustrated in your post. It would certainly not be insurmountable for you, but why own as gun that you can’t have fun shooting? I hope that helped you, at least a little bit.

  • Norm

    Beth: The 708 is .380 cal . It sounds to me that you are looking for defense. The 740 in 40 cal has much more stopping power than the 380. If you don’t mind a little more recoil, .40 cal is great.

    My wife carries a .380 LCP, she likes the small versions. In that respect it has to become what she is most confident with. I can tell you that I am very carefull not to make her mad. She is very accurate @ less than 20 ft. Thanks to lots of practice very quick too.

    My first cc choice is the Taurus 740 Sliim. My second choice is my .45 Colt Combat Commander. I carry with one hollow point chambered and FMJ in the clip. After many years of shooting outo pistols I have found that FMJ rounds feed better than hollow points. Just my phobia about that. A well placed FMJ is just as lethal as a holow point.

    The key in defence is to go to your practice place and practice, practice, practice. A perp can cover 20 ft faster than you think. I know a lot of people that have purchsed guns and never fire them, and never practice. This can result in a very unplesant surprise. In many cases concealed means difficult to get to.

    Know your gun no matter what it is. Know how to get to it and use it, fast. Keep in miind that when you are less than 20 feet from danger, things happen quickly. To survive reaction need to be second nature.

    Check your gun often. Keep it free of lint, makeup, tissues, and various other things that are carried where guns are. If at all possible, don’t carry a gun in a purse or hand bag, for many reasons.

    My wife and I practice often, using unloaded/cleared weapons. It is quite a surprise to find how fast a perp can render you helpless, if you have a gun or not. An unarmed perp can quickly become armed, with your gun.

    First and foremost, Safety is no accident.

    • I like the FMJ also. The only problem is the FMJ will go through your attacker and keep going. That being the case. it could hit a bi-stander. Where as the hollow point will flatten out and either stay in your attacker ,or only go a couple of feet. In a situation where other people are in the area, I would recomend a hollow point.

  • Norm

    What’d be the point of a pocket gun in Cali, where they won’t give out carry permits?

    Uhhhhhhh How about protecting yourself. Cops are rarely there unless you are speeding. No offence to cops it is just a fact of life

  • jimmyjohn

    A comment to Beth. I personally would not recommend a person of your size and stature starting with a .40SW especially in a gun this size and weight. The .40 is a true professionals cartridge. By the physical characteristics of the cartridge i.e. powder and bullet weights it has a nessisarily sharp recoil and requires a lot of practice to familerize one’s self to it. I would recommend no less than 2,000 rounds of practice with concentration and an instructor. My 1911 .45 is easier to control then a Glock .40.

    I have already recommended the 709 to a female friend about your size and weight. What ever you chose it is imperative that you practice with it a lot get some snap caps and do a lot of dry fire magazine cycle and clearing safety off and on. Always remember the fundemental safety rule of fire arims “never point a firearm at anything that you are not prepared to destroy” and that goes for the gun that you know is not loaded.

    As for the 9mm Luger cartridge being “so small” balistically it is about between the .38 special and the .375 mag.. With the loads I carry I am sure I could blow the B.G.’s spine out from the front after shooting through the sterum and those are hollow points. Which should end most attacks

  • jimmyjohn

    To Jerry Varn: My 709 still functions well after the return from the factory ( they kept it for 6 weeks and returned it with a proof target) I am heading towards 1,000 through it and still no problems. I noticed that the factory polished up the feed ramp for me. I also called them and told them that I was going to run it through IPSC competition. That our normal matches consume about 250-300 rounds and that was normal use for me. They said they love IPSC match people and that the gun had a life time warranty. As a precaution I try to find time between matches to disassemble the pistol that I am using at the safety bench check and clean. The 709 seems to be remaining a little cleaner then some of my other firearms. I think that is because of the wide open ejection port.

    Magazine failures are always a big problem with semi-autos. the 709 mags are set up to be easy to clean, I do so often after every use.

    I say use the 709 a lot and practice a lot until you are certain you have confidence with it.

  • paul

    Beth,If your looking for a small handgun in a 40 cal. then you have to check out the 740 slim. I have owned one for 6 months and I absolutely love it. It’s small enough to easily conceal and the recoil, although crisp, is very manageable. My wife loves to shoot it and since obtaining her concealed carry permit has pretty much claimed this gun.I have about 200 rounds thru it without a single problem and I haven’t found a shell yet that it wouldn’t shoot.

  • Vanzandt

    To Suburban,
    contrary to your belief CA does issues permits. ot as many as we would like but a lot of counties do issue them. Log on to CALCCW.com, depending on which county you live in you may be surprised like I was. i would love tot ry a 740 slim but do ot know if CA will add tehm to teh list.

  • jk4jmk

    I know this is going to sound crazy,but this shooting low problem with the 709 has really bothered me i actually think taurus has mismatched the sights,I consider myself a good shooter i shoot 100 rounds a week some of you probably shoot alot more or less i dont know but before i say what i do i didnt want to get bashed by everybodys comments but they are welcome concerning this problem,OK.first my 709 works great it will eat anything,but as the owners manual says it recomends 124 grain as we all know the heavier the bullet the higher the piont of inpact due to muzzle flip.but with the 709 i have tried everything from 95 grain to 115,124,147 grain and it does minimal effect to shooting low.but what i am doing will correct it just try it before you say ime a idiot.jack up the rear sights 2 nothces then line up your dots to make them look like a triangle 1 on top and 2 on bottom.not way apart but a pretty tight triangle.this has solved my problem.I know it goes agianst everything we have taught but it works for this particular gun.I welcome coments or you can e-mail me personally i would like to hear the feedback,by the way it took me about 600 rounds to figure this out i hope it helps someone without spending all that money on ammo.

  • tackleberry011

    To jk4jmk: It doesn’t matter if the fix sounds crazy, what matters is that it worked for you to get rounds on target, and if it works for someone else as well, then it’s great advice. My hope is that the 709/740 become popular which, considering the price, the quality and the favorable review in this month’s “Guns and Ammo Handguns” I’m fairly certain it will. As popularity increases, aftermarket companies will begin making parts. I’d love to get a Bomar adjustable for the rear and a Hi Viz fiber optic tube for the front. I think that would help solve the problem so many are having with the gun not shooting to point of aim.

  • jimmyjohn

    Addressing jk4mk, I don’t think your fix is such a bad idea a little personalizing of your site picture. I used to do a similar thing with my K38 when I was a kid. I used the top of the forward site ramp i.e. the bottom of the blade where it connects to the ramp to accurately hit targets at 100 yards without readjusting my 25 yard neck hold. Hold over is a very old tradition in firearms especially if you have fixed sights which technically is what happens when one runs out of adjustment.

    When I sent my 709 back to the factory they did file down the front site. I have already ordered an aftermarket rear laser site for my gun. I may have to make a new front site after I install the new rear site. The 124 grain rounds work great with my gun. I do have to center on the bull instead of my normal neck hold. I think 147 grain are a big waste and not a good round to use in the 9mm Luger.

  • jk4jmk

    buy the way i am shooting at 25-30 feet for a 3.5 barrel i think that is all that in reality should be expected to get a 2 or 3 inch group outside with wind and everything else going on,i can get about a 1.5 -2 in a indoor range at that distance.but i still have to use the sight method i posted about.

  • John

    Folks, I am a police officer with many years of tactical shooting defense training and a shooting hobbyist for fun. Trust me here; Taurus’ historical lack of quality control is why few if any police departments issue a Taurus sidearm to their officers. Stay with he quality reputable gun manufacturers. You and your family deserve it.
    As far as calibre, carry and shoot the largest cal. you can learn to control and consistantly shoot accurately. This particular gun in question is a point and shoot while close enough to touch kind of firearm. Do not get too worried about 25+ yards out in this case.
    As far as carrying this gun in Calif. or anywhere else….no police will ever get there faster than a well prepared gun in hand on scene. Exercise your rights while you still have them. Except in a few instances, carrying an unpermitted gun in Calif. is a misdemeanor and of little concern.
    Allowing an attacker to hack you and your loved ones to death while standing there unarmed and unprepared is eternally pitiful.

  • jimmyjohn

    Addressing John, thank you for your honest comments as a police officer.

    My 709 is my first try with Taurus. I had to send mine back after the first day but it shoots and functions fine now. I have studied the gun disassembled and looked for wear and any areas of concern at every cleaning. As polymer framed guns go it seems about par. It appears to be very reliable and hasn’t missed a lick after 1000 + rounds some very fast. I like the short reset and the trigger is fine since I sent the gun back. I plan on competing with it in the IPSC matches and yes I will lose points because I will have to double tap when a single with my .45 would have done the trick (the spring set knock down targets are usually set for the .45 full power loads). The 709 seems to be accurate enough out to mid-range distances for competition.

  • jk4jmk

    i have to agree with jimmyjohn, i do agree about the slim being good for IPSC to a certain degree keep us posted i would like to know your results when using it in a competion setting good luck man,have fun

  • tackleberry011

    John, I agree the Taurus 709/740 is not a 25 yard gun. I do not however agree with your assessment that it is a gun for “close enough to touch” situations. One of the main reasons I chose the 709 was the fact that it was one of the few pocket-type pistols with usable, adjustable sights. I have found it to be very accurate for the type of gun that it is and, although I take great pride in my ability to make hits from 25 yards with every handgun I own right down to the 2 inch revolver, I certainly didn’t purchase the 709 for this attribute and don’t recommend it for that purpose. I chose the 709 over the 740 strictly for controllability. I feel that the 9mm round is better suited to this application, particularly if a follow-up shot is needed.

    I too am a police officer and will begin my twentieth year in January. Although I understand what you meant by the comment “carry and shoot the largest cal. you can learn to control” I would like to add a caveat to that remark. In my time in law enforcement, I have seen licensed, law abiding citizens fall victim to the sensationalism of a showboating prosecutor because of their choice of caliber. Two instances come to mind, one in which the shooter used a .44 magnum revolver and the other in which a Colt Delta Elite 10mm with handloads was used. In both cases, the prosecution was able to convince the jury that the weapons in question were hunting weapons and, therefore, the shooters must have been nothing more than bloodthirsty monsters. This despite the fact that in both cases the shooter’s lives were threatened by the bad guys and there was no collateral damage whatsoever as a result of the shootings. Although I can proficiently shoot a .44 Magnum revolver, I would never choose it as a defensive arm for that precise reason. Just an unfortunate reality to keep in mind during caliber selection.

    Finally, although Taurus had a reputation in the past as being more of a second-rate company making cheap clones of mainstream handguns, the quality has improved tenfold over their introductory offerings, and although I cannot pinpoint any police agencies in the US that issue the Taurus as a duty weapon (They are issued in the Philippines to the police) the City of San Diego, California does authorize officers to purchase and carry the 24/7 for on-duty use.

  • jimmyjohn

    Excellent comment tackleberry011 and great advice! I too have a .44 mag and I bought it as a back up defensive arm when working in big bear country.

  • Abdiver1

    I purchased a Taurus 740 at a local gun show and took it to the range with some re-loaded .40 purchased at the show as well. I own a Taurus 738 and will comment (good comments) on the appropriate blog. I put close to 100 rounds through the 740 with no malfunctions of any kind. I was shooting a bit low and to the left but you can adjust the sights which I will be doing on my next visit. The trigger reset is quick and to me a very light pull and the reset length was very short. I have made the decision to use 40 S&W has my carry round. The slim is everything that I have been looking for. I purchased a Cell Pal and I think the two make a excellent concealed carry combo.

  • Chuck

    I recently purchased the PT740. Love the way it shoots and handles.
    My only complaint is the magazine eject button. It’s too small and takes
    extra force to eject the magazine. Sometimes I even wonder if it’s going to work. It’s not a very efficient release.

  • Chuck

    I recently purchased the PT740 and really like it. Feels good in my hand and shoots well.
    My only complaint is the magazine release button. It’s too small and takes a really hard effort to press it and release the magazine.

  • jordon

    i actually just purchased the 40 bout 3 hours ago n i gotta say its a slick little pistol the indent above the trigger guard is the main reason i decided to buy it. i shoot with my middle finger for faster trigger pull. that dent makes it much more comfortable

  • Abdiver1

    I have had a 740 since Christmas and have had no problems with it. But I can shoot USPSA because I don’t have enough magazines. I called Taurus today and was told the following. 1) No extenede magazines were going to be produced for either the TCP 738 or the slim 740. This is a real bummer. 2) I still cannot buy any regular magazines for the slim 740 but they hope to have some in inventory in a couple of weeks. Bummer because they have been saying that since Christmas. Has anyone found a secondary source for slim 740 magazines? Abdiver

    • partman

      I bought the slim 740 in january. I went out for target practice and was hitting too low. But got a 240 on my score in CHL class. Been searching for extra or extended magazines but no luck.

  • Freeway1

    I’ve recently purchased a PT138 and have added a finger extension to the clip as well to a taurus 709 and 740. Boy! what a difference!

    If anyone is interested in aguiring one you can go to:www.texas gun trader.com and see them under acessories/parts.THanks

  • Smclaugh5

    New gun 6/28/2011 740 Slim – feeds fine, relatively difficult to shoot accurately, sharp recoil. Quality is not great on fit and finish. I would pay more for the same gun in better quality. Very good for carry though.

  • tackleberry011

    Still here, still own my 709, and still carry it off-duty on a regular basis. I’m finding that the single action trigger has cleaned up a bit but I still wish Taurus would offer a double-action only option as I find that the second-strike double-action mode feels far better to me than the single action stroke. Haven’t seen any aftermarket sights yet either. Sure seems to be taking a while for the aftermarket to come up with parts for a gun that my local gun stores can’t seem to keep in stock. Hey Taurus, if you’re listening, where’s the night sight option?

    If I had one complaint with Taurus, it is that they are initially innovative but then rest on their laurels in a way similar to Glock. I truly hope they don’t fall into that rut.

  • Just bought a 740 & a 405. I’ve owned a number of the millenium series Taurus models, so I felt confident about these before actually shooting one.
    I was immediately disappointed with the trigger pull on the 740… I’ve never had a striker fired S/A that the trigger went clear to the rear of the trigger gaurd and then had a trigger pull that was as hard as a double action revolver! Anyone else have the same concern? The ‘double action pull was smooth/sweet..wish it was the same for the S/A.

    Also, the 740 grouped well…big single hole, but it was about 2″ low and left. I will be trying to readjust the sights to see if it can be corrected.

    Only concern I have with the 405 so far, is the gun shoots about 2-3″ high of POA. I found myself shooting a 6 o’clock hold at 7yds to even make a decent pattern. Anyone else with the same problem, that has had it corrected? I hesitate to send it back to Taurus…but…

    Lastly, the Taurus internet sight shows the 405 as one of the “small” frame revolvers, as does some of the tech specs; other indications are that it is a “compact” frame? Trying to find a holster for this is tough enough without this misinformation, not to mention I’d like to change the grips! I’d like to replace the ribber grips at least with the Taurus hard rubber, but with this info…who knows which one to get?

    Suggestions would sure be appreciated.

    • jimmyjohn

      To Darrell I bought my 709 to shoot IPSC with and have put well over 2.5K rounds through it maybe even double that. I say don’t be afraid to send yours back to the factory I have sent mine back twice now and the turn around time is really getting pretty good and the customer response is getting better. The same guy seems to always answer my phone calls now and takes a real interest in you as the customer. the last time I sent mine back they replaced the magazine release that had i had broken a piece off by slamming magazines in. The magazine well was starting to wear and get sloppy and they fixed that too but honestly I don’t know how they did it, unless they replaced the polymer frame. The chamber was a little rough on the original and I think it threw the timing off during ejection and the extractor got slammed by the edge of the barrel and broke a piece off so they replaced that and the firing pin (striker) broke a piece off too and they replaced that. They also replaced the barrel and really polished up the feed ramp and the chamber to a mirror polish. Now extraction is dramatical improved. They polished up the striker to sear release surface and the trigger breaks a little better still has a little creep but a crisper break. I don’t have a serial number on my barrel any more and I have to walk a lot further to pick up my shells. It was a lot of parts to replace but that is what a life time warranty is for. A lot of companies might have just replaced the gun. As I see it we are doing a lot of really important field testing for them and well worth any expense incurred by Taurus. They seem to try and do a better job each I send it in. I told them I was going to shoot it a lot and they said and I quote “we love you guys that shoot a lot”. It still does not group as well as I would like it to but I can shoot the heck out of the targets at 60 feet. The grouping problem is probably me not the gun. I still say it is a good little “lead spitter” .

      • Darrell

        jimmyjohn – thanks for the info/advice. I’ve only put a limited amount of rounds through the 740 and I’m glad to hear the 709 is as reliable as you indicated since they’re basically the same. It certainly makes me feel I didn’t make a mistake in buying it!

        I did speak with Taurus today about the 405 shooting so high at POA and I am awaiting a return label as I type this comment.

        Appreciate the info.

  • jimmyjohn

    I am glad if I was of service in any way. Just a suggestion when I sent mine back the first time for trigger and low groups they fixed the trigger and sent a proof target back with seven rounds in a single big hole about one inch dia. I think it was only 25 feet but still nice to see.

  • Chad Moore

    Do they make fixed rear sights that fit the 740. It shoots 2″ low. I like the feel and size just want a little more accuracy up and down. I thought I heard something about Armalite sights?

  • tackleberry011

    Hello everyone. It’s been some time since I last visited and things have changed a bit. I sold my 709 and picked up a 740. I have however encountered a problem that I never thought I’d see in a gun that’s been on the market for more than two years. I am unable to find magazines for the 740. The stores in my area have none and ever since the whole gun control debate became furiously renewed, it’s impossible to find a 740 magazine for a realistic price. I want a magazine but am unwilling to pay 100 to 200 percent over cost to opportunistic price gougers. Anyone have a suggestin or a site they use for pistol accessories?

  • ash

    does the 740 take high compacity clips