Savage Edge: New budget Rifle

Savage has just introduced a new budget entry-level hunting rifle called the Savage Edge. The action is a brand new design and not based on Savage’s other entry rifle, the Stevens 200.

Savage Edge
Savege Edge Camo

This rifle seems like a bargain. It’s MRSP is over $100 less than the Stevens 200! It features a detachable box magazine, something rarely seen in budget centerfire bolt action rifles.

Savage Edge XP (packaged with 3-9×40 Scope)

The rifle will be available chambered in .223 Rem, .22-250 Rem, .243 Win, 7mm-08 Rem, .308 Win, 25-06 Rem, .270 Win, 30-06 Springfield. The specs below are for the .308 Win. model.

Caliber .308 Win
Capacity 4+1
Action Short
Finish Blued
Barrel 22″
Stock Synthetic
Twist 1 in 10″
Overall Length 43.875″
Weight 6.5 lbs
MSRP (Price) $329 (standard model), $379 (XP Model), $379 (Camo Model), $424 (Camo XP Model)

I suspect this is going to be a big seller. The big question is how well does it shoot?

Steve Johnson

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  • Todd

    While I don’t see an Accu-Trigger I think these rifles will represent an excellent value if they shoot well. With a $329 MSRP that should mean that the cost on the rifle is perhaps $250 or less. Wow. Savage is really positioning themselves to be a real threat in the value space, the mid price-point space and the high accuracy premium bench rest rifle market segments. My 6mm Norma BR LRPV shoots like a laser all day long. My Savage 12FV .204 Ruger is also a high value quiet contender. As long as I do my part it never misses. I have friends who have spent 4x the price of my Savage 12 LRPV rifle that can only begin to come close to the consistency of my Savage 12’s.

  • Matt Groom

    Fast becoming my favorite makers of Bolt-Action rifles, Savage continues to impress. I just wonder if they are made in the USA?

  • Kurgen99

    Wow, great. Just when I thought I had decided on the Stevens, they come out with something new…

  • Bill Lester


    I too wonder if these are American-made rifles. It’s too late today to call but I will tomorrow and will post Savage’s response ASAP.

    $379 MSRP for a rifle and 3-9x scope is amazing. This could easily become THE starter rifle for many new hunters.

    • Bill, thanks bill. I look forward to finding out.

      Yes, it undercuts both their own Stevens and the Mossberg ATR-100. It also has a stylish stock making it appealing to the younger crowd.

  • El Duderino

    Uhh, lefty version? I hate how we never get the deals 🙁

    • Tj

      I have the same problem being a lefty. I went to the local gun shop and they finally actually had a savage left handed 270 for the same price as a righty

  • CY

    My Savage .17HMR is a joy to shoot. Love their rifles. Mine was made in Canada.

  • Kerrmudgeon

    I too look forward to your response.

    I’m very satisfied by my Savage 10FP (with AccuTrigger) and have lustfully perused their inexpensive light-weight hunting rifles. I particularly like the Savage Scout, though I’ve never carried or shot a scout rifle so far.

    One important feature for me is iron sights though. Is anyone aware of a method to attach a front sight post to the muzzles of these rifles?

  • Keith Jones

    I will be curious how they compare to the Marlin XL7

  • Kerrmudgeon,

    Most gunsmiths can solder a front sight base, banded or unbanded, to your barrel.

    There are bolt-on or sweat-on options, too. An AR-15 gas block can be had from Yankee Hill that bolts on to a barrel. I believe as long as your barrel is .750 diameter, it can work.

    Basically, you can use most front sight blocks or gas blocks from any conventional rifle (FAL, HK-91, etc), as long as the journal of the barrel underneath the sight is large enough in diameter. You can affix them via solder, keyed slots, or other fasteners.

    The FR-8 is an example of a bolt action rifle with semi-auto sights adapted to it.

    Most rifle actions have Williams rear sights made for them, so a rear peep is no problem as well.


  • Sean

    It’s a Savage. It is going to be a decent shooter. Every other one I have ever encountered was a good shooter. I see no reason why this won’t be.

  • Alex Turpin

    Good review of the rifle and how well it shoots. Might have to find one in .308

    • Alex, thanks for the link!

  • Bill Lester

    I’m sorry to report I had no luck getting someone at Savage. I left a voice mail for someone in product information, asking for a return call but no one got back to me. Perhaps the person in question, and I’m sorry I didn’t write down her name, started early on an extended weekend. I’ll try again tomorrow and not just rely on voice mail.

  • Bill Lester

    Savage was closed for Good Friday. I didn’t bother to leave another voice mail. I didn’t see anything in the Gunblast article to suggest that the Edge is foreign-made. It appears this might be one helluva deal.

  • Thomas
  • Xstang

    gunblast says hi-points are reliable and that mac-10 clones feed hollowpoints, but still an interesting read.

    While it doesn’t seem to have a lot of added-on content, the base seems to be quite solid…if the workmanship is anything at all, it should be quite nice.

  • Looks like an excellent value.

    I wish it had an Accutrigger.

  • Ed Devlin

    I had a look at one today. I didn’t reach for my wallet.

    I’m sure it will be a serviceable rifle but I didn’t like it for a couple of reasons.

    First of all I didn’t like the look of it. The thin waist, the trigger and grip further back on the action than normal, a Eurotrash styled forend, turning marks all the way down the receiver and a finish that almost looks painted. The way I figure it, whether with guns, trucks boats or wives, if you don’t like the look of it, you won’t be happy with it.

    Secondly, the primary extraction felt odd so I took a closer look. On most bolt action rifles the primary extraction happens at the back of the receiver as two fairly large mating beveled surfaces rub together as the bolt handle is lifted. On the Edge, primary extraction happens inside the rear of the receiver as a small ridge on the front face of the bolt bears on a mating face inside the receiver. The problem is that the primary extraction surfaces are about 1/6 of what they are on most bolt action rifles, maybe 3/32″ x 1/8″. I am a bit concerned about how these mating surfaces will stand up in use. A fair amount of force will be concentrated on a very small surface.

  • JimMil

    As a first time rifle buyer, I was shown the details of the Edge XP .223 in the gun store’s order catalog, and decided to buy it. The rifle was ordered on a Friday and arrived the following Tuesday when I picked it up. I have it sighted in at 100 yards with 55 grain and am ready for local gun club rifle qualification this month. This was my primary reason for buying a rifle, since I do not hunt. For $349.95 with Bushnell scope (MSRP is $379. for all 8 caliber models), and made in Westfield, MA, USA, I am very satisfied with my EDGE XP rifle.

    • johnnyglock

      Well it’s like anything else, some prefe Reminton, some prefer Winchester. I am a NRA certified firearms instructor. No joke . John A. Duft Palmdale Ca. I own all weatherby, Rem, Savage. I have. Learned that it boils down to what suits you best. I have a Savage mod 11 that I. Shoot tighter groups all day than I can with my Rem 700. It just breaks down to what works best for you. I have a friend(ex student) she has. A ruger in the mini platform in 6.8 spc and puts follow ups through the same holes at 500 yds and laughs at me. So it is a funny ole world we live in, but I got her number, I’m ordering the axis in 25.06….hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Rablo Rivera

    I got it for $325 in 30-06 out here in CO.. Very nice.

  • Steve

    i am going to buying one of these in .223. how much are extra mags and are there any extended mags (10rnd preferably) available?

  • have a savage edge 308 having problems extracting spent round any one else with this problrm????

  • Michael

    I own two Marlin XL7 rifles. I do not own an Edge but I have owned Savage rifles. I like them. However, I paid $330.00 for my Marlins, both in .270 winchester, and I must admit they are the poop! There are many upper end features and the rifles are very well built. (Built in the USA!!!)When the old income tax check rolls in I plan on buying another one or two. I put plain Sightron S1 scopes on my rifles ($120.00 each) and I feel I have a couple of quality rifles I am proud to own. I believe Marlin owns the budget rifle section of the gun market. If one wanted to “move up” I would think about a Savage 111 but with the quality of my Marlins I don’t feel the need to… My humble opinion….

  • Stef

    Xstang, I picked up a Hi-Point .40S&W Carbine for about $60, put 10,000 rounds through it and never had a single misfeed, misfire or other issue. It’s also alarmingly accurate even though it’s never been cleaned and just had a few drops of oil on several occasions to keep it moving.

    Everything else I have is high end, but that old Hi-Point has been a joy, even if it is made out of disgusting plastic and looks straight outa Compton. Just sayin’.

    I’m interested in an Edge – but all the good deals ($325 with scope and shopping on the .308 Win) are sold out. It will probably be my in-the-woods beater this season for deer.

  • jim williams

    Bought a Edge .223 for my kid because the price was right. The Bushnell scope has no parallax at 100. The barrel floats free. It feels good. Those are the good points. Now the bad.
    It’s a long action and it’s dang near impossible to load single shot. Care must be taken to see that the magazine is well seated or it won’t feed. It will not reliable feed hollow points ever. Trigger is far to heavy for youger shooters – 5+ pounds every time on the scale ( a $40 dollar trigger job now has it around 3 ). Because the clip is long, short little .223’s are hard to load, especially for small or older fingers. Stock is flimsy in front which may or may not be the cause of terrible vertical stringing. One group like King Kong the next like Fay Wray with a 2-3 inch vertical spread. This happens with cold or warm barrell, 5 different types of rounds, vised or sand bagged. This one is going down the road. I have 2 good Savages and I’ve had 2 bad. That’s enough. Anybody know about the TC Venture?

  • sourdough

    Just picked up the Savage Edge XP in 30.06 IN ANCHORAGE, ALASKA FOR $299!



  • Kage

    Just ordered my Savage Edge XP in a 7mm-08….$314.98 after tax and transfers. I can’t wait to shoot it. I wanted a rifle that can take a few scatches in the woods and I never owned a 7mm-08. so what kinda rounds would fair well with this rifle i read that there is a company that makes a 139 gr round that seems to be for long range stopping power but thats pending the accuracy is what all the reviews claim it to be. have read that the trigger pull is slightly stiff at just over 5 lbs but thats stilll beats quite a few other starter rifles and like 30-40 dollars for an adjustment still puts this rifle in the average price range. I feel i will be pleased with this rifle and will report back once i recieve and put a few rounds down range

  • derrick

    I just bought the edge xp camo package in 30. 06. I’m using remington soft core lokt 180 grain ammo. I shot off eleven rounds yesterday and was very impressed. Because the gun is so light it does have a nasty kick, but was very accurate at 100 yards. The only real complaint I have about the rifle is the plastic clip on the mag, If feels weak and may break over a short period of time. This is the 3rd savage ive shot the others were both 110’s in a .243 and 30. 06. I do miss the top loader and the trigger deff is harder to pull but after 5 rounds I quickly adjusted. The edge is the first rifle I have bought and im very satisfied so far.

  • Kage

    it may have had such a kick since it is a light rifle and you are using a 30-06 which do have a decent kick but admittedly not as much as a 30-30. no offence but a little more forethought would be in order next time i suggest sticking to wood stocks to maintain a little more mass and reduce kick on a 7mm rem mag or bigger

  • derrick

    thanks for the advice. Like I said i’m a new shooter,and i havent seen to many other posts with people who actually fired the gun. This gun is made for entry level shooters who don’t want to spend $800. And thats me

  • Kage

    I agree I am not an entry level shooter more like an entry level collecter i have fired a lot of different rounds and calibers but you picked a good gun for stopping power if there are a lot of hills and brush where you hunt then you picked an exxelent gun i on the other hand have those but am an above average marksman and preffer a more precise and reliable shot you should have no problem following the blood trail of whatever you shoot if you have to at all. the edge though not very pretty is still a savage and from what i here are all tackdrivers at any distance(depending on the caliber). I think i might invest in the new M8 it is a pretty and purposefull gun with the ability to outfit to fire any round. a big pricetag but i think it is not outweighted by it’s ability to “transform” into any caliber and magazine with a simple switch of the lower receiver and barrel

  • Eric

    Yes they are made in the good old USA.

    Also Academy Sports will have them for 259.99. Hell of a deal.

  • Jim

    Took my edge out for it’s first hunt yesterday. On the range, it worked like a charm… 1/4 mil groups at 100 yds. Could not wait to get it out to the sage brush and level it on a Mule Deer buck. 2 hours into the hunt we come across our prey… slowly, quietly chamber a round, take aim, slide the safety off, squeeze…. CLICK! What? Slowly extract round, primer not struck, re-chamber a new round, take aim, squeeze… CLICK! What the ….?! Slowly extract round, primer again not struck! Chamber a round forcefully, deer took notice and is about to flee… take aim, squeeze… BLAM! Mule buck drops like a sack of mashed potatoes. Yeah, I harvested a nice buck, but damn, what is up with two consecutive miss-fires? Is that the deal with this rifle? Do we need to slam the bolt forward in order seat the bolt in battery? If so, this won’t be a practical hunting rifle.

  • Kage

    it may have been some malfuntion of the floating bolt head. i hope that is not the case with these rifles and it was an isolated incedent.

  • edski

    I have the edge in 30-06 and it shoots great. But one SERIOUS problem. Twice in 13 rounds the cocking mechinism on the bolt has slipped makinig t impossible for the breach to close. It is necessary to remove the bolt and hopefully have something with a hard edge to reset it. It happened to me in the field after a first shot. VERY BAD!!! I called savage and they want me to send it in and hopefully they can duplicate the problem. YIKES-NOT GOOD

  • john

    Bought the edge camo 243.Looks great,took it the range and noticed that a live round will not eject,had to hammer the bolt back to get it out.The bolt will slip and just like edski you have to remove it to fix.The mag is plastic and is hell to remove.Switched ammo and have not had the eject issue any more,after all its a cheap rifle and I just new I should have passed this one up.But it groups so well,i”ll keep it and see what savage comes up with for all these issues.

  • Bowers

    I bought this gun 2 days ago, I havnt got to shoot it yet due to weather and not having the time. But as far as the playing around with the gun and examining it. I found 2 main things that i really dont like. First when i loaded a full clip in it, the spring did not have enough force to want to push up the 3rd round while cycling them through. The second thing is that the saftey feels cheap as well as the magazine/clip, im afraid they will break if to much pressure is applied, but i guess i need to be carefull with them. I also found out after buying a Bushnell 4x12x40 sportsman scope i had to buy off set mounts to get the scope to mount. The handle of the bolt slightly rubs the eye piece of the scope. But im impressed so far.

  • Kage

    I noticed that the bolt slightly rubs the lens cover on the scope that came with it easy fix though went and bought taller scope mounts

  • Adam Gosney

    I got mine from MO for $290. Bushnell scope. great rifle for the price!!

  • W.E.Griffin

    Both of my daughters own a savage edge one in 270 the other in 308. The 270 works great but the 308 is VERY hard to cock and also more often than not will not eject a spent or live round.This 308 will be going down the road. Think maybe a Howa will take its place.

  • Ed

    I have a savage edge 270 win loved the gun at first but having problems with the bolt action mechanism one u shoot a round and eject it and get ready to reload another round the bolt doesn’t want to slide back down once u have a bullet in barrell. Anyone else having this type of problem

  • JohnC

    I have the XP in .223 and had the same problem as Edski. Fired 150 rounds without any issues, but last week after firing and pulling back the bolt, the gun should have cocked when I lifted the handle, but did not. I tried to chamber another round, but the bolt would not go in. I removed the bolt and realized it was not cocked. After manually cocking the bolt, it went back in and worked fine for the next 5 or 6 rounds, then did it again. Savage said they had never heard of this. Anyone have any ideas before I have to send it to Savage? Thanks

  • JohnC

    Bolt Problems with Savage Edge .223

    I have been able to duplicte the problem and it is in the bolt. If you pull back the bolt hard, it will uncock the gun. After talking to Savage, it could be that the main spring in the bolt does not have enough tension or the cut in the bolt, where that small black button sits, is not cut deep enough. They want the whole gun, but said if I wanted to send them the bolt they would try that first. If they have to replace the bolt, I will have to send the gun for the fitting of a new bolt. It is such a pain to send the gun, hope this will work and will post the results in a few weeks.

  • kelly

    i just bought a savage edge xp for $267 in ATL GA ffrom walmart best price i have found yet hope the bolt doesnt give me any problems

  • mike

    i wish I had read john c and edskis comments, we have not even shot the gun yet, just worked the bolt and what the $%*&. that little pin/spring thing went to the uncocked position.

    Spent an hour readings blogs and finally got that damn thing back where it should be but screwed up my finger doing it. going to the range to sight in and see what happens!

  • Bob

    I bought my Edge rifle in 22-250 when Cabelas had them on sale for 249.00 and when I used their card I got an extra 50.00 off wow what a deal ! I mounted a 3-9 scope on it today and sighted it in. Using Hornady 55gr V-MAX factory ammo I shot 1/4 to 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards. No problem with the bolt so far but it does cock hard and barely clears my scope. Trigger pull seemed good to me. No creep and consistent. I would recommend this rifle for varmint hunting but I would use my Browning A-Bolt with the 60 degree bolt throw for deer. Good rifle for the money.

  • Frank Holdburg

    I love mine in .223. I paid $230 for it at sportsmans warehouse in Anchorage Alaska. Works well and have no problems at all. I cleaned my rifle before I fired it though so that probably helps.

  • Kent

    I bought my daughter one in camo 7mm 08, went to range to sight in wouldnt fire, firing pin not hiting primer took back,when they put scope on mounting screws too long hitting bolt, replaced screws, no more problems, I am actually impressed with rifle, very acurate for $ , only other issue but not really a problem the bolt is a little on the stiff side. I would recomend buying one especially for a starter rifle.

  • i purchesed mine half way through the ny big game season,im all about ,308 in any of my 12 centerfire riffles,although i hunt with win,mod 94 pre 64 in ,32win and marlin 336 in .35rem,i realy thought i could not live with out buying a savege edge,,,well i walked in a gun shop and he had 2 both in 7mm 08 i adult size with22 inch bbrl.and a youth mod with a 20′ brl,so i asked him if he wouldnt mind changing the barrels so i can have a little mountin riffle,he did change the barrles and charged me 304 dollars,he had a 3-9-40mm used scope and a 40 dollars box of shells and told me 350 tax inlc, i said sold…the fisrt morning out in otsego co,hunting with a deputy sherriff freind of mine on new privite property i filled my doe tag on a button buck at 194 yards away;;;what a shot;the following week 6’of new snow a hunter jumped 3-4 does and a big 5pnt 155lbs, i droped it in his tracks in an all out run,1shoot he came down in a pile 95yards,,im very happy with this gun,plus after 30 years of hunting i may have my first lucky gun;;;;i love it’

  • Mason

    Just got it a week ago one of the best iv ever shot light weight not a nail driver at 400 yards but will hit a vital shot on a coyote

  • i own one in 7mm08 and killed 2 deer upstate ny,my dealer gave me a 20inch barrle off the youth model so now i have a 320 dollar mnt riffle,i love,and think its the best value out there, i just like the way it feels,

  • Jack

    Hi- great information
    I pan to buy an edge or axis 270 and replace the “package” scope with a bushnell elite 6500 -1.25-8x x32 scope
    Will I have problems mounting this scope- bolt clearance, eye reliefetc. What would you suggest for mounts and rings?

  • Wow! this is great!! I guess this rifle will correspond to exceptional worth if hits the target well.. It can be suggested for hunters out there who want to get the best value and this might be your fluky rifle.

  • Wayne

    I bought a Savage Edge XP camo in .243 a few months ago. I found the trigger pull was a bit heavy – – off the scale on my trigger pull gauge. So I ordered an adjustable trigger from Rifle Basix. The trigger has adjustment screws for sear engagement, return spring and safety. I got the trigger pull down below 4 lbs and have been happy with it so far.

  • Allen Cochrane

    Got an Edge in .308. The scope was mounted very poorly. The scope was a Bushnell 76-3945 which was not impressive and I swapped it for another scope as I could find no reviews for that particular Bushnell scope. Had a rough time getting the rifle to shoot consistently until I changed scopes. I broke the rifle in as instructed, and it shoots much better with the new scope. But the rifle is very light or I’m use to a heavier rifle. No problems with extraction yet and the rifle feeds well so far. We’ll see how hunting season goes. I’m using Federal 150 gr. Power Shock ammo. Seems ok for an old guy. I usually hunt with a .300 Win. Mag. Model 70. No nonsense.

  • wondering?????

    how do you reset the bolt spring set screw on a savage ,223 edge.
    i accidently flipped the screw sideway’s and now i cant get it back to normal and close the chamber.

  • Florida

    I got a axis in 308 two months ago shot like 50 rounds of cheap German surplus in it cleaned it good and I have no problem getting 1.5-2 inch groups out of it at 100 yards. I got it as a cheap truck rifle I walked out of walmart with it for 294 and for the money it’s a great gun that is light and very easy to handle and within the next week and plan on getting myself a nice buck with it. Before I got it I looked into the rem. 710 and mossberg maverick and it deff. Came out on top of the bunch and I am extremely happy with it I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap, reliable, rifle that I don’t mind getting a few dings in.

  • Jeff

    I purchased the Savage Axis 270 with a Bushnell 3×9 a week ago and just sighted it in today. I paid $309.99 at Stoney’s in WV. Shot a full box of Federal Premium 130 grain and I have to say, it shot well. Shot three round sets and received 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards and most of my groups had two out of my three shots touching. I cleaned it prior to shooting it for the first time. Very well performance in a low priced weapon. No complaints at all.

  • Stewart

    I got the savage edge in 25-06 back in september, i put a 6.5-24x50mm scope on it and a bi-pod, picked up a box of remington 100gr core-lokt’s and shot it three time at 100 yards and had it driving nails! Couple days later killed a coyote at 120yrds, one shot one kill, killed a few ground hogs with it over 200yrds away, then killed a nice 8 pointer at 110yrds a couple weeks ago! I absolutly love this gun to death, the trigger is perfect, clean a crisp, and no creep! Sweet shootin gun, everytime i pull the trigger somethin ends up dead! Ive had 3/4” groups at 100yrds with it everytime! Never had any probs with the bolt or anything, I bought mine for $350 but its the xp! Goin to hand load some 75gr tnt hollow points in it and tear some more ground hogs up this summer cant wait!

  • Reed

    I bought this gun about a year ago and couldn’t be more pleased. I put a redfield 3-9-40 scope on it with a cheap bimart bipod with the intentions of having a gun that I could take anywhere and not care if I beat it up. So far it has killed 2 blacktail, a cow elk, 4 coyotes, and one cougar. I love this gun and have even loaned it to my buddy once so he could kill his deer because he wasn’t comfortable with his gun at 300 yds. And harvested a nice 4×5 blacktail! You will not be disappointed with this gun. It definetly surprised me with its capabilities

    • Stephen

      What size scope mounts did u use. I have the same scope and gun and want the scope as low as possible.

  • Reed

    Just some off brand low rise weaver mounts and they have worked great

  • Phoenix

    I got a Savage Edge in 308 off a friend with a Nikon scope but for some reason I just couldn’t get a solid group. I got a new scope the other day and tried the get a group but no dice. I don’t know why and I don’t know how far i should be sighting it in at the scope’s package says to start at 25 but it keeps shooting high and on both sides of the paper. Can anyone give me a any tips? Thanks.

    • GEO


  • Becket

    Hello, I just bought the Savage arms Axis and I have not fired it yet but I ran some snap cap rounds through it to just see how it was sorking and the rtigger pull etc before I take it to the rang but I ran into a problem as the shells do not eject??? I have been now looking on line to see how to fix this and I have seen to replace the little pall in the ejector plate with a larger one. Does this work? This is quite upsetting as I just bought this gun, I now it is not costly but it should eject a spent shell!!

    Does anyone out there have any other ideas on fixing this probelm or does the ball switch out really work? I am going to look for these small bearings but don’t really know where to find them quite yet.

    Any recommendations on the fix for this problem with out having to send the riffle back to the shop?