Knight Rifles back in business

Muzzleloader firm Knight Rifles is back in business after ceasing production last year. The press release says it all …

Athens, TN: On March 15, 2010, PI, Inc., acquired the Knight Rifles brand, intellectual properties and real estate in Centerville, Iowa. For the immediate future, Knight Rifles will be relocated to Athens, TN, where PI, Inc., is headquartered.

PI, Inc., President Jeff Beene says, “We hope to make this a seamless transition for all the loyal Knight Rifles customers. It will take us a few days to get all of the Knight Rifles goods moved to our facility, but we hope to be shipping orders next week.”

Several members of the PI, Inc., management team have been loyal Knight Rifles owners in the past and that spurred the interest in purchasing the brand when Knight Rifles ceased gun production in July 2009. Beene stated, “I’m very impressed with my personal Knight Rifles and want to breathe new life into this brand that started the muzzle loading world as we know it today.”

The immediate plans are to continue the excellent customer service for which Knight has always been known. Warranty for all rifles except the KP1 and Revolution (I and II) will still be handled in the Knight Rifles warranty center in Centerville, Iowa. The KP1 and Revolutions will be serviced from the Pradco Outdoor Brands Decatur, Alabama, Facility.

President Jeff Beene does want muzzle loader hunters to know that the long term plan for Knight Rifles is to return to its roots and once again manufacture the best inline muzzle loaders on the market.

Knight’s Revolution II muzzleloader

[Hat Tip: Outdoor Wire ]

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  • Matt Groom

    They should market these as “The Ultimate Survival Rifles” as they are less dependent on supply and demand, do not require complex or expensive reloading equipment, effective projectiles can be made with a mold, and shotgun primers and powder are very easy to stockpile. Hell, you can MAKE blackpowder if you were so inclined.

    And if you had an electric ignition system, like the CVA Electra, you wouldn’t even be dependent on primers! Muzzle Loaders are cool! I don’t own any, but still!

  • This is excellent news! My first muzzleloader is a Knight “American Knight” model inline in 50 cal which I still own and shoot as often as I can. The rifle is far more accurate than a $ 100 rifle (at the time I bought it some years ago, though the prices of the newer models are higher and reflect the current more sophisticated designs) deserves to be with its favorite load pushing 320 gr flat nosed cast bullets ahead of 90 grains of 2 F black powder. I hope the new owners do well. These are lovely rifles – cheap to shoot and fun to boot.

    • Paul

      U still interested in purchasing a mk85 stainless with regular stock and thumbhole stock/ Shoots hreat and it is clean 50cal.

      • john

        you still have a thumbhole stk and or rifle ?let me know what you want for the thumb hole if you want to sell it

  • Roger Prak

    Knight Rifles are the best I own three of them and would buy another one if I
    get the chance. thank you good luck

  • i have a knight rolling block mz new have shot it 1 time have snaped 4 caps in it now it wont fire like the firing pin is not puting a deep dint in the cap

  • Randy Ramey

    I have a knight revolution that won’t fire half the time. It has been sent to knight one time,but the problem still exists-firing maybe 5 out of 10 shots if you are lucky. Can the trigger be fixed? The rifle shoots great when it goes off,but you can’t hunt with a rifle like it is.RSVP. Thanks, Randy.

  • Ray Hawkins

    I bought a .52 caliber Long Range Hunter in june 2009. After forty years of hunting and guiding from Africa to Alaska I consider my .52 LRH to be one of the finest rifles I ever owned. As accurate and effective as any single shot rifle anywhere anytime.

  • Chuck Diamond

    I have been using a Knight LK 93 for 15 years and have never had a problem and it will shoot with any other black bowder at 100 yards.I would love to find an thumb hole stock for it so if anyone has an old stock they don’t need I’ll buy it.

    • john

      i`d like to find a thumb hole stk for my american knight too if you find one let me know

  • Brian Hoag

    KNIGHT RIFLES !!! by far the best shooting guns I have ever owned.
    MK 85
    Knight 45 super disk– 140″ whitetail at 232 yds.
    52 cal. 174″ 4×4 muley at 170 yds.
    I’m glad your back. Thank you for a great product. Brian

  • Tom Butler

    My thoughts are that the future in muzzle loaders centers around break open designs and propellents that are getting closer and closer to actual smokeless powders. That’s where the Knight KP1 could be the king of the hill and I see P.I. has decided not to offer it 🙁 Talking about missing the boat! I spoke with one of the Knight people at the recent ATA trade show in Indianapolis and told him what I think the KP1’s possiblities are and why. At least he listened. I’m actually shooting 2 KP1’s in 45-70 that can also be used as muzzle loading barrels, using IMR 4198 smokeless for both rounds.

  • Robert L.Cobb,III.

    I am awfully glad that Knight Rifles is back to doing what made them what they are, the #1 pioneer of the modern day inline muzzleloading rifle! I own two of those rifles,the XK 97 original Disc rifle in .50 cal., and the newer .45 cal. Disc Extreme. These rifles are”dinosaurs” compared to some of the more modern rifles of today, both being in the extremely dependable bolt action, but if it ain’t broke,you don’t fix it! Other competitive brands, makes and models may work for some, but for my money, I will take the reliable and proven over all the others! Welcome back to the fray KR!

  • Randy Ramey

    After trying to contact the outfit that bought Knight about my no firing Revalution, I decided to to try to fix it myself or use it for a tomato stake. Guess what- it took about a 1/2 hour and I haven’t had one misfire yet. I was surprised after I took the firing pin compartment apart how simple it was to correct the problem. I’m really disapointed that Knight couldn’t have done this when I returned it for repair.

    • Jeremy Bowman

      How did you fix it? Im having the same problem.

      • Randy Ramey

        Jeremy, remove trigger assembly from rifle.Notice cylinder which contains firing pin. There is 2 pins holding firing pin assembly together. Remove the 2 pins and firing pin assembly releases . Take out all the firing pin components and inspect the inside of the cylinder for burrs that was left when they drilled the holes for the assembly pins. I took a dremel tool and polished out the burrs, cleaned out the inside of the cylinder real good and reassembled the firing pin assembly-replaced the pins. I’ve done 2 of these and both rifles have been fired at least 25 times without a misfire. I guess there was enough drag on the firing pin assembly to stop the pin from dimpling the primer properly. This rifle shoots great now with 1 1/2 groups at 100 meters.

      • Jeremy Bowman

        Sorry I didn’t mention that mine is a vision instead of the revolution. But ill try cleaning the firing pin assembly anyway.

  • I to had problem with my krb7 but able to fix it myself, a dermal tool works great on that trigger,but other then that the gun is great and most acetate longest range i’ve ever had

  • jerry gohrick

    I have the old traditinal Knight rifle purchased sometime in the 90’s. I would like to convert the 209 primer to the primer used in shotgun shells. Do you have the conversion kit? Thanks; Jerry Gohrick

  • David LeVasseur

    I recently won a Knight Revolution II Muzzleloader at a banquet. After researching it, I found out that this rifle trigger has been recalled. What do I need to do to have this happen as I am giving this to my son-in-law as a gift. Please respond to me with an answer as I do not want to take a chance in having him shoot this and get injured from it. Thanks so much in advance. You can reach me via e-mail at or via phone 585-335-3568 Home or 585-734-3568 Cell.

  • Bob Edstrom

    need to find out who to contact about getting my trigger assembly checked out

    • If it’s a knight rev,call them an they will send u something to mail to them so they can look at if it’s other model u should still call them

  • Mark Stempihar

    I have aquestion refering to a Knight Revolution. Do the words [In Line] appear stamped on the barrel? If so, I would like a close up picture of the barrel. Send it via fax #269-695-3141. please.

    • I have 2 rev& a krb7 & nether of them have inline on them. Why





    • Knight phone is 1-866-518-4181. Ask them about the spring. Breech plug is $22.50 from knight part m900024. They also have a powerstem plug m900042
      for the same price,it’s for
      powder only i’m going to
      order one myself along with some 52cal sabots

      • Randy Ramey

        Is the Knight revolution 50 ca. breech plug part #m900024?

  • Randy Ramey

    Will the breech plug for a knight revolution II work in a knight revolution?

    • I’m sorry that is wrong. It’s m900043 it will fit both.only different i see is in the lever i have the first one my brother has 2nd the stem on lever is short on rev II and you can buy a conversion plug that use just a bare 209 cap m900047,i think its$ 45.00.On mine the stem is longer and curve down but i’m going to try the powerstem helps reduce recoil.anyway i love my rev& krb7 best shooting inline i’ve ever own

  • Randy Ramey

    Thanks for getting back Dave, but I can’t find anyone who has the M900043 breech plug. Where can I get one? I’ve tried Bass Pro-nogood. About 2 mos. ago Midway took my order but told me recently that they couldn’t get em because Knight quit makn em. Someone should go in business makn these plugs because the Rev is an excellent shooter.

  • I gotten a email from knight saying because of the recall on the revolution, they don’t have the rights to it.But they give me a number to call, 1-256-260-8950 ext 2128 talk to Pat Fitzgerald he may be able to help us out on parts or plugs.He works for Padco outdoors inc.which handle the recall on the revolution i hope this help’s. I know i’ll be calling.

  • HOLD THE PRESS ;The m900024 will work how do i know that because i have 1st revolution had one in it.its just a d

    • As i was saying,different in design the m00043 has a doom& smaller hole was a replacement because it had less blow back.i found my older manual and it list 900024.Why the NEW knight would not tell me that i don’t known but they do have them.I’ve been trying to use the blackhorn 209 powder,my krb7 almost does but there a little pause after the cap,used it my revolution& nothing but the cap.After looking at the old plug ( M00024 ) it looks like it will i’ll be letting everyone know if it works, thanks for bring up the breech plug on the rev i forgotten about that old plug. Has anyone else tried the Blackhorn 209 ?

    • Randy Ramey

      Charles thanks for the tip about the M900024 breech plug for the Rev. I tried it although I was a little sceptical and I think it works better than the original BP. The flash hole design I think gets more fire to the powder. I ‘ve solved my trigger problem and you’ve came up with a great idea concerning the breech plug. The original BP is in good shape, so now I have a spare-and a great shooting rifle. You got my wheels turning and I also got a spare bp for my Remington 700ML which is also a great shooter. Thanks again.

  • I was at Bass Pro catalog outlet shop here in springfield and they have a boat load of breech plugs (900043) for the revolution at $5.00 each. I put a 900024 back in and it doses fire better on t7 not so good on black horn.

  • frank Perkins

    I hav.e the 45-70 KP1. I love my RIfle It has had the upgrade on trigger Mechanism and also on the Firing Pin. This gun will cut bullet holes at 100 yds. My son wanted one and we Purchased new in box. This gun does need the upgrades. My Question is where do we send it after this season is over.

  • frank Perkins

    Owner KP1 with trigger and firing pin upgrade.I love this rifle . it will cut bullet holes at 100 yds. It has dropped every deer I have shot out to 200 yds. Recently Purchased another for my son from a friend that became very ill and no longer can shot It had only been shot five times. Where can I send this Rifle for the same two upgrades before the problem crops up. This gun has become my primary gun and many of my hunting buddies are interested in this rifle.
    Thanks Frank Perkins
    PH 225 620-2752
    Geismar Louisiana

  • charles whitten

    Go post i made jan 21. Phone# of padco they are handling revolution& kp1 on knights see if they can help on upgrade& parts 🙂

  • charles whitten

    Go post i made jan 21. Phone# of padco they are handling revolution& kp1 on knights see if they can help on upgrade& parts .