Calico Liberty Tactical carbines and pistols

Calico has updated their line of helical-fed high-capacity carbines and pistols. Calico’s guns have not changed much in the past two decades and were looking dated. The new 9mm Liberty Tactical line, which replaces the foregrip with a quad rail, is a much needed refresh. Calico has announced that they will also be adding the .40 S&W cartridge to their lineup, which currently is limited to .22 and 9mm.

Calico 9mm Liberty I Tactical (50 round magazine. $942, excluding accessories)
Liberty 100 Tactical (100 round mag, $934)
Liberty II Tactical (50 round, $1038)
Liberty III Tactical Pistol (50 round, $965)

[ Many thanks to Cameron for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Somewhere in the suburbs, a mall ninja has just dropped his Xbox controller and spontaneously erupted inside his Spider-Man underpants.

  • Nick Pacific

    Woa woa wait a second. Calico is still in business???

    • Nick, I was also surprised 😉 They can’t seen to decided if they are or are not in business!

  • Jesse

    Ah the Calico, the gun of choice for sci-fi movie prop masters everywhere.

  • Bryan S.

    Would it kill them to make the grip replaceable? I dont understand this on most rifles and carbines.

  • Redchrome

    I’ve shot a pre-ban Calico 950 pistol; and found it to be way too butt-heavy to point well. I think one of the biggest mistakes Calico made was having the magazine the wrong way around — it ought to be going forward over the barrel instead of providing a (mediocre) cheekpiece. The Chinese seem to think the same thing:

    I’d much rather get ahold of one of those ‘Chang Feng’ SMGs.

    • Redchrome, thats pretty nifty!

  • Maigo

    A 100 round .22 would be fun, but I think I’d go with a Binzon. It feed from below so you can have real sights on it.

    It seems they have mac10/11 conversions on the way as well

  • Matt Groom

    Call me crazy, but I still like the Bizon:
    I like the addition of a rail to the Calicos. I always thought they were neat, but terribly impractical.

  • I think I prefer the old style…

  • I was surprised to see a bunch of Calico magazines and guns at last year’s S.A.R. East show in York, I thought somebody was simply selling off stuff they had sitting around but apparently it was new manufacture. Barack Obama truly deserved the Firearms Salesman of the Year award if he could make those things marketable again!

  • MrSatyre

    Hmm. Is it just me or are these Calico’s butt-ugly? I know, I know: that’s a stupid thing to say about a tool, but still…

  • I just got a used one from the consignment rack at my favorite gun store.

    I’m going to the range tonight (maybe tomorrow night) with it.
    It doesn’t look too practical, the mags don’t look too secure, but my collection is full of what I think are odd, cool guns.
    That one fits.

    • Veeshir, let us know how well it works!

  • 4Cammer

    Thanks Spudgun, you made me choke on the mid-morning ice coffee!

  • I always really liked the lines of the Calico…the rail doesn’t seem to fit. Is the rail an option or is it the new standard?

    • Raph84, optional.

  • Tom Stone

    I owned a liberty 100 before the California ban and had continous problems with the magazines spontaneously spewing cartridges(yes,I dealt with customer service,no polite comment is possible).Accuracy wasn’t much with the crude sights but it was a lot of fun when it worked and I sold it for a profit.Nice concept,poor execution.

  • me

    I have always thought they were aesthetically challenged. Frankly, I think the newer models send them even further down that path.

  • Marc

    I would like to have that pistol at the bottom, it looks like something outta Judge Dredd. The rail system looks out of whack, the added sight is as far back as you could put it and it still looks like it would be hard to line your eye the dot and the target when you really needed to. Looks good but I got a feeling it’s just plain impractical to have one outside of going to the range.
    @redchrome that bottom pic reminds me of the SMG from Halo, sorry for being a nerd it just reminds me of that.

  • Maigo

    @Matt Groom
    *bro fist*

  • zach

    that chinese one actually looked pretty good, but I think the Russians have the best one, the PP-19 Bizon, all it is is a 9x18mm Makarov version of the AK-74su with a 64 round helical mag underneath so the sight picture is the same as the regular AK, plus the stock doesn’t looks like it’s going to snap off at any moment, and it’s not nearly as bulky

  • I don’t want to beat the dead horse of Male Over-Compensation, but, come one, the thing’s got a scrotum fer cryin’ out loud.

  • Don

    I want the one with the brass-sac.



  • SpudGun

    LOLZ!!! Bruce. The Liberty 1 Testicle Carbine. I imagine that once you dump your first load of brass, your voice changes.

  • Other Steve

    @Matt Groom

    The irony with bringing up the Bizon in this thread… The bizon is that is basically just a blowback AK with a goofy mag right? What US company has the most experience with blowback 9mms that use a helical magazine…. ??? Hmmmmm…. Who could it be?

    Calico could have a Bizon-clone up and running in 1 year time, something totally unique, very cool, functional, and cheap. Instead they think it’s a good idea to update this POS.

    Truly mind boggling. It’s like the owner of calico is so out of touch with the firearms population of 2010 that it should count as a medical condition. Some sort of dissociative disorder or something.

  • It was a blast. (heh)

    With two problems.
    First, it took a while to get working, it was my first time using it so maybe it was my fault, but there was a bullet jammed and it took me a while to get it out.

    Once it started firing it didn’t stop though. The 50 and 100 rounder both worked fine and there were no problems after it got goping.

    The other problem was picking up the front sight and figuring out the proper sight picture. I have some night-sight paint I’ll use on it.

    After a few single shots to figure it out, I punched the center out of the target in rapid fire mode with about 30-40 shots. That was fun, there was pretty much no climb, the front pistol grip helped I’m sure.

    The 100 rounder was a bit much but still a lot of fun, I was in an indoor range so I didn’t want to go full jihadi with it.

    So two thumbs up and one big sh** eating grin.
    I’ll still grab the AK when the Russkis invade.

    • Veeshir, thanks for the mini-review 🙂

  • @Spudgun: We have a tendency to refer to short-barreled weapons with beta mags as a “cock and balls”.

    For example, my friend Mike actually has twins:!/photo.php?pid=28036&id=1687225474

  • Grrr! Try this URL instead of the one in my previous post:

    Too little sleep this week…

  • SpudGun

    @Gregory: thanks for that. As I’m at the bottom of this thread and no one will probably read this, I can actually admit to firing a .22LR Calico many, many years ago and thoroughly enjoying it.

  • chris

    so if they are back in buisness do they have a website or anything?

  • Vaquero

    What the Calico really needs is a front sight like an AR-15. As it stands I have pistols with a longer sight radius than the rifle.

  • Kurt
  • Kurt

    Sorry, supposed to be I missed an “s”

  • Gary

    Regarding the sights: the 22lr models have an AR/M16 type of front sight so why not the center fire models. BTW I just got off their site. Thanks Kurt. Yes, the one’s shown here give butt ugly a bad name. I, too, prefer the older style. For those of you who would prefer the magazine further foward would you really like 50 or 100 rounds of center fire anything hanging out by the barrel. I’m reasonably strong but my wrist would never invite me out for dinner again if I did something like that to it.

  • Danny

    I have a lot of weapons in my collection and I must admit that my Calico Libert ! 9mm is probably one of my favorite to shoot. I have 1 50 rnd r mag and 2 100 rrnd rmags. I keep my weapons clean and well maintained. I have had zero problems with my Calico. Usualy when good weapons fail to run right its because of operator error and failure to keep them cleaned and maintained correctly. imho..

  • OIS998

    I’v had my Liberty 9mm carbine since 1984. Have put a ton of rounds thru it and have never had an issue that either being lazy (not cleaning it properly) or just plain operator error. I put a red dot on mine and hit steel plates at 150yds pretty consistantly. Love my Liberty

  • The Raj

    I traded into a new Liberty recently. I have had it out to the range twice in the past four days and I think it is great. I have other 9mm carbines but the Calico has several unique features that make it a keeper. It is lightweight and the placement of the magazine makes it comfortable to carry and shoot off-hand even with 100 rounds loaded. I like the ambidextrous controls and downward ejection, too. The stock design could use some updating and I would prefer an option for a single Picatinny rail up front, but it is really a unique piece.