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  • SpudGun

    $10,000?! Has the world gone upside down crazy bonkers?!

    Okay, my new plan. I’m going to go to the range, make friends with the guy who bought the ACR for 10k, find out when he’s next going to the range and then burgle his house when he’s shooting his over priced AR-180.

    • SpudGun, LOL, I linked to the wrong one. That guy is dreaming!

  • Jesse

    As much as I’d love to have one at the price they are asking I’d be better off buying 5 more ARs and 5 more AKs each one in a different caliber. Then I could afford carry them around in a bandoleer and drop them when they are empty like they do in all the shitty movies.

  • Matt Groom

    Whoopie-doo. Remind me of why I should care.

  • DaMan

    meh, i honestly beleave the price will be sub 2k in a year. same with the scar.

  • Ben

    It’s like a dream come true…an overpriced, over-rated dream.

  • Cary

    I would just get another Robinson XCR, maybe a micro send in the NFA paperwork and have an SBR with in six months… Plus get the 7.62 kit and the 6.8 kit for what you will pay for a new ACR. Just my 2 pennies..

  • Okki

    Well.. the current (no reserve) bid is $2700. the Buy-it-now is $10K. I don’t anyone will be stupid enough to pay that price. heck, at $2700 it’s too rich for my blood, but SCAR’s started out up that range as well and haven’t come down a lot from it.

    But for that money…. I’d buy a Kel-tec RFB or a FN PS90 and use the left-over $ for a Romanian PSL.

    Makes you wonder if these high prices are manufacturers thinking the market will support and accept those prices, or if the government is driving up prices with additional taxes/fees/etc levied on manufacturers? Just because you can’t enact a ban, doesn’t mean you can’t make the product to expansive to buy/own.

  • CY

    not interested, does the same things as a lot of other weapons that cost less.

  • Cymond

    Remember the post on the guy who won & sold the first black civiliar ACR? As I recall, some people thought he should have held onto it longer. I’d say he sold it at just the right time. It will probably be worth far less as ACRs become more common. It was the only civilian ACR, now it merely the first.

  • D

    AIM Surplus has it for $2399

  • Massoud

    I saved for 3 years to buy one. WHen I heard how much they were going to be, I bought a Sig556. Sig is class A. Bushmaster is class-less.

  • Knight71

    Hey guys. I was at a gunshow today in Concord NH and there was one ACR in the full size version, color black for 2,400. I picked it up (of course) and I must say it was very solid. Even though they say it weighs eight pounds it doesn’t feel it. Definitely not a cheesy plastic rifle like I was afraid it would be. A few tables down were two SCAR rifles, one black for 2,600 and one tan for 2,400. The feel of those to me seemed a bit strange ( I don’t want to say cheapy ) but it has that same feeling as their FS2000. Now I’ve been in the Marines and I know what a rifle is for. In my opinion if you had to butt smash someone with this rifle it would come apart in your hands. The ACR gave me much more confidence that you could keep on smashing! Not that many of us would (and hopefully not) need to be in that situation but I like to be prepared.
    And the folding rear sight looks like something that would love to snag on evry damn thing thing it possibly could and snap off or wind up stuck in you like a nail during basic manuvers.
    I do think the SCAR is a good weapon, just not a good battle rifle. But literally weighing the evidence today I would still go with the ACR, but I have to admit that I’m going to wait a little and see what the price will do, but not to long. I read an article in the July edition of Guns & Weapons and they said that in the fall of this year that they would be offering the ACR in the A-TACS camo pattern. That could persuade me even more. But then again they did tell us that the ACR would retail around 1,500. Keep your fingers crossed! I know I will.

  • Knight71

    You know Massoud you have a point. And I probably should be supporting a fellow New Hampshire business! Hmmm.. I hate to have to flip a coin, but this is going to be a hard decision. I’m not a HUGE Bushmaster fan, but seriously the ACR did impress me. Much more solid than that piece of crap M-16 A2 I was issued in the Marines. Then again so wouldn’t the Sig 556.

  • AK™

    I’d go with a surplus M14 before I’d go with a ACR or SCAR. When the gun’s empty,it has many field expedient uses..

  • jon

    I looked at the ACR, I think I’ll wait until the 1:7 barrel (556), 18′ 6.5 Grendel Barrel, and a price drop. As an eight year army vet, and having several deployments under my belt, I think it’s a great rifle that needs just a little tweaking for perfection. For me, 6.5mm and a quick change barrel are the main points I’m interested in; 5.56 is fairly common and surplus is still available, but 6.5 has a vastly flatter trajectory and more energy than 5.56.
    The 1:7 issue is the 62gr and up wont stabilize in 1:9 barrels.