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  • I wonder if you could get away with a plastic upper too?

  • Lance

    Looks sweet pity Cav arms is no more.

  • Tuulos

    From a credible source, CavArms in currently in negotiation with an other company that would continue to manufacture CavArms lowers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • zach

    We can all thank the intelligent Gooberment for destroying another great company.

  • d

    actually zach, Cav Arms owner pleaded guilty to selling 27 firearms out of state without using the FFL process. License was revoked of course

    I just got one of these lowers with a BCM middy lightweight upper, and its so light it feels like a toy.

  • Gage

    Grip and stock together look similar to the AA-12. But that’s just me.

  • GWACS ARMORY is now making the CAV-15 MKII..easy to recreate..
    video link are on youtube for the demos and an interview I did with Shel Jones the GWACS company owner.