Michaels Machines MM23E

The Michaels Machines MM23E is a semi automatic1 clone of the HK23E Light Machine Gun. This belt fed gun is chambered for 5.56mm and feeds from standard M27 links.

Before you get your hopes up, I should point out that it is selling for just under $12,000 (at HKParts)! Although it should be noted that it is still cheaper than the Bushmaster ACR 😉

Show firing on full auto with registered full auto sear.
Sadly the Rock ‘n Roll setting is missing!

  1. It can be made legally fully automatic with a registered full auto sear … thats if you can find one for sale and can afford it! 

Steve Johnson

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  • Clodboy

    “Sadly the Rock ‘n Roll setting is missing!”

    Eh? “F” = “Feuerstoß” = Rock’n’Roll
    (although ze Germans like to claim that the F actually stands for “Frieden” (“peace”), the logical consequence of emptying a G3 mag into your opponent 😉 )

  • Bryan S

    Here is one for $13,750

    If it werent for the 86 ban, you think these were some made of some super platinum or something.


    • Bryan, good find.

  • Josh

    That’s pretty cool. Although, I would think if you’re posting a demonstration video on the internet you’d want to go ahead and practice some gun safety rules like putting the safety on after you’re done firing. That’s always been a standard practice of mine, but when I was in the Army that was ALWAYS done when you stopped firing, regardless of the type of weapon, or whether it was empty or not.

    I dunno… maybe I’m crazy for having such thoughts.

    • Josh, I understand your concern. Outside of the military there are a lot of people (myself included) who do not put a lot of emphasis on safeties. The problem with safeties is that they do not render a weapon 100% safe. the only real safety is your finger (away from the trigger) and keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction!

  • It’s a shame that the fun toys have to be so expensive!

  • Lance

    5.56 darn I wanted the 7.62mm varent!

  • Josh


    I agree with you in the sense that you should never think that just because a safety is engaged that you can be careless with your trigger finger. But, all other things being equal, you’re safer with the safety on. Maybe part of the reason it’s so important in the military is that we carry weapons around so often with rounds chambered, as opposed to the person at the range who loads it on the line, fires, and carries it away empty. It’s still a good and important habit though. I always check the safety when I pick up a weapon, then the chamber. Even when it’s one that I put away and I know no one has touched. I do the same when I set a firearm down. I’m even surprised sometimes to see so many photos of guns with the safety off, since I wouldn’t think of putting one down without the safety on. I thought this would be (or should be) a standard practice.

    Safeties aren’t 100% foolproof, but I don’t think there’s much of an argument that it would be a bad practice to always keep the safety on, loaded or not, unless you’re ready to fire at something.

  • KP

    I laughed at the ACR joke

  • I don’t think you met my buddy Mario at SHOT but he has one of these ordered for use with his auto sear. While the price may seem high, if you’re a guy who bought an auto sear for $1,500 years ago then $12,000 is a pretty cheap way to end up with a beltfed machinegun.

    We had looked at the Micheal’s Machines stuff pretty extensively at last year’s Small Arms Review East show in York, PA (coming up the first weekend in May) and I can say they do absolutely gorgeous work. It was on par with another manufacturer (who shall remain nameless) that reproduces much of the HK series but the pricing was far more reasonable.

    • Gregory, awesome! No, I don’t recall a guy named Mario.

  • @Bryan S – I think I’ve actually shot weapons which contained that sear…JB Arms is run by some good friend’s of mine out of the Philadelphia area.

    @Steve – Not sure if you remember when I was at the Robinson Arms booth at SHOT and you stopped by but the guy I was talking to was the owner of said sear. Kinda weird!

    • Gregory, LOL, I have a really bad memory, I don’t even remember the robarms booth! Maybe I had been partying hard the night before 😉

  • Don’t feel bad Steve, there’s more than a few grey spots in that week for me…I’ll be more prepared for it next year!

    • Gregory, same, I was not nearly as organized as I should have been!!!

    • Gregory, although I did not have nearly as much bad luck as you!!!

  • Mainsail

    I always find it a bit strange, when you see people shooting these very expensive firearms, just to be shooting short range into a swamp. Can’t they take it to a range, or some better set up?

  • JoeB

    “Still cheaper than a Bushmaster ACR.” ha! That gives me the giggles! Bushmaster… peice of crap!
    This is a very nice peice of kick ass my friend! Ive been a fan of the G3 platform for many years. Its still around, and still kicking ass!

    Peace, friends!