Magpul upcoming product list leaked?

My buddy over at Extreme Tolerance found this photo on Facebook. It purportedly shows a list of upcoming Magpul products and their launch date.

If this is real it will be confirmed as soon as one of those upcoming products is released.

UPDATE: It is real. It was taken on the first day of SHOT by the Canadian Gun Nutz crew with the cooperation of a Magpul employee.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matthew

    Excellent. Although I’d love to see them branch out to other weapon platforms as well.

  • Mike P

    It could be real but we are a month past the iPhone case release. So maybe they’re just behind one on item but who knows!

    • Mike, it was technically announced at SHOT (end of Jan)

  • Canthros

    That’s been around the Magpul forum at arfcom for a couple months now. Magpul was handing those out at SHOT Show, allegedly. Dates are approximate: the MOE VG, rails, and Illumination Kit dates have already been missed.

  • Canthros

    FWIW, I’m pretty sure everything on that list was announced at or around SHOT Show, and much of it was shown off at the time. The Art of the Dynamic Handgun and Aerial Platform Ops are training DVDs released by Magpul Dynamics, and are already out.

  • Alden

    This was on shortly after SHOT Show.

    Good things to come.

  • SpudGun

    I know I usually mock Magpul fanboys, but if they can produce a reliable 40 round Pmag, then I will be truly impressed.

  • I have one of the rifle length MOE hand guards on order through Midway USA with an expected delivery date some time around the 1st week in July

  • I think it’s been said that this was nothing more than a rough guide.

  • T.E.

    I really hope they into a PMAG line in 6.8 SPC


    Who cares! how much plastic crap can you buy? Magpul stuff does break! not all of it, not all the time but it can and does break! Tactical plastic widget city will not be getting anymore of my money. wake up and go shoot you damn rifle you don’t need all this shit!

  • Erwos

    What’s your point, Slaughter? All stuff breaks, plastic or metal. Pmags were never claimed to be an exception.

    However, given their price point, they present tremendous value for the money, which is why so many people love them so much.

  • Phil

    T.E. – They wont be making any 6.8 PMAGs. They have explained that a few times on