Magpul may enter bike market

Magpul is best known for their firearm accessories but they also design firearms, design airsoft guns1, do tactical training, produce training DVDs and most recently: manufacture iPod accessories. They are now looking at entering the motorcycle business.

Magpul Ronin. Photo © Isaac

Hell for Leather has a very interesting article about the Magpul Ronin bike …

They won’t say how large a production run could be feasible, but they have “about 25″ 1125Rs on hand and could potentially convert customer bikes too. If that happens and if it goes well, the company has discussed spinning of a new brand specifically dedicated to motorcycles. Magpul doesn’t see itself becoming a provider of aftermarket parts, but rather a motorcycle maker. What we could be seeing here is the genesis of a new American motorcycle company.

Photo © Isaac

[ Many thanks to David and Dave for emailing me the link. ]

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  • subase

    Its about time they started using polymers in motorcycle designs. It will be way lighter, won’t rust and have great power to weight ratio.

    Probably look really cool too.

  • Matthew

    “We’re a design and manufacturing house, not just a gun company.”
    I like that. The sky is the limit I suppose.

  • adamr

    It’s kind of ugly. What were they thinking with the radiator right on the front? That’s where the headlight goes.

  • Marc

    Very nice. I like where they are going with this. I want to check this out now. But Magpul and airsoft go together too? The name Magpul is still in the gun title? Hopefully they will putting that awesome plastic lightness in the airsoft guns too, just not for the internals, metal is the way for the insides.

  • DavidR

    Anybody heard a MSRP for this?

  • subase

    What they need is someone on the motorcycle doing a drive by. : )

  • HeavenlySword

    Lol david, I can quote that and attach it to Any Magpul Fanboi

    Not calling you a Magpul fanboy, just saying.

  • Nill

    There’s a good write up about this bike over here.

    It’s a Buell 1125r with a new front end along with a couple other custom bits.

    The stock Buell goes for ~$12,000 so you can add a few thousand to that if they ever actually decide to put this current one-off into production.

    Magpul mentioned having two dozen unmodified 1125r’s ‘on hand’ so they obviously intend to do at least a small run, though some sort of DIY kit or ‘upgrade’ service seems more likely in the end.

    • Nill, thanks for the info.

  • Jim

    Buell has gone out of business..

    Magpul will have to find/create another platform to mod if they intend to manufacture motorcycles..

    not to mention, that the front end looks very similar to Confederate Motorcycles..

  • Greg

    Like cocaine, motorcyles are the way God tells you have you have much f’n money. Buell made the best bikes of the century. No joke. Where are they now?