Bushmaster ACR on GunBroker

Remember at the end of last year when a guy named Jesse James won a Bushmaster ACR? Well, he had much more restraint, and foresight, than I would have had. Instead of taking his new baby to the range the moment he got it, he put it in his safe without firing a shot.

Now he has Listed it on Gun Broker and the current bid is $16,000 and the reserve has not yet been met! Apparently he already has a buyer who is willing to pay the reserve price.

Everyday No Day Off has also blogged about this auction.

[ Many thanks to areader for Ben me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • subase

    I’m sure if he knew how much he’d be selling that rifle when he won it, he’d be smiling.

  • Matt Groom

    $16,000?! What a bunch of IDIOTS.

  • Raymond

    It makes me feel like kicking a baby and sending the SS. TITANIC IDIOTS! ::sighs::

  • Bill Lester


    The economy must be better that I thought.

  • Komrad

    That guy is smart. Really, he should have waited longer. If he waited until next year he might have gotten more, but he also wouldn’t have been able to cash in on the hype.

  • DavidR

    Hey, good for him.

    At least he’s being SMART about how he’s selling his ACR.

    That’s way more than can be said about Bushmaster.

  • Tom Stone

    How low is the serial #?.

    • Tom, very low. xxxx100 or something like that.

  • subase

    Why would he have gotten more if he waited?

    I thought he was cashing in on the call of duty effect, someone probably thinks they have a super gun.

  • John K.

    Wait, so some lucky guy out there has the means to spend $16k+ on a new toy (good for him) but couldn’t come up with something better to buy?

    Lord knows I’ve paid more than I should have for early adopter-type stuff but $16k? Yikes. It’s just an ACR.

  • d

    its called a collectors item, the first serialized civilian ACR. How much is Armalite AR15 #000001 worth?

  • Charles

    I’ve got an enhanced coyote brown with a serial# less than 130. I’d be willing to sell it under $4000 Seriously

  • Moxx

    16k!!!!!! I’ll just stick to my ar