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  • Matthew

    If I had a 10/22 this would be bought in a heartbeat. Neat mod for sure.

  • Royi

    Neat mod indeed..

    Altough that kind of money can also buy you an Erma M1 Carbine.

  • Matt Groom

    Very cool, but I’ve got an Erma. Does anyone know where I can get a handguard for it? I never had one!

  • Fred Johnson

    If I were ever to have the idea to own a 10/22 again, this would be what started it. Too cool.

  • Hopefully it’ll be available without the sights for those of us that already have Tech Sights on our 10/22.

  • KP

    fun! 😀

  • Lance

    I wish Ruger would make a real M-1 Carbine for a decent price. $300 or less. Not some stupide price of $800+ like idots buy them for.

  • Erma made a fantastic semi auto .22 carbine modeled after the M1, but damn they are as rare as hens teeth now. I wish I appreciated the design back when I had the chance to pick one up at a reasonable cost. Still this looks pretty good although the rear sights seem somewhat bulky by comparison.
    I’m unsure though if this kit would make a 10/22 into a C Cat firearm here in peaceful old NZ.

  • Royi

    @Matt Groom
    Not sure where you’re looking, but around here there’s plenty of parts to be found..
    Some parts (bolthandle, mags) are hard to find because they break faster and are therefore more expensive (think: more expensive than the weapon itself, some parts are being produced again).

    Where I live, the Erma costs anywhere between 100 and 300 euros. Not sure how much that is in American money, I guess you could buy a house for that.
    I got mine for free even.
    But ever since Colt, GSG and whoever came onto the .22lr-semi-auto-cool-looking marketsegment, Ermas have been flooding the second (or even third or fourth) -hand market.

    Sure, the Erma is german. Wich not only means it’s very accurate out-of-the-reasonably-priced-box. (barrel probably coldforged in the moonlight by Rhinelandic elves) Even a blind person with parkinson shoots bullseyes with this baby.
    The downside is that it’s picky on ammo, and the inside is filled with Teutonic gnome magic, so you’re advised to never take it apart.

    Too bad it’s no longer in production. It is the cutest rifle ever. Period.
    I was hoping one day Erma’s new owners would take it into production again. Or heck, perhaps even Kahr, they wouldn’t have much trouble with the magic part.

  • All of the parts are available separately so, you can order only as much of the conversion as you need (i.e. if you already have the TechSights, etc).