Czech Republic adopts new rifle, pistol and submachine gun

Over the next three years the Czech armed forces will be adopting the 5.56mm CZ 805 rifle, the 9mm CZ Skorpion EVO III (no relation to the original CZ Skorpion), CZ 75 Phantom (polymer version of the CZ 75) and CZ 805 G1 underslung grenade launcher.

CZ 805. Photo ⓒ Adamicz. Used with Permission.

Česká zbrojovka a.s. and the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic signed today the purchase contract for supply of 7, 800 ordnance sets designed for the Armed Force of the Czech Republic. During the years 2010 – 2013 Česká zbrojovka a.s. will supply to the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic in total 6, 687 pcs. of assault rifles designated as the CZ 805 BREN A1 chambered in 5.56 x 45 mm cal. and 1, 250 pcs. of assault rifles designated as the CZ 805 BREN A2 chambered in 5.56 x45 and made in shortened version – carbine, including accessories. The overall supply contains also the CZ 805 G1 underslung grenade launchers made in 40 x 46 mm cal., sighting systems to be used in day or night light conditions and marker devices. Deliveries of firearms will be accompanied with tool outfits for maintenance, sets of spare parts and proper ammunition. The overall volume of the contract makes CZK 1.1 billion incl. VAT.

Česká zbrojovka a.s today also signed a contract to supply 5, 570 pcs. of the CZ 75 PHANTOM semi-auto pistols in cal. 9 x 19 mm, including accessories such as tactical flashlights, sets of spare parts and tool outfits for maintenance. At the same time the contract contains a clause covering supply of 572 pcs. of fully-automatic personal defence weapons the CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 in 9 x 19 mm cal. (PDW category), including accessories. These weapons will be also accompanied by deliveries of tactical flashlights and sighting devices, tool outfits for maintenance, sets of spare parts and proper ammunition. The overall volume makes a sum of CZK 129.8 incl. VAT, and this contract will be performed over the period 2010 – 2011.

Steve Johnson

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  • B

    I wonder if a legal, 16 inch barrel, for the US is in the works?

  • Frank J.

    Well, First I thought it related to mitsubishi Evo 3 or atleast using the parts to build it. Too bad it doesnt sounds like….Vroom when shooting it. =P

  • Michael M

    Is the new rifle going to use USGI mags or polymer mags that look like the HK G36?

    • Michael, I am not sure.

  • Dano

    It looks like a euro trashed copy of a G36…. I want one =)

  • Lance

    Dumb looking gun Id perfer makeing the VZ-58 a 5.56 cal. This looks like cheap plastic crap. At least Slovokia is staying with better VZ-58 weapons.

  • Nadnerbus

    Is it me, or did they just introduce the ACR? They look pretty similar.

  • Nill

    Cheap plastic crap? It has a solid milled upper.
    Also, a reworked vz.58 couldn’t offer quick-change barrels, bolts, and magwells for caliber changes or repairs easy enough to perform in the field.

    Honestly, the Czechs have been after a replacement for almost 2 decades now, and Slovokia is ‘staying with’ the vz.58 simply because they can’t yet afford the cost of rearming.

  • Vitor

    I would say that the italian ARX-160 is the european equivalent of the ACR. Very fast barrel change, extremely easy to tweak.

  • 54Bravo

    Česká Zbrojovka does it again, as always. CZ has been my fave arms manufacturer for many, many moons.

    Now, if they could just do a compact CZ83 (like PPK sized but high capacity) I would be truly their fanboy for life…. : )

  • Lance

    I stil dont know why people who never carried a weapon in either duty nor combat think all this extra barrels and extra stocks make a crap of differnce in a fire fight you dont have time to change barrels in the heat of the monent. thinks theres alot of arm chair worriers makeing comments.

  • Clodboy

    The folding stock makes the gun more compact for storage and transport, and while the number of situations where you’d need to change an assault rifle’s barrel in the heat of battle might be pretty small, the number of situations where you’d wish your barrel took longer to swap out is likely close to zero 😉

  • Nill

    Only an “armchair warrior” would pan the logistical advantages of an adaptable weapon system.
    It has nothing to do with “the heat of the moment” and everything to do with future-proofing a platform and guaranteeing compatibility with allied forces.

  • Lance

    Sorry Nill but most militaries dont have weapons that switch barrels and most dont want to you cant in the heat of the moment switch a rifle barrel like a MG. I know you love this gun but I just think its not s good as the VZ and going to 5.56 is major drawback 7.62 is far better combat round.

  • Nadnerbus

    What Nill said. Yeah it’s not like you’re going to break out your 7.62×39 kit and rebuild your gun in a firefight to use enemy ammo. If it gets that bad you’ll just grab a fallen AK.

    But if you want to give your war fighter flexibility of ammunition type and barrel length (meaning muzzle velocity, range and accuracy, compactness for room clearing, etc), it makes plenty of sense. A little planning BEFORE you get into the firefight can ensure you have the best rifle setup possible to counter the threats you expect to face.

    Now whether it is practical logistically or cost wise, I don’t know. That’s up to the bean counters.

  • Nill

    Lance, the same features you’re against would allow this rifle to be issued in 6.8spc, your favored 7.62x39mm, or virtually any other intermediate caliber; all at minimal cost.

    5.56 might be the current NATO standard but growing uncertainty surrounding its future is exactly why almost every new rifle developed in the past decade for military consideration has made caliber conversion an integral part of their design process.

  • Lance

    Nill 5.56 isnt going anywhere especially in NATO. I dont see the need for all plastic rilfes with dorku and uncomfortable buts like this POC.

  • Federico

    Hey, what they neglected to mention is that this gun can shoot a 5.56 as well as 6.8 and 7.62. Interchangeable barrels from short to standard and a long barrel. Drop down iron sights with under- side barrel and top rails to mount anything from ACOG to 40mm grenade launcher. This is now my new favorite gun!

  • JoeB

    Interchangable barrels can be a lifesaver for modern militarys. Like mentioned before, its not like they will swich calibers in the heat of battle, but for preperation for a mission. Its a big money saver for the military. For example, if America had an assault rifle with enterchangable barrels/calibers, then soldiers wouldnt have to go back to the M14 for a good 7.62 platform, they can keep the same gun. It saves money, cant argue that

  • Lance

    The prob is getting too spacific in mission dosnt aloow felxablity in combat. If we just have a 11 inch barrel for a CQB mission and we find enemys 200+ yeards away your in BIG trouble.

  • Dave


    The Czechs are going to use the polymer proprietary magazine for the CZ 805 because they believe that their magazine is more reliable than STANAG mags. However, the CZ 805 can change its mag well to take either G36 or STANAG mags.

  • Some Guy

    Sadly, this weapon only has a 14 inch barrel, but yet is 36.5 inches long, or basically only 3 inches shorter than an M16, but with a 6 inch shorter barrel :/

    All that low barrel power found in carbines in in the same weight and size of a full sized rifle!

    And at 8 lb too; heavier than an M16 and roughly the same length.

    Comparably, an M4 with 14.5 inch barrel is 5.9 lb and, at maximum, 33 inches long, 30 inches usually.

    Who knows?

    Maybe their on to something with their 6 inch longer, 2 pound heavier, .5 barrel shorter weapon.

    Maybe, the elongated 4-6 inch receiver provides a firing system that makes it vastly more reliable, accurate, powerful, and have lower recoil!

    Maybe it also has a polygonal, hammerforged barrel to compensate.

    Perhaps this is the perfect size for a weapon!

    Perhaps not.

    Who knows?

  • idahoguy101

    Since NATO has standardized on the 5.56mm cartridge it’s here to stay

  • darrel

    Sounds like the Czechs have been playing COD too much. There’s no point to NATO if all the nations adopt something totally different and can’t share resources. Not like we share anything with anyone anyway.