Crossfire MK-1 rifle/shotgun

The Innogun Hybrid, which I recently blogged about, is reminicint of the Crossfire MK-1 pump action / shotgun combo gun. the MK-1 was not a commercial success. From a Guns Magazine review

I might add that because of its design and its loading, unloading and firing protocols, shooting the Crossfire requires thought and attention to details. Without studying the instructional manual and video, the average person would be challenged to operate it. Even the owner is urged not to disassemble the Crossfire if there’s a problem, but to have it serviced by the Customer Service Department, a trained armorer or qualified gunsmith.

.223 / 12 gauge selector switch

The particular gun pictured above is currently being auctioned off with “buy now” of $3000.

[ Many thanks to Tim for emailing me the photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    It failed because it’s hideous.

  • KP

    It’s a shame they didn’t sell, I like the concept. “Even the owner is urged not to disassemble the Crossfire if there’s a problem” is a big negative point, bigger than any operating difficulties. I sure wouldn’t buy anything that isn’t simple enough to be repaired.

  • primo capo

    in my opinion, a weapon of this type have to be similar to innogun hybrid… with two barrels and two separate mags…
    I added also two separate triggers, not a selector.
    in this way, the shooter knows always what he shoot…

  • Len Murray

    I saw my first one of these at a gunshop here in Indiana. A woman’s husband died and she was selling in on consinement at the shop. I handled it for a while and wanted to research it a little before making any decision.

    Frankly, it intriges me, but I’m sure that for the most part it would never be very practical. game laws don’t allow much in the way of 223’s for turkey or deer here, and I’m not thrilled with the shotgun magazine, or how it is loaded. Any of my pumps could beat it for either shooting or reloading. The magazine of the 223 is fine, but the trigger pull concerns me. I think dual triggers would reduce the pull significantly.

    The final thing is the price. She is asking $999, and that’s a lot for a novelty weapon. It’s one place of use might be home defense, but there are cheaper ways to protect yourself as well.

    One thing I haven’t heard is whether it is dependible at all. Does anyone know?

  • It would be worth buying just to make the Antis crap their panties.

    • Samuel Suggs

      just buy an ar-15 for that

  • Lonegunman50

    Every one of these crossed my hand. Saco Defense designed and built.