SIG P226 Carbine and SP 2022 Carbine

SIG has done what Glock should have done many years ago: partner with a firm like CAA and produce official branded carbine versions of their pistol line. The SIG P226 Carbine and SP 2022 Carbine as simply their respective pistol converted to a carbine with a CAA Pistol Carbine Kit.

SIG SP 2022 Carbine

Each carbine feature a side folding stock and plenty of picatinny rails.

SIG P226

These are almost certainly going to be limited to the European market.

On a side note, I have used a Glock in a CAA Carbine Kit and it was a joy to shoot. I will blog about it soon.

[ Many thanks to Gregor for emailing me the photos and info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • I don’t get the distinction. Isn’t the Sig using the same setup as the Glock?

    • Solomon, the Glock carbine kit is sold by CAA, the Sig guns are being sold as carbines by Sig.

  • Al T.

    Steve, make sure your Glock had a 16 inch barrel or was registered as a short barreled rifle. Otherwise, it was unlawful to put a stock on a handgun. Hate for you to get jammed up by the BATF.

    • Al, thanks for the tip, but it was not my gun.

  • Dynamo
  • Erwos

    I wouldn’t be so sure about a European-only debut… clearly, something changed recently, given that Beretta was able to release the Neos carbine kit in the USA. Could be that Sig is capitalizing on that…

    • Erwos, you are right, it is possible, but the difference is that the Neos kit includes a carbine length barrel (the gun is a blowback without a tilting barrel mechanism).

  • RolandBozz

    Would this fall under an NFA item?

  • Carl

    This doesn’t strike me as something a serious gun maker should be selling, if they’re at all concerned with their reputation.
    I mean, what are you going to use it for?
    I don’t know what their sales figures are, but I think SIG is getting desperate.

  • Personally, I think that this is an awesome idea. I would like to see a long barreled version for sale in the states, but this has been a long time coming. I have been holding off buying a Kel-Tec Sub2000 because I had hoped that Sig would do something like this.

    As for the utility of this firearm, it’s really quite simple. This firearm would take the same magazines as your Sig 226 and could be used wherever you would use a pistol calibered carbine. I would use them for the pistol caliber carbine courses that are held in my local area.

  • AJ

    Has anyone found any more information regarding the SP2022 Carbine Kit? Was the above photo taken at a concept show or has it actually been manufactured and is in circulation? I can not find it anywhere but in this post. The Sig site does not have it under products. CAA, Fab Defense, etc. only have the Glock versions.

    If anyone has more information regarding this specific carbine, SP2022, please post.


  • Tango Down

    Anyone know if this will be offered for the SIG P229? i know that the only difference between the 226 and the 229 is the length of the slide. As I understand it the length of the actual barrel of the firarm isn’t really a key factor due to the fact that the “barrel” of the carbine is over sized and the bullet doesn’t actually travel inside that barrel, just the one of the actual weapon. If this is true on the SIG made models, like on Glock, then a 229 would fit the 226 carbine as well?