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  • Gir

    if only someone would tell this guy about photoshop! :p

  • Matt Groom

    He’s doing that without any representation of scale. Just imagine if he was using a CAD program! Very Impressive.

  • miguel d

    Simply awesome.

  • Lance

    Why screw up a good ACR ;eave it BLACK!!!!!!!!!

  • Vtoroy Ruchey

    Brilliant video!

  • They’ve got major skill! And considering it was done in Paint and not Photoshop or a CAD program makes it that much bette.

  • Forget Photoshop! Get him Maya or 3DS and put him to work making guns for video games! 🙂

  • Andrew

    Great job. But it should have been in FDE. xD

  • Hammerhead

    very impressive. to those who talk of photoshop – doing it in paint IS THE POINT.

  • John

    WOW!!! how the heck does he do that! i cant even write my name on a computer screen