Sleeve Gun

Obviously this is not for use with a real gun.

The video’s description makes little sense when translated from Japanese to English, but here it is for what it is worth …

Nervous prototype parts have been assembled from the factory, complete reconditioning. We are currently in volume production. First I can only say with one hundred pieces. Is expected to release at the end quietly. But while their work and thus can get items in a dream, or tears and feeling 申Shimashou. Really, is not it what I wanted this occasion. And work is better. Stop arm is fixed to a leather belt, wide adjustment range Berukurotepu adopted

[ Many thanks to Heath for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Jon

    Is that thing a draw slide? Interesting.

  • cory

    here’s instructions to make your own. With a toothbrush…

  • mark

    Isn’t making a sleeve-gun without paying for an AOW tax stamp a federal felony?

    • Mike LaForge

      Not in Japan. It is a replica.

  • SpudGun

    Like everyone else, my first reaction was ‘Oh kewl!’, but then I thought about it pracitcally and realised it’s useless.

    What could be more embarrassing then meeting someone for the first time and when you go to shake hands, a .32 ACP flies out of your sleeve? Talk about a faux pas, they’d never let you back into the Yacht Club after that.

  • Garibaldo

    Agent Jim West had a very similar rig on “The Wild Wild West.” With a Derringer, I think?

  • Lance

    Too bad the the gun is so small that it cant stop a fly flying to you!!! LOL

  • Ok, the translation was one of the funnier things I have read recently. Thanks for posting it!