Mexican cops using C-Mags?

I have not seen cops using them before. Maybe they procured the magazine from a busted gangster. The Mexican drug lords seem to be fond of them.

[Hat Tip: OMG Soy Sauce.]

[ Many thanks to Drew for emailing me the link. ]

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  • subase

    Because his face is covered I assume he is part of the elite anti drug force created by the mexican government to combat the cartels. They aren’t allowed to show their faces to protect them from revenge attacks.

    I assume he probably bought the mag himself, and he’s probably killed like 30 guys and been in tons of shootouts.

    I think getting *anything* sold in america would not be difficult to buy in mexico.

  • thomas

    It does not surprise me. Those cops are up against a tough and determined criminal. I would want as much firepower as possible as well.

  • Lance

    I think they have too. The cartells in mexico have ex-niguraugen AK-47s with 75 round RPK drum mags. Have to be even on the playing field. Also some cops may be semi squad automatic men in a big gun fight so he uses his carbine as a MG.

  • yeah saw a discovery show on these guys and noticed the mags. good for them.

  • Clodboy

    To give you a perspective on what’s currently at stake in the drug war:
    In the late 1990s, the drug lords of the Gulf Cartel decided to acquire their own elite mercenary army by simply hiring a bunch of Mexican Special Forces soldiers (their salary obviously being nothing compared to what the cartels could pay them). Known as “Los Zetas”, they quickly bolstered their ranks with more highly trained deserters from the army, police task forces, federal agents, etc., as well as members of the even more ruthless Guatemalan “Kaibiles” special forces unit.
    By now, the Zetas have realized that they might as well run the drug trade themselves rather than simply being the “enforcers”, brutally decimating their former employers, the Gulf Cartel in a turf war.

    Oh, and they’ve since expanded their operations into collaborations with the Italian N’Drangheta and MS-13 in America.

  • Cameron

    About time. God knows they need them down there.

  • mmathers

    What? I’m surprised he’s not double wielding! 🙂

  • Destroyer

    “Be a quiet professional – never mistake enthusiasm for capability”

  • subase

    That guy must have balls of steel.

  • Carl

    I guess he figured the gold-plated AK would be pushing it.

    Anyway…how is prohibition working out for you guys?