Effectiveness of suppressed shotguns

Recently I questioned the effectiveness of suppressed shotguns. This is what a reader sent me …

I read the article about the suppressed shotgun and your question about the effectiveness of the sound reduction. Then I remembered a brochure I picked up at the IWA guntrade-fair in Neurenberg-Germany some years ago about the Laporte Swing Trap shotgun with the integrated suppressor, which reduces 15 % noise with standard ammo and up to 75 % with subsonics. I can not validate this claim because I have only held the gun at the IWA and never fired it, but maybe it is of interest to the readers of the blog.

The company does not appear to manufacture them anymore.

UPDATE: Mark sent me the patent for the Laporte shotgun suppressor. It is an interesting design. Also of note is that the shotgun has a very short barrel (relative to the normal length of these trap guns). The PDF can be viewed after the jump.


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  • Alex

    Here is an interesting video of a man from the UK showing the effectiveness of his silenced shotgun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB__xEwuM50

  • Julio

    I recently acquired a Laporte Pro II, which I use with subsonic cartridges. I also have a Hushpower moderated Mossberg 500A pump. As anyone who has used one will know, neither gun is anything like “silent”, and the Mossberg seems quieter than the Laporte (possibly because the muzzle is about a foot further from the shooter!), but both guns cause significantly less disturbance than an un-moderated gun firing standard ammo. As an example, when I was trying out the Laporte before buying, it an employee of the clay ground we were shooting on almost walked out in front to refill the traps on our stand, because he had assumed from the muted sound of our shots that we were at least another 150 yards further down the line. The particular advantages of the Laporte over the Mossberg are that it handles just like a regular 30″ O/U and a second shot is immediately available if required.

    • Julio, thanks for the info.

  • Could such a suppressor also change the nature of the sound enough to make the difference between someone calling 911 immediately, and someone just hearing a strange noise that he doesn’t really know what from and therefore doesn’t do anything about?

    If you get awakened by ANY loud noise, I think that latter response is most likely, IF THE NOISE IS NOT REPEATED.

    (Yes, I am thinking in context of Chigurh’s use of such in No Country for Old Men).

  • .

    In the video I posted on my site a while back — spun off of never knowing shotguns had suppressors till I came here — seems to show very low noise. Are they using bird-shot (or something similarly small with not much powder backing it up)? In other words, using a suppressor for anything outside of quail hunting, not scaring the birds as much maybe, is just useless?