Benelli MR1 (European version)

The civilian version of the Benelli MR1 Carbine was launched last year in the United States. It will go on sale in Europe at the end of April. The European model will probably make US owners jealous! In Europe the MR1 will come in two barrel lengths, 12.5″ or 16″, and with either an adjustable stock or hunting stock (only the 16″ barrel and a fixed stock is available in the United States).

The MRSP is 1300 EUR (about $1800). (There is a bit of confusion regarding the correct price.)

[ Many thanks to Python for emailing me the info and photo. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Alex

    I don’t get why they’re not offering the adjustable stock with the 16” barrel. Maybe the OAL would’ve been too short?
    Are you sure about that price Steve? It seems that 1700 EUR would be about $2300.

    • Alex, you are right. I have updated the post.

  • Marco Barreto

    “The MRSP is 1700 EUR (about $1300).” I think you mean about $2300, since the euro – dollar exchange rate is $1 = €0.73

  • Soleo

    I’ve see one (first version) on my seller… The price is higher, 2500$ is much realistic in Switzerland.

  • Sian

    Is it just me or is the MR1/RX4 family some seriously ugly pieces of work?

    I mean I’m sure they work great, just saying. Function takes priority over form, but, man.

  • Nick

    I don’t know whats up with that MSRP, my local funshop has the MR1 for right around $1100. I remember it specifically because it occurred to me that that was a rather reasonable price for a Benelli.

  • K

    I handled and fired one of these recently and IMHO, the ergonomics stink. It was light, recoil was slightly less than a 16″ AR, but the mag release, safety and bolt release placement made it a pain to use.

  • Lance

    Dump the MR1 I want AR70s imported!!!

  • ivan

    what could possibly justify those prices? how much are other .223 autos in europe?

  • Anton

    @Sian, guess that’s Italian design or something?

  • Python

    Prices in Europe are much higher. For example HK MR 203 (civil HK416) costs 2,700 EUR.

    Oberland Arms clones of AR15 cost 1500-2000 EUR.

    Price for MR1 (1700 EUR) is not list price, as it was not known for peoples from Benelli. It is “circle about” price given me by them during fairs.

    But You can see, it is not “high” in EU.

    • Python, thanks for the update.

  • John

    I think I saw this for about $1200 at a gun shop. I’m still failing to understand how a 12.5 inch barrel is so much more dangerous than a 16 inch barrrel.

  • snmp

    In many country of europe you need a licence for own this type of weapon