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  • Clodboy

    Talk about simultaneous engagement capabilities – the guy at your 12 ‘o clock position gets a load of buckshot to the face, while assailants at your 8 and 4 ‘o clock are incinerated by the flash from the muzzle brake.

  • SpudGun

    ‘But how does he cycle the action?’ etc.

    I don’t think I’ve seen anything more ridiculously ugly then those muzzle attachments available for the Mossbergs.

  • Todd

    I love my Mossberg M590A1! It is every bit as rugged as any combat shotgun I have ever seen. Mossberg makes great products and has an excellent value point product line.

  • I know that those guns are as safed as safe can be, and I personally have been known to triple-check that a gun (at a gun shop, for example) is cleared and then dry-fire it at the floor, so I understand that the TRIGGER DISCIPLINE rule has reasonable exceptions, especially at a gun show where you’re being shown a new gun that you wonder how the trigger feels.

    That being said, I fucking HATE it when people pose for pictures with their finger on the trigger. There are already way too many examples of bad trigger discipline in the world.

  • Joe

    the only problem those that are at your 4 and 8 are your friends. lol

  • me

    I still quite dont get the Barret .50 cal style/sized brake on the one Mossy model. Kinda a strange “Marketing” strategy IMHO.

  • SpudGun

    @Joshua – I too felt the same way regarding the ‘booger hook on the death lever’ until I was told that the firearms on display at gun shows all have their firing pins removed because they know that thousands of customers are going to be dry firing guns all weekend long.

    To be fair, Mr. Smiley Pants in the picture only has his finger on the shotgun pointing towards the floor.

  • Carl

    Save for some extreme made-up situations along the lines of a kidnapper who forces you to violate the safety rules or he’ll kill someone, there are no exceptions. And then you will still be violating the rules, just that it might be justified.

    Pulling the trigger, whether dry firing or not, should only be done if you can live with the consequences of a bullet discharging from the weapon. Regardless if the firing pin has been removed and you have checked the chamber 400 times.

    What happens at guns shows is not that there is an exception to the safety rules. What happens is that lots of people violate the rules.

  • jim

    is there any real reason for the muzzle brake??

  • adamr

    Dry firing after clearing was an oddity for me when visiting Army bases. In the USMC, you check if its clear, then its clear. In the Army, you must utilize a barrel of sand and dry fire into it. WTF? Its so redundant and stupid.
    Which brings me to trigger discipline. I think some people take it overboard. If its clear, its clear.
    Some of you guys would freak out if you saw 50 Marines sitting in a circle around a barrel, dry firing at targets painted on it to practice trigger and breathing control.