Remington VTR Tactical with 5R Rifling

Acusport is distributing a special version of the Remington Model 700 VTR. The VTR Tactical’s main drawcard is the use of 5R rifling with a 1:11.25″ twist. It also features a tactical style bolt handle.

According to AccurateShooter, the benefits of 5R rifling is a better gas seal (resulting in greater velocity), less fouling and less jacket deformation. 5R rifling is used on the Army’s M24 rifle.

The VTR Tactical will only be available in .308 Win.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    Eventually I’m going to have to get myself a .308 Remington 700

  • Woodrow

    I believe it’s Acusport, with one C.

    Also, I’m not exactly privy to how the gun dealer/distributor relationship works. Can any dealer simply pick up the phone to, say, Acusport, and say they have a customer that wants to do business? I had been under the impression that have to already have some sort of agreement, but that was mostly an assumption on my part.

    • Woodrow, no, my understanding is that a dealer has to have a relationship with the distributor. Usually (I think) they have a relationship with only distributor.

  • Jesse, now’s the time to do it. I’m a sucker for marketing, I’m pretty sure I need a VTR Tactical w/ 5R rifling.

  • JeffinNZ

    Reinventing the wheel. My No4 Mk II, Lee Enfield of 1955 vintage has a 5 groove barrel.

  • Michael

    Very interesting. I own the standard 700 VTR in 308 and I’m very happy with the accuracy, so Any improvment is a good thing.

  • Patrik

    So this is essentially the M700 Tactical Target with the standard VTR stock instead of the B&C? Sounds good, will go well with a JAE-700 stock IMHO. Now how does one go about getting one of these through Acusport and how much are they supposed to set me back?

  • Bill Corbin

    Well I shot my Remington VTR 5R this weekend.. First shot was at a 600 yard target.. HIT ! I moved on out to 800 then 900 and to 1000 yards.. To say I was pleased is an understatement.. The little gun performed much better than I would have figured. Next time I will shoot for group to see how that goes. The wind was to bad to get any sort of group here on saturday.. It has no trouble staying on track at 1000 yards would have tried 1580 but my scope wasn’t mounted up enough to get that one in.. Going to have to move to a 40 MOA base and try it again..

  • Michael Medero


    You seem to know a lot about the 308 VTR 5R, I just bought one and was wondering if you knew where I could findout more about the rifle; a what your current setup is for it? I would like to shoot atleast out to 1000yds with it…. Thanks!


  • Bill Corbin


    I have a nightforce 5.5x25x56 Mil/Mil scope mounted on the rifle. I shoot a 175 smk from lapua brass using 42.5 grains of Varget powder. Gun is pretty much stock at present. I do have an HS precision stock I think I am going to move it to but haven’t got to try that out as of yet. The little gun is great, short, light, and not bad recoil at all. Great truck/walking/stacking gun for sure plus being very accurate..


  • Wow, great blog post.Thanks Again. Want more.

  • Adam

    I have the VTR 5r, put it in a B&C medalist A5, pillar bedded it, threw a 5.5×22 Nightforce MLR/MLR with 20MOA Nightforce unimount on it, tuned up the trigger and the action screws after installing a wyatt detachable mag system, then tailored some hand loads. After a few months of working loads, it took to federal 210 match primers, federal brass, 44gr of varget powder, and 168gr sierra matchkings, avg muzzle velocity at 2663. I’ve shot sub MOA groups out to 850, after that groups open up a little due to loss of velocity and stability of the 308. The gun shoots as well as any other if not better than any factory 308 I’ve had my hands on. Obviously going with a custom action, barrel, trigger, and stock will produce better results, but that’s going to cost more. Don’t know how much the muzzle break really works, but doesn’t seem to hurt group sizes either.