New Remington XCR II

The Remington’s XCR II is a new long action Model 700 rifle. It does not supersede the original XCR, which was introduced in 2005, but will be offered alongside it.

It features a OD Green stock with rubber Hogue grip inserts. The stock looks very similar to the distinctive stock used for the very successful Remington VTR rifle. The gun’s stainless steel metal work is finished with Remington’s corrosion resistive TriNyte finish.

The rifle will be offered chambered in 25-06 Rem., 270 Win., 280 Rem., 7mm Rem. Mag, 300 WSM, 300 Win Mag , 300 Rem. Ultra Mag , 300 Rem. Ultra Mag , 300 Rem. Ultra Mag , 300 Rem. Ultra Mag , 375 Rem. Ultra Mag and 30-06 Springfield.

The following specs are for the .270 Win. version …

Action Long Action
Caliber 270 Win
Magazine Capacity 4
Weight 7.4 lbs
Barrel Length 24″ Stainless (TriNyte finish)
Overall Length 44 1/2″
Stock Material OD Green Synthetic w/Overmold
MSRP $970

Two special editions with a a Realtree AP HD Camo stock will be sold. The BoneCollector Edition and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Edition are chambered in .30-06 and .300 Rem. Ultra Mag respectively.

Standard Edition, BoneCollector Edition and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Edition

Steve Johnson

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  • Burst

    No .308 makes me a sad panda.

  • B Woodman

    Thank you. My thoughts exactly on no mention of .308.

  • Carl

    So, do you think it will be chambered in .300 Rem. Ultra Mag?

    • mike nybo

      308 is pathetic any way it is a horrorable round

  • tom

    This is the long action version guys

  • lol, my first reaction was also “where is the three-oh-eight?”.

    For now it is long action only. I don’t think they will produce a short action version. Other remington rifles fill that niche.

  • anon

    So… this is a VTR but without the vented fore-end or the funky triangular section / compensated barrel?

    • anon, its also a long action.

  • David

    I, too, would like to see this rifle in .308, although my Savage 99 .308 can put 180 grainers right into the engine room on the el rayo equis elk target at 200 yards from three field positions plus using a tree limb as support.

  • Bill Lester

    Why would you chamber a long (.30-06 length) action in .308, a cartridge specifically designed for a short(er) action?

  • zach

    if you want .308 just get the VTR, same stock except it has that fancy triangular barrel. the desert recon version with a tan/MARPAT stock is awesome looking

  • Randal

    zzzzzzz….nothing new to see here. Chamber it in 7.62×25 or 7.62×39 and you’ll have something different

  • Thomas

    I wish Remington would drop the ugly, cheap looking, rubber stock inserts and use molded in checkering. I would never buy this rifle the that horrible looking stock.

  • Mac_Trekkie

    You said .300 Remington Ultra Magnum 3 times. Do I detect a hint of favoritism here?

    • Mac_Trekkie, LOL, you saw through my subliminal tactics 😉 Actually I have never shot a .300 RUM.

  • OneShotOneKill

    Mike your sadly mistaken on 308 being a horrible round. It is a great round. Killed many a enemy and wild game.

  • Zachariah

    Remington doesn’t seem too crazy about the .308. They do offer it in the model 7 and some of their tactical offerinngs, but it seems like they clearly favor the .30-06 case.

  • come at me

    if you wouldnt buy te gun in the first place dont complain about not having the 308 in this gun selection, i own the 280 in this gun and i happen to love the stock, its extreamly well putntogether and i have no complaints, and dont get me started on the grouping on this gun cause ive never seen better, this stock is perfect and light, just how it needs to be!