Double Barrel Defense

The photo was taken by Daniel Garcia in Talcahunao, Chile on March 1, 2010. Those shipping containers are scattered amongst peoples homes! The high resolution version of this photo can be see at the Big Picture Blog.

More photos of the man guarding his house can be seen here.

[ Many thanks to Mik for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Dave L

    There are a few other interesting gun photos in that link. Mainly of the military and their weapons.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Mono

    Talcahuano was an ugly but peaceful harbour until last saturday. Now there was nothing left there. The 9-degree earthquake destroyed almost everything in Talcahuano, ConcepciĆ³n, Talca, and a lot of small towns and villages. The military had overtaken those cities in an attempt to restore the peace, after three days of looting and pillage. The President has declared today that the total reconstruction will take between 3 to 4 years. You can see more pictures here altough in low resolution. Saludos from Chile

  • SpudGun

    I love the picture of the detained Looters – women, elderly men, young mothers – the criminal gangs in Chile are really diverse. There was some footage on the evening news showing a woman being arrested by the Army for trying to get some nappies for her baby – I hope she was executed for being a looter.

    Seriously, the pictures really brought home the scale of the quake and how in the blink of an eye, everything can be taken away. I’m not sure how I’d cope if food, water, medicine, etc. wasn’t available. I go nuts if my Internet connection goes down for an hour.

  • Jesse

    I can already see the market for tactical fedoras now.

  • Carl
  • Carl
  • Mono, thanks for your info. It is an awful situation.

    Jesse, LOL, Tactical Fedoras šŸ™‚

    Carl, technically yes, it is the MG 42/59 otherwise known as the MG 1A2. It is a variant of the MG3 (the post-war modernized MG-42)

  • David

    I’d like to send Homes a case of shells instead of old shoes or a “gently used” yoga mat like they were collecting here in Santa Fe for earthquake relief.

  • Carl

    Ah, so it’s an updated .308 version then. My mind went directly to the D-day invasion when I saw that distinct MG shape… I guess 7.92×57 isn’t used that much today.

  • I agree, send that man some ammo !