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  • SpudGun

    This is why I love the Internet so much, as it’s full of lovely, thoughtful people who do step by step tutorials. The AR-10 one by Real Guns looks very easy to follow and has plenty of pictures – always good where I’m concerned.

    Nothing’s worse then putting a gun back together and having parts ‘left over’.

  • Good stuff! Thanks.

  • Wouldn’t it be the same as an AR15 lower? Just curious.

    • Robert, mostly the same.

  • Nadnerbus

    Damn. This would have been useful a couple of weeks ago. The best I could find at the time were some AR15 tutorials, which worked well enough. Main differences were that that Bolt stop is held in by a hex head screw instead of a roll pin, the rear take down pin spring and detent are vertical and held in by the pistol grip instead of by the buttstock, and the trigger gaurd is part of the lower receiver.

    Now if DPMS would hurry up and make my upper and buttstock, I’ll be in business. Can’t wait.

  • The number within the article for the completion kit regarding the stock and extension is AR 15. There is a section noting a different recoil spring was selected, but the need for a AR 10 buffer was not. The AR 10 buffer is approx. 3/4 inch shorter. The cost for one is about $9 or, in this case, one was made from the kits AR 15 buffer by trimming the part and adding weight to bring it to the standard 5.200″ and 5.4 oz.