Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical

This pump action shotgun is a BEAST. I was scared just looking at it! Its large magnum receiver is made even larger with the so called Armorlokt plastic coating which covers the entire gun.

Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical (Top) makes the Model 870 (bottom) look tiny.

It features an 18.5″ barrel with a Rem Tactical Choke (and integrated muzzle brake). A magazine extension increases capacity to 6+1 rounds.1 The gun has two side picatinny rails hear the muzzle to attach lights, lasers or bayonets 2 .

The business end.

I asked my friendly booth guide if the gun could rust under the plastic Armorlokt coating. He assured me it would not.

My friendly Freedom Group guide.

The MSRP on this shotgun is $498. I think it is a bargain!

  1. Remingtons new website says it has a 4 round capacity, but I think that is a typo. 

  2. PLEASE, I beg of you, do not attach a bayonet to your shotgun. 

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    It’s only a bargain if you ignore the fact that Benelli Nova is everything that gun is but also has Ghost Ring sights for right around $400. Less if you’re lucky.

  • What! Shotgun Bayonets have a long and glorious history in trench warfare. I am not opposed to a bayonet on a shotgun, however, I feel that it must be at least a foot long.

    • sigboy40, LOL, ok, I admit they are pretty nifty if you are fighting a trench war in Europe in the winter.

      • .410judge

        or north minneapolis year round.

  • Carl

    But can you attach a flail? Or a poison gas bottle?

  • larry weeks

    Yes the thing looks like a tank – imagine it with a normal barrel of 26″ or 28″! BUT, I was at Pheasants Forever’s annual shoot that looks at new guns. Walked from station to station and saw what people were hitting with. Even with 3″ shells on a trap range, most everyone that picked the gun up hit 4 of 5 or 5 of 5. It fits like the Rem 870 and 1100 most American shooters are familiar with. Way too long for me but they don’t build guns for 5 footer’s. Whatever they’ve done to reduce recoil must work. After the first shot – full power, 3″ shells sounded out of place – most guys held the gun out and looked at it for a second, then went back to shooting. I didn’t hear anyone complain about the kick.

  • My Mossberg 590 8 rounder came from the factory with a bayonet lug…

  • SpudGun

    The combined magazine clamp / picatinny rail has got me drooling. I hope Remington will release this as a stand alone after market product for all 870s.

  • Sam

    Adding to Jesse, and there’s been reports of major problems with the 887, including coating issues, rust, the bolt disintegrating, and worst, several reports of slam fires.

  • Beaumont

    My Mossy 590 looks nifty with a bayonet attached, and causes lefties to sh*t themselves (a nice bonus).

  • spectraldesign

    Wow, that is one ugly shotgun! Was it really necessary to stripe the gun with all those tacky stripes in the Armorlokt coating? Looks like a toy!

  • urban redneck

    I got talking with the kid at Cabelas about these guns. Well actually, they were the earlier hunting-styled “armorlokt,” but still. He said they were getting them with rust forming under the “armor” right off the truck. Handling one you can feel space between “armor” and barrel, so I’m not all that surprised. A little humidity, maybe not so big a deal, but can you imagine after a few days duck hunting?

    • urban, yes, I remain skeptical

  • eric

    good gun……no problems yet….bought new for 350

  • Rick

    over the past few years, remington’s quality control has been drastically going down hill.

  • If you don’t own one what’s your comment worth? I own one and it performs every bit as good as the 870 model it sits next to. It has digested close to 600 rounds of all manner of ammo including a lot of 3.5 which is why I bought it in the first place, no ftf or fte as of yet. A little tight to cycle the first twenty or so rounds but very smooth now. True that nowdays almost anything new is a crap shoot as far as quality goes but I’ll be keeping this one.

  • jg

    887 nitromag tactical is the one I have, awsome shotgun, no prolem or whatsoever. If you like it get one and enjoy it…

  • jg

    by the way do you guys have any preference of shotshells for…
    for clay shooting, target shooting and home depense… any suggestions…

  • I got mine from sportsmans warehouse for $380 out the door today, which is their last day of no tax…

  • Rainhaven

    Just to comment on the capacity of 4+1 being a typo. I’m surprised that the author of a firearms blog doesn’t realize that the gun is chambered for 3 1/2 inch magnum shells. So yes, 4+1 for those, 6+1 for 3 inch, and 7+1 for 2 3/4 inch shells. The barrel clamp has one rail and the other side is a sling swivel. And if your Philosophy of Use calls for a bayonet on the end of your shotgun, then you should go for it. Go watch the LA riots of ’92 and see all of the shop owners toting shotties. You think if looters see you standing there with a pump and bayonet that they’re going to rob you? I think not. Probably never have to use it. It’s scare factor just like racking the slide of the pump itself.

  • JDH2971

    Just bought one a 887 tactical a short time ago and love it. Mounted a TLR 1 with remote switch on it and it all comes together quite well. Cheaper to shoot the 3 inch shells though, but 3 1/2 are awesome.

  • Jim

    I always wondered about moisture getting between the coating and steel. You wouldn’t know it until a catastrophic failure. I just don’t trust Remington anymore. . . . .

  • Rainhaven

    I just got my 887 Nitromag Tactical and I am very impressed. The gun is light and fit and finish are excellent. I agree with RCBlack5, it’s a little tight at first, but after you break it in it’s just as smooth as any other pump on the market. Were there some early models that had rust on them? Probably. I’ve also heard of the barrel clamp coming loose, the Hi-Viz front sight falling off, etc. I’m sure all of those things happened. But ask yourself what is the perctentage? Everything manmade is defective. You will never get a brand-new product that is mass produced that has 100% no defect rate. What matters is how Remington handles those issues and I don’t hear any complaints about their warranty or customer service. I see this just like the complaints about the M-16 being a “plastic toy” gun when it was first issued. Now the AR-15 platform is one of, if not the most revered platforms in use today. Time will bear out if Remington’s design is revolutionary or not, but it’s nice to see a company take a chance and innovate. As for me, I’ll keep my 887.

  • jg

    Several times on the range already… this tactical 887 nitro mag is a solid masterpiece created by remington… fired rifled slug mags, bucks & bird shots are all awsome experience… satisfaction is what you will get because you will feel to yoursefl that you have a wonderful solid shotgun in you hand…

  • JJ

    I was wondering if anyone knows if I can interchange the pump and the butt to put on a pistal grip and a pistal grip pump from my a 870? Or is there 887 accesiores that will only fit this gun? Any info would be great.

  • Chris

    I purchased one in October and have taken it out 3 times. So far, I have had several “double feed” jams, I have had it feed 2-3 rounds at a time out the bottom of the gun when I pump it, and it has “slam fired” twice. I cannot trust this gun and will not recommed it to anyone!

  • Grunt120

    I have an 870 express mag. I have had since the age of 8. My 870 came out of the Box working smooth, and has stayed that way for 15 years. I am impressed with the quality of remington shot guns. I was hoping to find out mor about the 887, because I am thinking of getting one for my son. Does any one have a preferance for the 870 over the 887. Also if you are so incompitant at killing someone with a shotgun, that you need a bayonet on it… EPIC FAIL.

  • Lee

    I bought an 887 last year have had it out several times including today. I went out today to pattern 3 1/2 #4 and #6 Federal magshoks for the first time. The first round had a hell of a kick to it compared to 2 3/4 and 3 inch. What surprised me is the bolt disengaged and the ejection port partially opened up. I thought maybe I was pulling back on the forestock too hard and the recoil tripped it open. I made sure that was not the case with the rest of my shots but the same thing happened. The shell doesn’t eject but the bolt is unlocked without deliberately pulling back on the forestock.

    I can’t believe that this is right. I have never had a shotgun that did not stay locked untill you manually pumped a new round into the chamber.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience with 3 1/2 inch magnum loads?

    I am on the Left Coast and got back too late to call Remington, but will tomorrow.

    Any comments are welcome.

  • Mike B

    I just brought a new 887 for turkey hunting. When I shot it at a target at 30 yards I was 12 ” low and 6″ to left. With fix sites there are no adjustments. I shot from a fix platform 4 times and all shot hit the same. Also had my son shot and he also hit the same. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • brad

    yes can you shoot sabboth sluggers through 887 or not?

  • Ed

    Can the 887 shoot Slugs, with the choke in?

  • jj

    yes, you can no problem that will shoot anything and will not hurt your shotgun…

  • Rainhaven

    The owners manual says not to shoot anything out of it without the choke. Also the barrel is not legally long enough if the choke is not on it. I have shot several different slug loads with mine and never missed a beat. Recommend Winchester PDX1.

  • james

    I was thinking of trading a model 51 rem 32 acp for the 887, but after reading about slam fires, rust and god knows what else…sheeet I think I’ll keep my pistol.

    • “slam fire” is operator error. An undisciplined, or untrained, operator keeps their finger on the trigger and tension from stress keeps the trigger depressed. Do that, while cycling the action, and you get “slam fire”.

      I am pretty confident that Remington has worked the kinks out of this action over the last 60 or so years.

  • First off its not slam firing and I thought I had the same Problem as the rest of you. Until my brother in-law watched me cock it and realised my finger was still on trigger. Once I started pulling my finger to side when cocking it hasn’t happened since. Also the only time I ever noticed the reciever open after firing and not cockin was when i picked up a rusty shell out of the boat and tossed it in, good part was I shot the duck that almost got away at, dropped it at 75 yards with a full choke wielding 3 1/2 inch shells. Also the claims of the rust under the coating on the barrel me and 4 friends all have 887’s and we all get alittle rust at the rear of the reciver inside after 2-3 days of duck hunting without cleaning. Overall on a scale of one to ten I would give this gun 8.5. And i have shot over 250 different guns of all calibers. Also I deer hunt with this gun with a improved cylinder 3 in sabot slugs killed 4 deer 4 shots. also only one of my friends had a problem with the sights being off not with bird shot but with slugs at 50yds it would hit 9 inches high and 4 inches left he called remington they sent him a new one and he mailed old one back at no charge to him

  • HighRise

    MODEL 887™ NITRO MAG TACTICAL – I love it! 1/2# Lighter than the 870. Recoil with 2 3/4″ shells not bad at all, better than the 870. Mag holds 7+1, 23/4″ shells, so I put 6 shells on stock to balance the extra weight in the mag – giving me a walking around capacity of 14 shots. I have shot at least 400 rounds of 2 3/4″ 00 buck, clay shells, slugs, etc Target patter varies with the ammo. I have seen no problem with the coating, the forearm is long allowing me to hold and pump the gun several different ways. I like the size and placement of the action release. The ribs and or detailing on the gun looks fine and is functional. I tried a red dot sight and the firing of the 12 ga. explosion evidently knocked it out of whack. The Tactical Extended Rem Choke is not just for show it is functional – read the specs. The bolt is different than the 870 for obvious reasons, the 887 also shoots 3″ shells.

    I have broken down the gun twice for cleaning, and just like all guns, make sure you put it back together correctly.

    Note: Many of the reviews that I have read are way off based, not intelligent, and biased against the MODEL 887™ NITRO MAG TACTICAL.

    The Tactical looks impressive and threatening, just what I wanted.

  • HighRise
    • HighRise

      Gunsumer Reports, not Consumer Reports

  • Yeah, I know, I am late to the conversation.

    “slam fire” is operator error. An undisciplined, or untrained, operator keeps their finger on the trigger and tension from stress keeps the trigger depressed. Do that, while cycling the action, and you get “slam fire”.

    I am pretty confident that Remington has worked the kinks out of this action over the last 60 or so years. I own, or have owned, numerous 870’s, 1100′,s, model 12’s, Citori’s, Mossberg 500’s and 590’s… this is an awesome gun.

  • Catv2

    I am looking for a good flashlight and laser for my 887. Any recommendations?

  • Judson Thompson

    Had my 887 for about a month… 200+ rounds with zero problems. A relative shot it and the action “opened” without him consciously engaging the pump, but I watched him and he kept the trigger depressed after firing and was applying rearward pressure on the Foregrip. I told him what he was doing and we alternately shot a box of skeet; neither of us experienced a single mechanical malfunction. Practice and take the time to understand how the weapon actually functions and you should not have any problems with this Remington product.

  • Big A

    just bought 887 tac. and having problems? 4 rounds through it no problem. number 5 inserted 3’4 into the barrel but could not get the bolt to lock down and close to fire. Now I noticed the barrel its self turns about a quarter of a inch?