Remington Model 870 Tactical Express A-TACS

The new Model 870 Tactical Express with the A-TACS camo finish is a nice looking shotgun. It features a 18 1/2″ barrel, tactical choke, extended magazine (bringing capacity up to 7+1) and picatinny rail.

Remington Model 870 Tactical Express A-TACS (bottom)

It chambers 2 3/4″ or 3″ 12-gauge rounds. MSRP is $665.

Steve Johnson

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  • Marsh


  • Chuck

    Not doubt these are some slick looking shotguns. And I think the target market must be LEOs and SWAT teams.

    But if you’re buying one with the express purpose of home *defense*, I think you gotta visualize how these are going to look held up in front of a jury by a hostile prosecutor.

    I suppose the strongest argument for something that looks like it came out of an XBOX game is if it truly helps keep you and yours safer than the alternatives. Extra capacity and shorter barrels would certainly be an improvement over a bird gun with 28″ barrels in that respect. But for my tastes, I’d prefer the mechanical and design improvements WITHOUT the paint schemes and “tactical chokes”.

    …But I guess that wouldn’t sell a lot of $665 model 870s!

  • Brad

    “But if you’re buying one with the express purpose of home *defense*, I think you gotta visualize how these are going to look held up in front of a jury by a hostile prosecutor.”

    I agree! I have been saying that about SWAT teams and the U.S. Military for years. Those citizen volunteer soliders and officers should not be carrying guns that are camo and look so “tactical”. They should carry plain wooden stock weapons and when a solider kills a someone during a war or a SWAT team memeber kills someone during a shooting the way the gun looks should be a factor in the mentality of the solider or officer at the time of the event. Tanks and Aircraft should not be camo they should be plain flat black. Police Officers should not be bald or have a shaved head because it looks intimidating. Officers should not wear black gloves only white gloves because black gloves look intimidating.

    Obvisously, I really don’t agree. If your life is in immediate danger and you have no way of getting out of the situation the style and color of my weapon of choice matters not… it’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six!

  • chuck

    I’m not sure if it was clear when I said those are the target markets, that I have not problem with them selecting it. In fact they, like the the examples you are giving are choosing weapons for both offensive and defensive purposes.

    Far different from what I was emphasizing: home *defense*. Granted, when something goes bump in the night, you grab whatever protects you best, regardless of the paint job. And — like I said — shorter barrels and higher capacity are *defensive* improvements. But beyond thinking about that moment, I personally will use the moment when I’m standing in the store making a selection to also consider the any other connotations that will come with a weapon. If I can get the same technical performance in something without the “tactical chokes” and all that, that’s my choice. After all, part of defending your family is not only defeating the immediate physical threat, but also helping your chances of surviving the financial and legal battles that will likely follow it.

  • Brad

    “If I can get the same technical performance in something without the “tactical chokes” and all that, that’s my choice.”

    Chuck, this time I really do agree with this comment. The purpose of a choke is to change the pattern of the pellets at a given yardage. If you can get the same technical performance from a shotgun at a given yardage without the choke then that is good. However, If you shoot an immediate life threat at a given yardage and one pellet misses and hits an innocent person and you could have prevented that miss with a choke, then do you still hold liability for not having the “tactical choke”. An average lawyer could argue that the choke was used to prevent a miss and make the pattern closer for a more accurate “defensive” shot, right?

    Good Reference:

    “shorter barrels and higher capacity are *defensive* improvements.”

    I tend to agree with this also. I have a Glock 17 that holds 19 rounds of 9mm ( 18 + 1 ). One could argue that if I need 19 rounds then I missed with 18 rounds that I have to account for, right? Or is it better to have them in case of a major event of social unrest and a society without law situation (ie Hurricane Katrina, LA Riots, Terrorist Attack, North Hollywood Armed Bank Robbery in 1997, Ft. Hood Shooting, Virginia Tech Shooting, Columbine High School Shooting)? As for home defense, what if the two people breaking into your home have on bullet proof vests and more ammo then you? Again, I agree with most of what you say I just tend to look at possible scenarios a little different I guess.

    Again, Thanks for the quick response Chuck

  • i’me trying to find out is it legal for a citizan in virginia to own a remington model870Pmax DavidMeade

  • gunfighter 2012

    Finish? Chokes? Really?? Should it be done in comforting pastels?

  • OHurley

    Gunfighter 2012-

    “Comforting pastels”! I just pissed myself laughing so hard

  • Yojimbo

    I had the same feeling about this model that most of you do (a tactical shotgun with stuff you don’t need for extra money) until I began researching a candidate for a multi-purpose WTSHTF firearm.

    In a survival situation, this 870 makes for a perfect choice. As a personal defense weapon, it obviously fits the bill. But so does the 18.5 ” Express HD (home defense) which sells for considerably less without the rail, ghost ring sight, and the breaching choke. Who needs a Picatinny rail, ghost ring sights, and a door-breaching choke, right? Without those items and the shmancy paint job you save about 200 bucks. After all, I have always preferred a simple bead and don’t have the need to mount a lot of stuff on my shotgun…


    The clever thing about the breaching choke is that it is mounted on an 18.5 inch RemChoke barrel. So in said survival situation, and having a possible need to hunt as well as for defense, simply carrying an extended range choke for game like turkey or waterfowl, your short-barreled high-cap defensive weapon can serve double duty. Granted, it wont be as effective for hunting as your dedicated turkey gun but it will outperform other riot-type shotguns hands down with the appropriate choke. (And extra chokes pack much easier than extra barrels…) The sights would also come in handy for rifled slugs vs. larger game at range.

    I don’t know of any other tac-type shotgun that gives you this ability and I think it enhances this weapon immeasurably for a survival role.

    And who knows, one day while scavenging in a metro area for supplies, you just might find that breaching choke handy when you need to blow a padlock off a storeroom door…

  • Grazie nello scopo di tuo posta ! Ho apprezzato veramente, perché egli mi ha saputo parecchi cose che non conoscevo non. Proprio interressant.