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  • Robin

    Does anyone know what caliber they are firing in the video?

  • Other Steve


    They got one of the first ACRs, put a laser grip on it and said it has full ambi controls. Of course, not an ambi charging handle so it’s not full ambidextrous, didn’t mention the 8.3lbs unloaded, nor the ridiculous price.

    Thanks for wasting my time internet video. I didn’t think it was possible to be any more neutral to the ACR but I was incorrect.

  • Bandito762

    I am pretty sure you can swap the charging handle to the other side pretty easily

  • DavidR

    ACR: It’s ambidextrous because it’ll cost you an arm and a leg just to get one 😉

  • John

    Isn’t that what the bolt catch is for ? How many times are you using the charging handle on an AR-15? I own a FN SCAR, HK416 (10.4″ Upper only) and LMT MRP. I have no interest in this product until it’s less than $1,600.

  • Carl

    I want that guy’s job.

    • Carl, you should see Tyler Kreis’s office. It looks like a gun shop 🙂

  • MNW42

    I’ll want one when the price drops considerably.

  • Hey Robin, we’re shooting .223 there and have it suppressed in another video we’re working on. We were shooting some 6.8 earlier as well…pretty sweet.

    Other Steve, it’s completely ambidextrous. You can swap the charging handle on the other side. Oh, and you didn’t HAVE to waste your time watching it. 😉

    David, you’re exactly right!

    Steve, come back one day and we’ll shoot some more!

    • TyKreis, thanks buddy 🙂

  • d

    Buds Gun Shop is showing $2048 Basic and $2331 Enhanced

  • Fon VoX

    As a lefty shooter I am disappointed in the action of the brass deflector, when he is firing it at the end several casing miss the deflector completely and fly back on an angle, being a lefty and small (short length of pull, receiver close to body) that could have resulted in hot brass to the face, that is not tacti-cool.

  • Marc

    Not one to care for price of a quality gun (good things cost look at OLED tv’s compared to the LCD tv’s) I just want to know the outcome of a stress test, 15,000 rounds and details on problems that occured. I do love the free floating barrel and the complete adaptability to any situation from CQB to open field this is a gun ready to fight that will reach out and touch somebody. I can see myself buying this gun and getting a 10 inch and 14 inch barrel for those situations. It being so modular makes this gun worth the price and it’s still cheaper than a SCAR that isn’t so modular (internally I mean and is the SCAR ambidexterous? Nice to know even though Iam a righty).