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  • SpudGun

    I love Top Gear, one of the best shows ever. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that alot of the MP5 shooting was ‘stunted’. 9mm FMJ unleashed from an SMG barrel on .22 plates would turn them into Swiss cheese almost instantly.

    Great fun nonetheless.

  • DaMan

    interestly enough. he probally could have fucked those targets up if he wasn’t an asshole and shot it semi auto.

  • Spaker

    Anyone else wonder where they got a FA MP5 in England?

    • Spaker, I am guess that was filmed in Europe.

  • Top Gear and Guns! Two of my favorite things! Too bad that they couldn’t shoot that in Britain, from what I hear, their Biathlon team needs to train in France… not because of the weather, but because of their strict firearms laws…. Damn shame… Maybe Jeremy wouldn’t have had to eat yellow snow if he’d switched to single fire… Rumor and hopes had it that Jay Leno was going to make an American version of Top Gear… maybe that would have worked out better too!


  • Matt Groom

    That… was… AWESOME! Top Gear has got to be one of the best car shows on the planet, and that was probably their best episodes ever. Thanks for sharing!

  • Shootin’ Buddy

    Right then, it’s not England.

    Lillehammer, for you Americans, is in Norway and was home to the ’94 Winter Olympics.

    Shootin’ Buddy

  • Andrew

    Actually, it’s the British pistol team that has to train in France. Handguns of all kinds are banned there, but you can still get straight-pull bolt actions.

  • Martin

    Um, Steve, you are 100% correct, because the UK is part of Europe. Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, and Germany are all in Europe too. Rumor has it, most European countries are in Europe. Although, how they can make so many excellent guns in so many gun-unfriendly places is exceedingly frustrating.

    Biathlon rocks. I wish they would promote it more.

  • c. trapp

    I also recommend this episode:

    While the action mostly takes place in part 2, part 1 explains what’s happening, so you should start with that.

  • Eddieapoc

    Great clip. Worth watching the whole way through.