Taurus 24/7 G2

Taurus has merged their best features from the 800, 24/7 and OSS lines into the new Taurus G2 24/7 pistol. The polymer framed double action autoloader will be available in .45 ACP, .40 S&W and 9mm (judging by Taurus’s 2010 catalog, we may not see the 9mm version for a while yet).

Compact (top), long slide (bottom)

The standard model will feature a 4.2″ barrel and be available in black or two-ton finish. The .45 model will hold 10+1 round and the .40 will hold 13+1.

The compact model has a 3.2″ barrel and holds 6+1 (.45) or 9+1 (.40).

The long slide model features a 5″ barrel! Capacity is the same as the standard model.

No word on pricing.

Steve Johnson

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  • Dr. J.H. Williams

    I have always wanted to like the Taurus. I even had a 24/7 for awhile, but the trigger was too spongy for me. The OSS seemed even spongier.
    I had hopes for the 845, but the trigger was still spongy and lacked feel.
    I like Taurus revolvers, and I own one of their 1911s, but,in general, just can’t get used to their DAO triggers.

  • Luiz

    Very nice design in my oppinion…

  • Zach

    I might actually consider a Taurus if they would (1) continue producing the same model for more than two years at a stretch (excepting the Beretta 92 clone); (2) bring to market at least most of the designs that they “introduce” and advertise.

  • B Woodman

    A two-ton finish? That will be quite some concealed carry gun!! If you’re man (or woman) enough.
    Just kidding. I know what you meant.

    Any Idea on MSRP?

    Thanks for the post.

  • I wonder if they’re going to try and get the longslide one approved for USPSA competition.

  • Larry

    The standard model will feature a 4.2″ barrel and be available in black or two-ton finish.

    Won’t that be a little heavy for concealed carry? I think I’ll go with the black…

  • kerrmudgeon

    Should we assume these have the same single-action/double-action mechanism as their PT709?

  • Tyson Chandler

    I agree with Dr. J.H. Williams, I owned a 24/7 in 9mm. I loved everything about it except the trigger, which drove me to dump it and get an M&P9. If the trigger is improved, I would seriously consider this gun. It looks great. Is the twice strike capability necessary? If a primer won’t fire on the first strike, will it really on the second?

  • Erwos

    I love how Taurus actually seems to be constantly innovating, but I’d like to see more demonstrable improvements in their QC. Every damn time I read about a gun that interests me (eg, their railed, stainless steel 1911), I promptly see commentary that some people were put in repair hell for months. No gun is perfect, but if you’re going to skimp on QC, you’ve got to make it up in customer service, like Kel-Tec does.

  • Marsh

    If I wanted a Glock I’d buy a Glock. Brazil isn’t exactly known for their engineering prowess and quality standards. I’m not gonna risk my life by depending on some crap plastic pistol made by little slave kids in a rain forest sweat shop.

    • robert croke

      Hi Pedro…highfive from the US!
      Not apologizing for Marsh, because everyone here realizes he’s a zero. We had our place painted by a Brazilian (great guy) who is returning now that Brazil has been experiencing an economic upsurge, unlike here, (and his mother and family there has been bugging him). Don’t blame you for venting at all, but hope you will realize that we outnumber the ever present jerks that always seem to pop up. Anyway, just hate to see idiots trying to provoke enmity amongst real people. Hope all of us will continue to rebut or ignore these jerks wherever we are online. That’s whats great about the internet, making people around the world a community. We’re all riding the same rock.

  • It kinda looks like the Springfield XDm…and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

  • Carl

    Marsh, where a business originates doesn’t say a whole lot about their quality standards. I am sure Taurus is better than lots of U.S. or European manufacturers. What matters is the products they make, not what country they are based in.

    Do you have any evidence of Taurus using slave slave labor or sweat shops?

    This pistol has an exposed hammer, right? If not it seems rather superflous with a manual safety.

    In general manufacturers should look more at the market leaders. Exposed hammers and manual safeties are not really neccessary on a defensive pistol. Make it as simple as possible, remove all control levers and things that can be manipulated that aren’t absolutely needed.

  • Pedro

    I`m from Brazil Marsh, and I’m just not upset about your “view” because it’s so blatant ignorant that it is actually funny. Just a little advice for you, don’t talk about countries and cultures that you don’t know because you may end up looking like a clown… in the best of the possible situations.

    Carl, I think the G2 has an internal hammer like the old 24/7. I understand what you say about the necessity of a safety in this kind of pistol, but I like a manual safety just to be sure.

    The only thing I don’t like about the 24/7 is that it’s a DAO (I like those short and crispy SA trigger pulls) and that Taurus don’t make it on .357 SIG. And I don’t think they will fix those “defects” (inside “” because those really aren’t defects, but rather my preferences).

    • robert croke

      Hi Pedro…highfive from the US!
      Not apologizing for Marsh, because everyone here realizes he’s a zero. We had our place painted by a Brazilian (great guy) who is returning now that Brazil has been experiencing an economic upsurge, unlike here, (and his mother and family there has been bugging him). Don’t blame you for venting at all, but hope you will realize that we outnumber the ever present jerks that always seem to pop up. Anyway, just hate to see idiots trying to provoke enmity amongst real people. Hope all of us will continue to rebut or ignore these jerks wherever we are online. That’s whats great about the internet, making people around the world a community. We’re all riding the same rock.

  • Elvis

    Pedro, no way! I’d also really like to see Taurus come out with some .357 SIGs! It’d bring them out of the realm of 9, 40 and .45. But the whole .38 Super thing is cool of them to do. Now we can all pretend to be Dillinger.

  • Tau Sug

    Brazil had long been making Berettas before Americans did. Springfield Armory 1911s are made by the same slave kids your referring to, bobo! Glock? I’d pick up a 24/7 anytime over this Austrian booby trap. You probably dont have any idea how many KB! cases involving Glocks out there. I’m not speaking out of infos learned from websites! have couple of shooting buddies that fell prey to the ludicrous barrel design. Bobo!!!

  • Jimpro

    This isn’t a Glock, it’s a Taurus, probably the most innovative gun maker there is, so they took the ugly Glock, improved it, gave us options on the trigger, made it pretty, interchangable backstraps and gave us a thumb safety… Taurus not only makes a wide choice of guns, they make the CNC machines that make the guns…… and they do everything at about $150 cheaper then everybody else…… these 24/7 Gs are going for less then $400…..

  • Matt

    When is the Taurus 24/7 G2 Compact going to be released?

  • Trey

    I field stripped my 24/7 to clean it and the slide catch spring popped out! Any ideas on how to get it back in? Is this something I can do or am I going to have to send it?

  • Noah

    Ya, people said the same thing about Glocks when they first started to hit. I will try one of these. You never know when this company might hit one out of the park.

  • A

    I owned a first gen 24/7 DAO for 349 new. Besides a lackluster DAO trigger that I failed to master, It was completely reliable, felt great, easy to field strip and clean, a pretty decent gun IMO. I wish I would have bought the pro with the SA/DA trigger deal or whatever.

  • Val

    I’d like to comment on Taurus pistols: They are well made and everyone that has shot my PT-145 or 24/7 long slide has been impressed. I believe that the comments about Taurus’ county of origin are made out of simple ignorance. As I mentioned, whenever someone shoots one of these well made pistols, it blows away their preconceived biases.

  • Lawrence Husby

    Yeah!!!! Go Taurus!!!!!
    Proud owner of 24/7 Pro 9mm, Taurus 94 .22 cal
    I was born and raised in Brazil. Moved to NC about 8 years ago.
    Forjas Taurus is not a mere assembling or mounting company. It is a manufacturer. From the spring to the slide and the magazines. Everything for the guns is made inside Taurus Factory.
    A little bit of history:
    Forjas Taurus S/A (Taurus Forges) is a manufacturing conglomerate based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Beginning as a tool and die manufacturer, the company now consists of divisions focusing on firearms, metals manufacturing, plastics, body armor, helmets, and civil construction.

    Taurus produced its first revolver, the Model 38101SO, in 1941 and began exporting its revolvers to the U.S. market in 1968 through a series of importers.

    In 1970, the Bangor Punta Corporation, then the parent company of Smith & Wesson, purchased 54 percent of Forjas Taurus, allowing the two firearms manufacturers to easily share information regarding design and manufacturing. In 1977, Taurus was purchased from Bangor Punta by its current owners, and its ties to Smith & Wesson were severed.

    In 1980, after Italian arms manufacturer Beretta had completed its contracts to produce firearms for Brazil’s military, Taurus purchased Beretta’s São Paulo manufacturing plant along with the tooling, technical drawings, and work force necessary to produce several different pistol designs.

    In order to more effectively tap the U.S. market, the company created a subsidiary, Taurus International Manufacturing Incorporated, also known as Taurus USA, in 1984.

  • thomas

    walked in to purchase a glock, walked out with a Taurus PT 24/7 Pro DS, love the gun, looking at getting the G2 now…………still thinking about a glock but the G2 is just so pretty 🙂

  • Zatt

    A comment on the quality of Taurus: any manufacturer who offers an UNLIMINTED lifetime warranty on a product either, A) makes a damn good product and stand behind it, B) makes an average or sub-par product, replaces and repairs it frequently and goes bankrupt.

    Taurus makes a good product.

    A comment on the “Second Strike” feature of Taurus handguns: tests have shown (full disclosure: these tests are from Taurus) that a primer will overwhelmingly fire if struck a second time. I would much rather simply pull a trigger a second time than conduct an immediate action drill in the middle of a firefight.

    I personally would love to fire a PT 24/7 G2. I’m in the market for a reliable compact handgun in .40 caliber.

  • Lawrence Husby

    Go Taurus!!!!!

  • Lawrence Husby

    More than 1000 rounds on my 24/7 PRO and no FTF and no FTE with all kinds of 9 mm ammo. The feeding ramp comes polished by defaut. With my LCP lots of problems on both FTF and FTE. Polishing the ramp did not help. Not with me anymore.
    I bought a S&W 642 to replace the LCP as a back up and still trust my life to Taurus 24/7 PRO.
    Some 1911 Springfield are made in Brasil by IMBEL. No history of engineering?
    Do you Homework!!!! There is also INA http://www.youtube.com/user/sootch00#p/search/0/jHFlJ3x1X_c , Rossi, Engesa with heavy weaponry. You name it.

  • mark

    I just bought a Taurus model 809. I love the gun. I chose it over the Glock because the Taurus has a hammer, and the Glock has to be carried with the striker cocked. I don’t like that Glock feature.
    Having said that I am REALLY disappointed in Tauruses customer service. I wanted to buy a new recoil plunger just to have, and they didn’t have any and said they had “no idea” when one might be available. Same is true for people who send their guns to Taurus for repair, then wait 2 to 6 months to get them back.
    Taurus makes great guns, and if they ever get their act together on customer service I can easily see Taurus overtaking the handgun market.
    Oh!, and +1 for Taurus including a hammer on the Model 809!

  • James


  • Junior

    I own 4 Taurus’ 2 PT92’s and a 941 and 991 22 mag revolvers, and my son owns a 24/7 pro .40S &W. Each of these guns has been more than reliable. I have had nothing but great experiences with Taurus guns. I have Beretta, S & W, Charter Arms, Ruger and a Browning as well, so I think I can be objective about the Taurus’s I own. I am looking forward to the 24/7 G2 compact, hopefully the grip won’t be to small to be a good carry gun. Currently carry a Beretta 9000s .40 as carry, just wish Beretta had found a way to may it a bit thinner. It is now July and still no word on when the G2 will be available or the MSRP, anybody have any current info? In my experience you can’t beat a Taurus for the quality have experienced and the prices they are able to release them.

  • Lawrence Husby

    🙂 Yes Junior ! I think Beretta should come up with something on the sub-compact pistols.

  • I’ve been reading alot of negative comments about TAURUS on this site.I bought my first Taurus in 1999,a PT908,having completed a CWP class.It became my personal carry piece up until my wife bought me a PT111 Pro in 2008.Both weapons are Excellent, well made,and good shooters.My wife just bought herself a PT140 Pro,which she loves-she carried a ported 3″ S&W 44Mag. prior.My next weapon of choice will be a 24/7 G2 in .40 ,standard.I’ve trusted my Life with TAURUS and will continue to. GOD BLESS the USA & Our soldiers fighting overseas.

  • Bob

    Being a Glock snob, this would not have been my first choice. I share the gun with a hunting brother who wanted safties etc… other than the spongy trigger, I have fallen in love with the 24/7 in .45 ACP. Accurate, reliable, and ergonomically enjoyable.

  • jordan blevins

    I have a Taurus PT 24/7 PRO .40 cal and i have noticed that if you have the trigger slightly pulled back and flip up the safety switch you are still able to pull the trigger and you can hear the firing pin strike. After you release the trigger the trigger its self does not go completely foward, you must first flip the safety switch down to allow it to go back to its original position. Is this a factory defect from Taurus? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Ossie

    I own a 24/7 OSS both 9mm and 45 acp and I love them both best guns I have ever owned and I have owned many. They just feel like they were custom made for my hand. My last carry weapon was an HK USP. I will only by Taurus 24/7 series handguns in the future. I would love to try a G2 in the future.

  • Chuck

    Will the Taurus 24/7 5″ barrel make a good deer hunter and can anyone give a feel for how accurate it is and what the longest range they are comfortable with. I love Taurus and have not tried the Glocks model 24c long pistol. Any input would be appreciated.

    • Jim

      Most people that hunt deer with a side arm usually use magnums. Because of the small amount of powder in the .45 (and smaller) anything over 50 yards you won’t have much energy left. I really wouldn’t use these calibers to shoot anything over 30 yards to be safe.

  • Rem

    When Japanese bikes started to arrive the “real metal” riders used to refer to them as “rice burners” Now only those who have never ridden a Jap bike has no respect for them.
    Taurus has been a business run for profit for many years, they now make fine weapons. My PT111 and TCP are beautifully made, so in my G19 and S&M 9mm Sigma.
    If you only like Harleys and have never ridden anything else all you can do is arrogantly think “this is the best bike I’ve ever owned”.
    Buy what suits you, shoot it, if there is a problem send it back, or get a J frame hammerless.

  • Bobster459

    Taurus 24/7 oss has a trigger that needs a trigger job. Does anyone know how or who would do a trigger job on one?

    Due to th lack of a crisp edge it is easy to pull off target and shot low or left.

    I am Sad that there is so much dissadification with the taurus service and that they would not get they act together. When a weapon is turned they should make every opportunity to redo the weapon to the highest state before reutning it.

    Those companies that do, always succeed!

  • MinnShooter

    Own 5 Taurus handguns. 2 PT 92’s, 941 .22mag, 991 .22 mag and a 24/7 pro in .40S&W. I have never had mechanical problem with any of these guns, but I have read a lot of complaints about Taurus. In fact the only down side I have experienced is the heavy double action trigger pull on the 941 revolver. I am looking forward to seeing the 24/7 G2 Compact, it looks like a pistol I could get used too. The Taurus problem here seems to be getting it to market in a timely manner.

  • Bubba

    Bought a taurus pt 609 pro a year or so ago and have only put about 600 rounds through it. Never misfired or failed to feed. it is accurate enough for any class 9mm and it reliably goes bang when you pull the trigger no matter what type of HP/FMJ ammo it is being fed.

  • bicolranchero

    what is the difference between the 24/7 and 24/7 gs? thanks

  • james

    How can I go about ordering a new slide for my Taurus. I took gun apart can not find slide just have the bottom half. Help

  • Ya know, I sing a lot of praises to Taurus…. I commented this past march on this very forum…. but here it is….. Jan 15, 2011….. the new 2011 models are scheduled to show in 3 days….. yet we haven’t seen the stuff from 2010 yet… what’s up with that? This is a pattern for Taurus, it’s easy to show us pictures of guns… but if you can’t bring them to market… what good are they? The idea I’m sure is for us to hold off on other purchases in hopes of getting our hands on say a 24/7 G2….. the problem is, they are not for sale…… So the moral to the story is, don’t look for Taurus except on the shelves, don’t waste your time waiting…because if it’s not there it may never be there…. When you see something new of another brand…. you can run out and buy it…….. today….

  • Rollman

    I finally saw a 24/7 g2 last weekend at the local gun show. Being left handed , I was anxiously waiting for this model to hit the shelfs. The vendor only had one and it was the 9 mil full size. I have got to say that I was very dissapointed when I took a look at it. It had the large backstrap on it so it did not fit my hand. But I figured no big deal, they come with smaller ones. Then I locked the slide back and tried to release it with my left thumb and could not do it. Tried the other hand and could not release it. I had hold the slide slightly back and use the release on both sides of the gun at the same time to release the slide. The mag release on the left side of the gun worked. The mag release on the right side of the gun would not release the mag. I don’t know if these things would improve with a break in period or if this was just one of those early releases with a lot of bugs. I think I will keep looking.

  • I don’t care for ambidextrous anything…. I love my PT845, but the ambidextrous magazine release just makes it stiff and the mags fail to fall free…… And just like I predicted, the 24/7 G2? Apparently Taurus chaulked up to a bad idea… with the arrival of the 2011 new items the 24/7 G2 disappeared in any version from the site….. the did however re-introduce the Pt 709 with the 9 round magazine like they had originally advertised but never produced, but added a ambidextrous magazine release… inconvenience 95% of us for the convenience of the other 5%……

  • Ooops….. correct myself here…… the new 2011 line appeared today….. and yes the 24/7 G2 is still there…… good cuz i want one……

  • Pete

    Taurus makes some good stuff! My PT140 performed flawlessly through 600 rounds before it started to drop magazines. Taurus sent Fedex to my home to pick it up and repair it without charge! I am waiting anxiously for its return (feel kinda naked without it!). I have found it to be very accurate and a pleasure to shoot – kicks a bit though! I am pondering trading it in on a 24/7 . . . the thought pains me though! Oh, I also have a PT111 – another flawless performer! And I did live in Brazil for seven years before returning to the USA. Great place to be . . . I miss it terribly! Please take time to experience a culture before making stupid statements!

  • Lawrence Husby

    I second every word Pete said here.

  • jeff

    I own a 24/7 and its never jammed its been really reliable. its light weight easy to handle and all these retards complaining about the trigger being “spongy” its not a big deal it just like almost every other good hand gun its great. it feels great in the hand and i only paid 320 for mine try to find any other hand gun this great for that price.

  • I don’t mind the 24/7 trigger at all, it’s not so much spongy, it’s the takeup that folks have to get use to, if it weren’t for the takeup, it’s a damn fine trigger….. but the takeup is the trade off for second strike capability. I took one of my 24/7’s apart and was looking at how it worked and for it to be able to shoot without being racked, it needs to reach back to where the striker rest when uncocked…. hence the long stroke…. when it’s cocked that long stroke is just takeup…. If Taurus hasn’t changed their minds on the G2 it looks like that feature will be optional and you will have the choice of short trigger or long trigger with 2nd strike capability, of course I’m just speculating..

  • Chris

    I own the PT 24/7 .40 and the PT111. Over 500 rounds through each. Never one jam or FTE from either gun. Taurus makes a quality product and i’ll continue to support them!!!!

  • Lawrence Husby

    I continue to love the products and hate the customer services. I’ve ordered two sets of recoil springs back in January. Still waiting on them.
    My gun is rendered unusable.

  • pulstatingmonkeys

    hey guys, i bought a taurus 24/7 g2 9mm, and shot about 150 rounds through it and it already jammed, when i took it apart the spring slipped, whats up with that?? any ideas??

  • Lloyd

    I *can’t* understand people complaining about Taurus’s DAO trigger. I don’t think they’ve made a DAO trigger automatic in MANY years. (There still are some older ones in the USED market of course). On any of their DA/SA pistols you CAN’T shoot the pistol in DA mode – unless the gun has a DECOCKER (like the 845). Any way you can get a round into the chamber leaves the gun in single action mode. The exception – if the primer doesn’t happen to set off the charge, the “Second Strike” is in double action mode. But that won’t happen in most cases.
    No, it doesn’t have a trigger like a 1911. But it isn’t a 1911. You can train to use it quickly and well. A PT-145 give 11 rounds of 45 in a 22 oz package (not counting the weight of those 11 rounds). One heck of a bang for the buck – pardon the pun.

  • Hey folks.

    I have a 24/7 Pro in .40 cal. Weapon has the patented Internal locking mechanism w key.
    While attempting to disassemble this weapon I cannot get the slide and barrel to seperate. My goal was to remove the side off to get to the barrel, slide, etc.

    What occured was it will slide forwar, not come off the lower end, and the barrel now travels with the slide. Not the first time I’ve removed the slide for cleaning and this has me stumped. Partucularly the barrel now traveling freely with of w/o the slide. It just flops around inside. Not sure what has happened but if anyon has had this experience and can help return the weapon to a normal conditiuon I’d be grateful for any and all advice. Thanks. Face.

    • ozinga

      i believe you need to keep the trigger held down to fully separate the too pieces.

  • Any hangup and issue disasenbling 24/7 Pro in .40 cal please respond. Have done this several times and now it basically jummed with the barrrell free floating. This a 24/7 Pro in .40 caliber. Thanks one and all. Face sends.

  • I love gun……but hate the Taurus customer service.
    I ordered my recoil springs back in January. It never showed up.
    3 calls to Taurus already and nothing.
    If you have a Taurus 24/7 Pro, order the springs before you need it.

  • Mike

    I have about 600 rounds through mine with out even a hiccup! I want an XDm, but could not afford one. This gun is about as close to an XDm as you can get and about $200.00 cheaper. Great gun, Great price.

  • Still love the gun and hate the Customer Service. Recoil Spring on Backorder status since january/2011. Does anyone know where I could get a new one?
    Please don’t tell me to ask Taurus USA in Florida. I never waited more than a week for anything from Taurus when I was in Brazil. I know the plant is in there. Well, recoils springs are major parts for a pistol line. I hope they get the idea.

  • Jay

    I used to own a PT-140 Pro .40, it was just not for me. I sold it and bought a S&W M&P .40C, great gun!!! That being said, I really like the looks of the 24/7 G2, and may have to go look at the .45 version. These guns are a lot nicer than most give them credit for, and you really can’t beat the price, $339 at my local shop, nice.

  • I have had a taurus 92 since the 1980’s. It has been by my side in 2 of 3 very unconfortable situations where conseal and carry become show and tell. I never worried once and was never let down. I have shot so much with this gun I now have a second barrel. Not once has it let me down, My son , a police officer has to carry a glock for work but at all other times he has got his taurus 40 cal on him.
    Now I want a new 24/7 G2 C in 9mm for my new sidearm. Time to retire the modal 92 after almost 30 years of service and no problems to date.

  • Wanne

    Just picked up a 24/7 G2 45 ACP this week. Took it out today…and gotta tell ya…I was pretty disappointed. You get what you pay for. Multiple jams, not all that accurate IMO. I was pretty disappointed. Plus…when I got it I REALLY didn’t like the chrome/metal on the barrel that shows through the ejection point. I had it for an hour and it was scuffed already (not a big deal…but really bugged me).

    I’m a Springfield XD guy…and I took a shot on this for the money. Think I’m gonna take it back and get another Springfield in a 45…which is what I should have done in the first place. Overall I was pretty disappointed with this weapon.

    • frank

      Wanne, You didnt say that when you received your new Taurus that you took it down and cleaned all the shipping grease from the inside. If you didnt do this, what do you expect at the range. You will have jamms. The pistol needs to be completely cleaned and lightly oiled before shooting. I have a Taurus PT 145 and for me its just as good as any. But I clean it after every shooting. I mean take it apart and clean it. And another thing i do which I dont think I have ever seen in forums is with a new firearm, the first time I load my mag, I spray my bullets lightly with Rem oil and then wipe them off as I put them in the Mag. This little bit of Lubrication helps the inside of the mag as well as helps the cartridges load smooth and eject smooth while it is breaking in. Dont know if this is right but its what I do and I have been handling firearms for over 50 years. Just saying

      • Mark

        Frank, I am in total agreement with you on cleaning a new pistol before taking it to the range. Where our opinions differ however is the part where you mention oiling the rounds. This can be disastrous especially in a weapon used for concealed carry. The oil can seep into the primer pocket and ruin the primer making the round a dud. At best I would recommend wiping the rounds down with a clean soft cloth to ensure that they are free from dirt and oil. Most factory rounds already have a dry lubricant on the cases from the loading process. I have reloaded thousands of rounds of ammo and the cases that I have purchased have all been prelubed. I would be more concerned that a bit of dirt on one (or several) of the cases would get into the chamber of the weapon and cause a failure to feed or worse, a slide which will not go into battery rendering the weapon useless. I know that I will get a lot of flak for my opinions but they are the result of years of experience.

    • RedneckBoats

      I just bought a taurus 24/7 g2 in .40, and let me say I have been searching for a .40 that I would like for years. I had a glock 23, sold it because it was uncomfortable, had a s&w .40 sold it because the 12 lb trigger was annoying, have a Springfield xdm .40 that I can’t wait to get rid of. It’s uncomfortable and the type of recoil is annoying. Got this taurus and I finally found a .40 cal I absolutely love everything about it. I broke it down and cleaned the ever living sht out of it and it’s worked great. I switch between this one and my glock 32. This taurus made it to my top 3 out of my over 20 handguns. I would suggest cleaning it up nice and trying again Wayne. You won’t regret it.

  • Jon

    I own a Taurus 24/7 compact G2 in 9mm, I personally love this pistol. I carry it everyday for my CC piece. I have put somewhere around 500-600 rounds down the pipe and never had an issue. Its accurate, conrollable, and comfortable. The trigger is a bit spongy, but with practice its no different than any other pistol. Other than the trigger, the only other change I would make is the grip. It needs to be, in my opinion, rubber texture and that would help with draw time and better feel in the hand.
    Overall I am very pleased with Taurus and their 24/7 G2 series.

  • G-Loc

    I OWN PLENTY OF HANDGUNS, but must say My faves are that from Taurus.I currently own a PT 809, 840, and 845 and must say the difference between them is the same when fired starting with the 809 hardly no recoil but still on point the 845 has a lil more kick to it but still percise on target and the 845 if I can be Blunt for a moment is a BEAST… Next gun Im getting is the 24/7 GEN2 as seen in the pics I’ve fired the Gen2 on several occasions at the range and am very pleased with the overall performance, and presence of the Gen2 all my pistols are equipped with Viridian C5L laser/light and the good thing is when I get my Gen2 The C5L will also fit on the 24/7 plus the pistol will fit in my ROTO holster which will fit PT 809,840,845, and soon the Gen2….! I RECOMMEND TAURUS PISTOLS FOR THEIR INCREDIBLE PRICES, LIFETIME WARRENTY, AND UNIQUE STYLE WHEN IT COMES TO CREATING A GUN!!!


  • I purchased a 24/7 G2 Compact 9mm and could not be happier. After a good cleaning and light oil I took it to the pistol range. Loaded up both clips and let it fly. Not one problem. O.k. so I did adjust the sight which is easy with the Taurus rear sighting system.
    Now on to why this is a great gun for the price. It was purchased for CC and it is important that the gun meets the needs for that duty. First the gun has low setting sights that will not snag in your clothes. The edges of the gun are well rounded so to also reduce the chance of a snags. Two clips that, if you carry both, give you one that is great in the conceal roll along with the other that has a full 16 rounds in case you really bit off more that you can chew. Another point must be ease of use. The 24/7 G2 C has that in spades. If you like a manual safety it is covered. Rather have a index finger safety you have that too. Most important is will the gun functions when called into service that answer imho is don,t worry.
    I have shot all different type ammo in this gun without a failure. I have read where people have had problems with Taurus but if you read a lot of reviews all guns have a jam somewhere. Another point here are that a lot of new, first time gun owners buy Taurus for the price but don’t know that the gun has to be clean and oiled before shooting. And when I say clean I mean not just the outside. Also a light coat of gun oil has to be applied to the correct areas. We all have seen a guns over oiled and the problems it causes. The last part can also be a dirty unmaintainced sidearm. I have a read what others have had to say and find that most fall into first time new gun owner or repeating someone else.
    The 24/7 G2 C in a well made, safe, gun you can count on if needed to defend or protect yourself or others.

  • Remember those recoil springs I ordered back in January? …… Still waiting!

    • Jeff P.

      Lawrence – I feel your pain… I love the 24/7 but after about 1000 rounds, the trigger spring in mine snapped in half.

      They don’t have any parts for this model at the Miami location because the gun is too new, (that’s what they claim anyway).

      Sent mine to them to be repaired… They recieved it on September 12 and it sat on the shelf for 2 weeks before anyone even picked it up and looked at the worksheet to see if any parts were going to have to be ordered… Once they figured it out (1 week later) they ordered the trigger spring from Brasil… As of today, still no trigger spring, BUT 2 weeks ago they promised me that they were going to send me a brand new replacement 24/7 via FFL.

      I am supposed to recieve the new 24/7 on Monday, October 31st… I’ll let you know how that goes.

      • 🙂 Thanks for the info Jeff!
        The model I have it’s been around since 2004 and was the gun of the NRA year in 2005. I wonder if someone decides to compete an IDPA with that and cannot finish because of a single recoil spring. I’ve been a fan of Tauruses for over 3 decades and even put nice videos on my youtube channel on Taurus guns, but this is way too much. I think I might end this ordeal sending the gun to Florida as well.

    • Jeff P.

      Hey Lawrence, I told you I’d get back to you with a follow up and here it is.

      A brand new Taurus PT 24/7 G2 was indeed delivered to me on October 31st… I guess that all of my phone calls to them finally paid off… I still think that my 10 week wait was rediculous, but it was nothing compared to how long you have been waiting for some action.

      If you want try what I did, you’ll have to call just about every day and don’t settle for talking to the customer service employees… Insist on talking to the management the next time you call and good luck.

      Here’s a clue – Extension 236

      Jeff P.

      • 🙂 Hey Jeff. Congrats on you new pistol.
        Yesterday i called them and they said the recoil springs finally came on and they would send me soon. Now I think I will have to send the gun anyways because the ribber grip came off and they say I am entitled to a new hard surfaced one. They don’t carry those anymore. I put some racket tape on it and it feels pretty good man.
        But first I am going to enjoy the gun a little bit before I send it them. I don’t know how long is going to take for them to send it me back.

        Thanks for your feedback!

  • antonino salvador

    i owned a taurus pt 24/7,easy to conceal,no problem so far in pistol itself,but i encounter problem with the magazine,it doesn’t fit the 12+1 cartridge as indicated in firearms manual.

    • Robert Croke

      Hi Antonio….Do you mean you can’t load 12 rounds in the magazine?

  • antonino salvador

    i owned a taurus pt 24/7,easy to conceal,no problem so far in pistol itself,but i encounter problem with the magazine,it doesn’t fit the 12+1 cartridge as indicated in firearms manual.

  • JIM


  • Randy

    I recently purchased a Tauras 24/7 G2 .40 Compact. I absolutely love this weapon. The problem I am having is finding a good concealed carrl inside the pants holster! Galco has a nice one ( SUMMER COMFORT INSIDE PANT HOLSTER
    TAURUS – 24/7 .40) but can not say that my pistol will fit. I prefer leather. Any suggestions?

    • Michael Albert

      I have a 24/7, Gen 2 in .45 and love this gun very much. I have found that Glock holsters fit this gun. I have one from Blackhawk. Check them out at the local gunshop for a fit.

      • Pontes

        Are you atill using a blackhawk serpa holster with your 24/7 g2? If so, could you tell which model, and if possible, send a picture?

  • Kirk

    I started my Taurus collection with a pt111 and pt145. Both ran perfectly for me and were fun to shoot. As soon as the SA/DA 24/7 Pro’s came out I bought the 4″ and the compact version and never regreted it one bit. Any time I buy a new gun I clean it lube it and work the slide/action a couple hundred times (really only takes a short time to do this). Doesn’t matter what it is. I had a new Sig 225 run like shit the first time I took it out. I thought I bought a lemon for the first dozen jams until I realized what was going on. I was a noob and it took a bit for me to realize what I had done wrong.

    Anyway, back to the 24/7 pro it’s one of my favorite pistols after the 1911 and maybe a High Power.

  • Fred Colvard

    I hav a taurus pt 24/7 pro cds 45 cal, i took it apart to clean it and put it back togeather and tried to fire it and nothing, just click, wondering if u any one can tell me what im missing..pls…..

    • bob

      Fred….I’d bring it back to your dealer and have him check if something looks wrong.

    • bob

      Fred…..Have your dealer or his gunsmith break it down and look for something wrong.

    • Hey guys,
      I ‘d like to buy a 24/7G2 because everybody around me says it’s really a good product, but, I’m moving to NewYork city right now and still don’t know yet well the place. My question is, which store would you suggest me to go to ? I mean, a serious dude and not too much crook on prices, … see what I mean :o)
      Anyway, thanks for any suggestions.
      I love the look of this gun, I actually have many 1911 diffrts models, as you see I love .45 cal…. But I’d like to gothrough a polymer definetly recent model, with picatinny rail for accessories.

      Solong chaps,

    • Jeff P.

      Fred – – When you took the weapon apart to clean it, did you break it down so far as to remove the extractor and firing pin block?

      If the firing pin block doesn’t get seated correctly, the gun will act like it is functioning normally but the tip of the firing pin will not be able to strike the primer of the bullet in the chamber.

    • Josh

      try loading it

  • I have a taurus 24/7 pro 9mm. I love it. I needed a second gun so I purchased a 24/7 g2 9mm. I took it home to clean it and noticed that it was nothing like the pro which is fine but was suprised that i could see thru the gun. Yes I am not a expert on handguns. I took it back to the dealer and he told me it was normal. They copied things from the Glock. I said okay. Well I took it back hope and loaded a full clip into it. I noticed that the clip did not seat solid with a little play at the bottom. I can look at the side of the gun near the slide catch and see the bullet. I can even see the recoil spring. Is this really normal or is the dealer pulling my leg. I am afraid to fire the weapon. Someone tell me it is okay.

    • Jeff P

      John Rogers – If you are talking about being able to see the bullet that is on the top of the magazine from in between the slide and the lower frame, yes that is normal, and nothing to worry about.

      The slop with the magazine fit is common with the 9mm 24/7 G2’s… Some are worse than others.

      What I did to remedy the mag slop was put 1 and 1/2 wraps of electrical tape around the bottom end of each mag, (about 3/4 to 1 inch up above the very bottom), and the problem was fixed… I don’t really think it was a problem, but I too didn’t like the feel of it, the rattling of it made and just he plain old idea of it.

      I’ve been firing mine with the tape on the mags without any problems, in fact, I think the tape is helping to lessen the wear and tear on my magazines.

      Jeff P

  • Dennis Millett

    I purchased this gun new from a FFL holder on June of 2011, who in the past has been more than helpful. His attitude this time was a surprise to me. I have purchased other guns from him and he has also done other work on guns for me. I was disappointed and surprised after I told him about this problem and he did not want to help or advise me on the resolution of the problem.

    The problem is as follows:

    With the weapon loaded and a round in the chamber, I moved the “manual safety and firing pin decocker” from the firing position, to the position covering the red dot on the slide completely (as directed in the in instruction manual), to activate the safety fully. The gun fired when the trigger was pulled (a malfunction). I was in the process of familiarizing myself with the features of the gun when this happened. I did this one time only. After the gun fired in the safety position, I moved the safety lever to the full decock position and the gun did not fire when the trigger was pulled. However, I would not trust the “safety” to function correctly after this experience. I have sent the gun to Taurus for thier evaluation and repair. I am awainting thier reponse.

    Has anyone else experinced a problem with the safety on the 24/7 pistol?

    • Renaud

      I would like to talk to you more about this position to decocker safety issue with Taurus. Please email me at jbannel@gmail.com. Thank you!

  • Ken

    I just got a taurus 24/7 g2 and have not fired it yet. From reading the above comments I need to clean it first. But the question is how can I find a conceal holster for it. I don’t think taurus makes one yet, I have the 4.2 in. barrell. Thanks.

  • Mark-Ace

    Sirs please help!! I just bought a .45 cal Taurus PT 24/7 PRO, i tried to disassemble it to lube the basic parts before firing its first bullet to make it smooth. I followed the step by step instructions from the manual but i couldn’t get the whole slide assembly separated from the gun. Worse is, the slide assembly and the trigger are stuck up, I couldn’t slide back and forth the slide assembly and the trigger is stuck up at action position!

    Thank you very much in advance for your help Sirs!

    • Bill Face

      was it in the ready position when you began disassembly?

    • Marine dan

      the slide is stuck because it is grindeing which means you need to lube it and work the slide. after the slide is lubewd take time and patience and pull the slide back thenn send it home physically slam it if possible. After so take it apart and take out all cosmoline and lube the ever living crap out of it once you work the lube wipe all excess oils off and have fun shooting. It’s a Taurus it will be just fine. If in worse case scenario Taurus will fix it for free

  • rosana

    Godaddy has on action the domain GUN247.COM for $ 39K. Does it worth it? Thanks

  • carlos

    i been looking to buy a 24/7 g2 .45 but no gun shop has it here and they been telling me that they dont have it or out of stock and there is no backorders going on can somebody plesase tell me where i can get 1 online if u reply to my mail i wud appreciate it carloscangri08@hotmail.com

  • JG

    buds gun shop dot com I just bought one 2/15/13 for 402.00

  • Patrick

    I just purchased a 24/7 G2 45. I have yet to shoot and after reading quite a few blogs and discussions i have taken it all of the way down and I am scrubbing all of the packing grease from anywhere n the entire thing. It seems that a large amount of people are having pin issues. Most of these issues are either dry fire issues without a cap or dirty operation issues. Save yourself some time take it down and use a can of gun scrubber, brush the snot out of it.(i use an old toothbrush) then shoot 100 rounds and do it again. 300 rounds later i hope to have it good and broken in so i can test real operation. Ill follow up when I finish.

  • scott

    hi guys scott here i bought a 24/7 g2 45 acp i love it. but i would like to find some tritium sights for both the front and rear help…………………. i cant find any. thanks

  • tony

    whats the plastic tool that comes with the G2? I never got one with my 809 someone help

  • AngelRay

    Sirs please help!! My .40 PT 24/7 Pro recoil spring kit broke apart would I be able to fix the flat plastic that connects to the stem for the inner spring or do I have to by a new recoil spring kit??

  • JW

    Gentlemen, I just purchased a used .45 cal Taurus PT 24/7 G2 standard pistol.
    I don’t know how many rounds have been fired through it.
    The rifling on the inside of the barrel looks to be in excellent shape.
    My question is: When you pull back the slide into the locked open position, the barrel seems to be real loose?
    Is that normal to have that kind of play?