Savage 12FCV: A budget Varmint rifle with AccuStock

The Model 12FCV is the latest edition to the Savage Varmit line. It features the AccuStock with beavertail foreend, AccuTrigger, detachable box magazine and a heavy fluted barrel.

Savage 12FCV (Bottom)

The short action rifle is available chambered in .223 Rem, .204 Ruger. and .22-250 Rem. The MSRP is $794.

Steve Johnson

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  • Todd

    I have a Savage 12FV in .204 Ruger and it is perhaps the flattest and straightest shooting rifle in my collection. I know people boast of hitting prairie dogs or woodchucks at 500+ yards all day long but my longest shot (range finder verified) was 425 yards and he dropped like a little sack of meat. I don’t know how much additional accuracy the accustock will add but If I can hit an adolescent sized woodchuck at that range without it I am happy with the performance of the rifle as it is.

  • Trev

    .204 Rem? Don’t you mean .204 Ruger?

    • Trev, oops, thanks

  • clint

    hello.I just got a savage 12FV .223 and i would like to know what the difference is between the 12FV and the 12FCV

    • MrVen

      FCV vs FV

      V=heavy barrel, C=removeable box magazine

      The FV has a 4-round “internal” magazine, heavy barrel, and standard stock

      The FCV has a removeable 4-round “external” magazine, heavy barrel, and a “bedded” stock

      Both have the accutigger.

  • john

    The FV has the crap stock (still shoots awesome, but crap just the same) and the FCV has the Accustock. Just ordered my FCV and it’ll be here Friday. Cannot wait.

  • Froyd

    I really want a rifle chambered in a round that I can shoot 800 yrds. I also want a rifle that I can take down rabbits and squirrels most likely around 100-200 yrds. Should I just forget my hopes and dreams and get two rifles because a Savage chambered in .300 would be plain overkill for a close up target or is it still ok to have a larger chambered bullet for close up?

  • Bruce

    You could order a Savage FCV in either 260 Rem or 6.5X284 Norma from Savage Custom Shop. Either will perform well at 800 yards as they are both favorite calibers in 1000 yard competition. 30 caliber is definately an inferior choice for target or small game applications due to the charge and bullet size required to obtain the same balistics as what you can get with a 6.5mm (.264) bullet. However, there won’t be much left of a squirrel or rabbit at 100 – 200 yards as they are appropriate for deer out to 400-500 yards so you may want to drop down to the 6mm / .243 caliber as a compromize.

  • John

    I am looking for a rifle for my son 17 yr. Target and varmint. I have looked at the Savage Mark II. Looks like a good deal for about $300. If I move to the remington rifles the price doubles, do you get that much more? I look forward to suggestions

  • Tom


    I always thought that 0.26 REM 6.5mm or 6.5mm BR/BR Norma or 6.5 X 55mm Swedish Mauser is a superior catridge to 0.308WIN having a good Ballistic coefficient, slightly flatter shooting, mainly suffering less from wind drift and so being very accurate. The problem with this is that although there is F class competition shooting, where 6.5mm is OK, the new frankly cheaper target class of F/TR only allows for 0.308 WIN and 0.223 REM. The class is big in US and UK and a great way to develop real long range ability. Varminting in its actual form I would have thought be better with 22-250, 0.222 or 0.223, that kind of thing, 0.22 Hornet is OK for about 200 yds as it don’t have good ballistics, but great for built up areas. It is worth noting that an Englishman Laurie Holland just won in F/TR at 1000yds with a 0.223, stripped the barrel out in one season though as he had to push it so hard! Maybe it is best to have 2 rifles, one long range, maybe 6.5mm and one in the 0.2’s? 0.308 is still very well supported though with all the brass and bullets in stock, loads of different bullet weights and powders available, a 110grain could be a flat shooting foxing or coyote round, while maybe 155 or 165g or even 200grain could be target potential and still very accurate in the right hands! I can’t wait to get a Savage F/TR in 0.308 WIN (0.5 inch 5 shot groups @ 100 yds all day long – that’s in the bull!). It doesn’t have to work as hard as a 0.223 to get to 1000yds. Long wait on the order though! Hope you get what your after and happy huntin’! T

  • Mike

    Just got my 12 FCV, 22-250. Wow, out of the box with cheapest factory load I could find for getting it sighted in and shooting over the hood of my truck on a sandbag. At 100 yards, my last 3 shoots were in the same hole and a dime would cover them with plenty of room to spare. Maybe the accustock helps and the accutrigger is great but the barrel must be close to perfect.