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  • He’s wrong at about 0:47. There are higher rated vests without metal plate (even if you call ceramics plate “metal”).

    Dyneema offers such vests since the mid-90’s; their hard plates are not made of metal or ceramic.They’re made of bonded fibres.

  • Clodboy

    The term “bullet-proof” actually dates back to the 16th century, where armorers provided the “proof” that their cuirasses would withstand small arms fire by shooting them with a pistol, leaving behind a visible dent to act as a literal proof mark.

  • thought it was interesting that when he was talking about testing it against a .357 they showed a .357 Sig cartridge instead of the .357 magnum, I know that they are both supposed to be the same in terms of energy, just interesting that they would use it…

  • Sian

    Sure, they perform the same, that’s common sense. They’re all rated IIIa. How much more comfortable is the $4490 vest to wear over the $344 one though?

  • Sian

    And that’s a H-S Precision ballistic test gun. I use one at work!

  • Yeah I was going to comment about the cool gun too. Now whose willing to wear the vest for the next test. I volunteer to shoot the gun!!

  • CMathewa

    I actually have a subscription to wired. I read the article and I might pick up the cheaper vest. The only other armor I’ve uses was my old pasgt armor, and armor has come a long way since then lol.

    • CMathewa, yea, and its not all that expensive.

  • CMathews

    I even spelled my name wrong lol. When I post things from my Eye Fone I always spell things incorrectly. My apologies Steve.