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  • Bill Twist

    It’s called “Full Contact Team Biathlon”, and the last time it was played the Finns took the gold at the 1940 Winter Games.

    Simo Hayha took the gold in the mens individual category.

  • Lance

    YES!!!! Finally a Olympicsport that men can like!!!!!!!!!!

  • HeavenlySword

    i almost fell off my chair

  • Maigo

    Top Gear did an Olympic Special. Their biathlon was done in SUV’s with SMG’s

  • Trango78

    HA! That’s great! It’s like combining the Call of Duty video game and the Winter Olympics!

  • I liked biathlon better when it known as “The Russo-Finnish War” 🙂

  • Aurelien
    • That top gear episode is AWESOME!

  • Aurélien

    “I liked biathlon better when it known as “The Russo-Finnish War””

    Well basically biathlon was a training technique of the norwegian army. But they did not play it with .22LR, they used stock Mosin-Nagant.

  • That would have been an odd rifle for Norwegians to issue.

  • Aurelien

    Well, everybody there had local copies of the Mosin Nagant, or the 98 from Mauser.

  • Aurelien

    My bad, they used the Krag Jorgensen at the time. Finnish issued Mosin-Nagant copies, and Swedes Mauser 98 copies.

  • Smiflty

    You do realize that Mosin-Nagant was already 50 years old at that time and Finland was part of Russia until 1917 don’t you? They made their variant of the Mosin-Nagant.

  • James

    Oh my word, my CHEST! I’m laughing so hard still. Brilliantly done!

  • dude that was sooo awesome! but they should have added some fake blood!