The TAC2 AR15 Discreet Carry Kit

Just admit it, I am not the only one here who fantasies about carrying an AR-15 around in my briefcase 😉 The good news is that the TAC2 AR15 Discreet Carry Kit allows just that.

Pelican Briefcase
Black Leather Attache Case

The kit contains …

  • QC (Quick Change) Barrel nut and lock plate
  • 7-inch or 12-inch free float fore-end
  • Fore-end lock ring
  • A briefcase with fitted foam insert.

The TAC2 system is available as a kit starting at $225 (without briefcase, as a complete upper starting at $750 (with leather briefcase) or as a complete rifle for $1175 (with leather briefcase).

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    ‘Johnson! Do you have the quarterly sales figures?’

    ‘Right here in my briefcase sir.’

    Cue everyone running out of the board room screaming, a 4 hour FBI stand off and an hour long special on the evening news, all because you brought the wrong briefcase.

    BTW, I like this system, not so much for the covert carry aspect but more for freeing up space in the trunk of a car, etc.

  • WeaponBuilder

    Interesting system…

    As with any such take-down system, there’s likely a need to re-zero the rifle for precision work, but for CQB purposes it would likely be close enough.

    Interesting prodcut!

  • Matt Groom

    Oh, I GOTTA get me one of these!

  • Lance

    Looks cool but theres no back up or Iron sights on there AR so if your scope is malfunctioning your a dead duck.

  • Travis

    Now that is an interesting trick. Never mind the briefcase, just the barrel swapping quickness. Now the real question: how is the sight zero affected when removing and replacing the barrel. If it can hold zero or close enough, then put me on the list!

  • Carl

    Pretty cool. Or use an assembled bullpup rifle for less delay and more win. 🙂

  • Charlie

    I’m actually a little freaked out by this, particularly the leather one. I remember as a kid watching movies where the assassin always carries his gun in a briefcase. hmmm

  • jdun1911

    It should stay zero if you’re using the same barrel and if the barrel nut isn’t loose.

    AR15 Barrel

    AR15 Upper Receiver

    Upper Receiver + Barrel

    You will notice that the barrel have a pin and the upper receiver have a notch for the pin to insert. This gives it consistence every time you uninstall and reinstall the same barrel.

  • Maigo

    That’ll be a LOT better for James Bond to pull out than an silly little AR-7

  • Phil

    Headspacing issues, anyone?

  • jdun1911

    AR15 doesn’t have headspacing issues. All headspaceing are done with the barrel manufacture. That’s why you can change bolt and BCG in an AR without worrying. In other words it either works or not.

  • Doc

    I don’t want to appear to be advertising, but there seems to be several questions about the TAC2 Discreet Carry AR15/M16 Kit that I can answer. I designed and patented the system, and make them. I don’t sell them.

    I designed it because I wanted more firepower than the pop gun in my pocket, when traveling with my family, but didn’t want something that screamed gun, when I walked in a hotel lobby. It also happens to fill a need for those that want to change barrel lengths, or calibers. There are other systems that will do that, but not for the price, or ease of use, or dissembled size.

    Travis, as to going back to zero, jdun1911 is right. Same barrel and optic, it goes back. My personal gun has an Eotech, and will go back to hitting a 1″ paster at 25yds. with ease, and an 8″ plate at 150yds. Haven’t done further testing. Sort of pointless with a 1-9 twist 16″ barrel. It isn’t a 1moa gun, with my barrel, but it’s way more than min. of person.

    Weaponbuilder is correct, in that it isn’t really intended for “precision” work, but with a good barrel, and scope, it will go back to shooting better than most folks can hold.

    Lance, we can put rails on the fore-end tube for flip-up sights, and we have a barrel mounted flip-up, that will fit through the tube, that will be on the market in a couple of weeks.

    Carl, you can’t fit a bullpup in a briefcase. You can put an H&K MP5, or the likes in one, but all you’ve got is glorified pistol. This is a 16″ 5.56.

    Phil, an AR’s headspace is determined by the bolt to barrel lock-up, the barrel nut and barrel to receiver fit actually have nothing to do with headspace.

    Hope that answered some of y’all’s questions.

  • Carl

    Doc, with a shorter barrel or a slightly bigger case you could probably fit an assembled bullpup rifle. It guess it depends what you want to optimize for; barrel length, case size, or the time of your “draw”.

    I’m not knocking your product though, it looks brilliant. Clearly lots of people like the AR-15, and more power (and briefcases) to them.

  • Doc

    Carl, no offense taken. It’s just that if you run a barrel short enough with a Bullpup, or other system, then you get into having to register it as a SBR, or with a bigger case, it no longer provides the “discreet” value of a standard briefcase.

    I have one set up i a Pelican case, for throwing in the boat, back of the truck, camper, etc., but it screams gun to those in the know. I’ve walked into hotels in places “way up in the northeast”, with my briefcase, and no one ever suspected that I had an AR with two 30 rd. mags. inside it. BUT, if something bad had gone down, I had 60 chances of getting my family out of there.

    We advertise that you can go from briefcase in hand, to firing, in 30 sec. With a little practice you can do it in well under 20. It takes me about 15-17.

  • jdun1911

    Bullpup rifles are not good designs. Too many flaws in them.

  • Matt Groom

    That’s a rather broad generalization, Jdun1911. That’s like saying “Revolvers are not good designs” or “semi-auto shotguns are not good designs”. While some types of firearms may or may not be ideal, and some designs may only be preferred by a small niche market, it doesn’t make all designs in that category of firearms bad.

  • Carl

    Doc, good points. But some of that would be the fault of stupid laws rather than something inherently wrong with the bullpup design.

    jdun, I agree that a lot of the existing bullpup rifles have flaws, compared to a regular rifle. But they also have advantages. And I believe that most if not all of the drawbacks will be worked out eventually, with clever design and engineering. Things must and will improve. Clinging to the same technology forever (however good and innovative it was when it was invented) will not serve you in the long run.

    So, the AR will be made obsolete eventually. It is just a matter of time. That doesn’t take anything away from it, or it’s inventor.

  • TBaytUSMC

    I actually have one of these. it makes cleaning the barrel extension easy as sin, and I’ve NEVER had a problem with zero (though I don’t use it for precision, but 3 gun comps.) Only things I don’t like about it, are no rails for buis, and under severe rapid fire, can get hot.

    From what I’ve noticed, and for what it’s worth, the fore end always indexes in the same spot once tightened down… With proper machining skills, you could probably get a rail on there for a vert. grip, or you could probably drill venting holes on it… I’ve been happy with it though.

  • al

    Hi… just my 2 cents… I have in my possession a tac2 kit… it is a great concept and it get the point across of the intent of having a compact takedown AR.
    I installed a gas piston in the 223 caliber 11.5 barrel with a soldered flash hider to meet the 16” law requirements.
    In addition to the barrel exchange capability is the possibility to have a second barrel with another caliber with no additional modifications. My other barrel is the 300 AAC Blackout.
    My concern was related to the use of same Eotech and scope optics for the two barrels.
    Without being technical about temperature, grains, bullet weights etc, I found that 300 subsonic was 2” lower and the300 hyper was 1” high… compared to 0 for the 223. Changing barred did not affect the shot placements.
    The rifle worked fine and I know that there is a minor problem if installation is not understood. Locktite is a must and care is needed to set it up for full contact with the barrel spacer.
    The over tighten of the set screw can stress/egg the upper making the barrel to feel binding. Other than that the barrel exchange is a breeze and it is an affordable and simple way to have a compact multi barrel system. My only disappointing customer issue with the TAC2 supplier is that my kit came without the brief case and wrong non- related instructions … my understanding of the sale was that the briefcase and foam insets were included as advertised. Nevertheless, I am happy with the outcome. I recommend this kit.