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  • SpudGun

    The easiest way to re-create this trick without actually having to bend the laws of physics is to set up your axe head and two ballons and then load a .22 bird shot cartridge into your rifle.

    The shot will spread out and burst both balloons and you can tell people it split in half on the axe head because you are such a Leet Pro Ninja Sniper.

  • zach

    If it’s not shot with a high speed camera, I don’t care.

  • AP

    This guy appears to have made some crazy-good shots with a snubbie, but he comes off pretty Walter Mitty if you watch his other videos. I want to believe but let’s see the proof.

    • AP, what is is doing is not impossible and can be done by many others. I have no reason to believe he is faking.

  • AP

    at 1:25, you can see the brush moving in the lower right portion of the frame. Wind? Birdshot? You be the judge but it seems pretty calm up to that point.

  • I am always amazed how people seem to think that everything they can not do or do not care to try is a trick. First of all it is not a trick, it is called practice and have been doing so for years, that is why I can hit what I aim at, do I warm up some days? Sure I do as do most people who shoot these kinds of shots. We dry or live fire every day.

    Here is one I made shooting aspirin, maybe I had small explosive charges planted and synchronized to go off when I pulled the trigger

    I had a guy like you people watch me live and he just knew I had a sniper hiding in the grassy knoll, shooting at the exact same time I fired the snubby. I am sure Bob Mundon also faked his 200 yard shot with the same gun. He only showed the one shot, he had a sniper I am sure.

    I started trail boss and making these videos not for any other reason than to encourage, people to get out and enjoy outdoor activities. I do the things to entertain but at the same time encourage people to try new things, and work to achieve a goal they thought may not be possible because of pessimists who just love to tell them what they cannot do and what is impossible.

    I have over 16000 people a day log on to read the articles and watch the videos who enjoy them a great deal and who want to embrace the outdoors. We even have persons who worked for the NRA and other organizations submitting articles and information for the same reason. So feel free to go back to the gun shop or where ever you hang out and tell people what they cannot do and how everything is a set up just because you can’t do it yourself.

    I like the people that come to my sight, we have a common goal love of the outdoors and encouraging each other to try new things and not give up if we fail a time or two.

    But just so you know for people like you II put the stick next to the axe head, since we could not slow the shot down enough to show the bullet split, you can see where the half bullet hit the wood.

    Take care,


    • Steve, not for proof or anything like that, but you should try get hold of a ultra-slow camera. Seeing the bullet actually split would be very cool.

  • High speed cameras rent for about $500.00 Per day and if there is a problem with the weather or whatever they still cost 500 you do not get a do over, Since we film in HD they are in the tens of thousands to purchase, so for videos we do not make a dime on it is a little foolish to pay that kind of money.

    But if someone wants to spend the money on one and hand it over for a day or a week of shooting I am all over it. Send it and we will put it to work. In fact I have a lot of shots I do I would love to see in slow mo.

  • Ajay

    If you happen to watch that Steven Seagal Lawman series on A&E, he uses a 22 pistol to shoot the heads off matches, as well as the heads off Q-tips. He was only a few yards away, but point is that shots like these are totally possible.

    It may take a lot of practice, but 22LR ammo ain’t exactly expensive.

    Splitting a 22LR on an axe head is totally possible. I believe the shot in the video is real.