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  • Nill

    $410 is for both the ar-15 AND ar-10 kits.

    If you just want to make an ar-15 it’s only $195.

    Still not very cost effective unless you’re doing huge batches but then again saving money really isn’t the point.

  • John

    you won’t make any money if you only make one…

    • John, I don’t think you are allowed to make them for sale. The BATFE would not like that!

  • AR1911

    You don’t need the $410 kit.
    For this project the $150 kit will do.
    Or order the same kit with an 80% lower for $195
    Now that’s a deal!

    And you can do all this on a chinese minimill just as well

  • jed

    While it’s true you can’t sell the recievers, you can teach those interested and charge for the instruction / use of equipment. Once you recover the investment you’ve got yours for free. and you will be an expert in the process.