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  • Old Windways

    So is that a banana dressed up to look like a pistol, or a pistol dressed up to look like a banana?

  • adler

    wonder what caliber this is:D

  • Carl

    Yup, that’s a banana.

  • gunslinger

    hat to say it, but it looks photoshopped…

  • Matt Groom

    You know what they say: “A banana a day keeps pirates at bay.”

  • Vak

    I won’t make any “banana clip” joke of any kind.

  • zminer

    Ah, it all makes sense now – those black spots on banana skins are powder burns, not overripe bits.

  • Lance

    Dose it have strawberry bullets????

  • CY

    That is a slick looking handgun.

  • Woodrow

    No, it probably fires grape shot.

  • Marco

    I love this thanks for posting

  • Ring ring ring ring banana phone,
    bang bang bang bang banana gun!

  • Tony

    Bang bang bang bang banana gun!