“I shot him in the nuts with bird-shot because he was beating my daughter”

The Sun Sentinal reports

Kelly Jr., 49, of Navarre, admitted shooting his daughter’s boyfriend in the groin with “The Judge,” his silver Taurus .45-caliber revolver.

“The Judge” was loaded — three chambers were filled with bird-shot and the fourth with lead. But only one chamber had been fired.

“I shot him in the nuts with bird-shot because he was beating my daughter,” Kelly said.

[ Many thanks to Abraham for emailing me the link. ]

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  • DavidR

    Let’s at least hope that there was alcohol involved…

  • Hellhound

    This story can be good and bad news for gun owners. If the boyfriend WAS beating on his daughter, then he can say he was protecting his child as defense in court. I’m all for the guy blasting the bastards nuts off.
    The bad part is the daughter said “he hates him, dude” to the deputy which makes a defending case into aggravated battery. Stupid crap like that is just more fuel for the fire for anti-gun activist.

    In the end Taurus comes out on top with free promotion for “The Judge”.

  • Jim

    The father must’ve been one hell of a shot to only hit the boyfriend in the groin. Regardless, that must’ve hurt!

  • Josh

    I certainly didn’t get the impression that he was defending his daughter from being beaten at that moment, if that’s what Hellhound was getting at. It sounded to me like the father thinks or knows that the boyfriend beats her (in private) and can’t stand the guy so he shot him. It doesn’t sound like defense to me anyway.

  • JP

    Sounds fair to me.

  • SpudGun

    White Trash Vigilante Justice FTW! Maybe Taurus could start sponsoring Ricki Lake style talk shows because let’s face it, the only way to solve relationship problems is with some .410 bird shot to the groin.

    Me, I’m going to save up for the Taurua ‘Expensive Defense Lawyer’ followed by the Taurus ‘Hidden Cavity Search Prison Zip Gun’.

  • Dave

    “…Tarus recently introduced their new spokesman, Bob Barker…”


  • Lance

    I bet the boyfriends voice is like his girlfriend now!

  • Bob

    Must have used “Snake shot” on that one, lol

  • Matthew

    I guess we need to hear what “beating” really means here. Deadly force seems a bit much in my opinion. But I wasn’t there.

  • Destroyer

    oh my…

  • Carl

    Taking the “Judge” part a bit too far, I’d say…

  • KTB

    “The Judge” finds the boyfriend guilty of aggravated assault.

  • Squidpuppy

    What ever happened to the good old days of rock salt loaded 12 gauge? I heard lots of stories about this when I was a tyke hanging out with the codgers around the tavern cracker barrel up in the north wood villes of Wisconsin & Minnesota, but anyone know of a case where it was really used?

  • Josh

    Rock salt in a shotgun:


    I’m pretty sure an assault charge would be the same for rock salt as for a regular shotgun shell; you’re just not going to get the satisfaction of doing as much damage!

  • If the Judge ads are any guide, the boyfriend’s entire pelvis has been pulverized into a gaping hole of bloody tangles.

    No? Not really?

    You mean birdshot doesn’t blow people apart like it does paper? But the Judge ad promised!

    The Judge is a novelty gun, or maybe a snake-shot hunting gun, or a varmiter, but not a self-defense gun.


  • Destroyer


    domestic issues? no worries. With the SILVER JUDGE, HE’S GUILTY AS CHARGED!

    sorry couldn’t resist.

  • Valhalla

    Joshua, certainly works here. Birdshot in the crotch is gonna down anyone.

    If it was at this mans own house, and it comes out that the punk really was beating the daughter, I can’t think of a single jury who’d convict. Then again we live in a country filled with pansies.

    He should have made the guy play Polish Roulette. Same as Russian, except with a semi-auto.

  • julian

    At last – a real world field test and an abbreviated ‘after action’, all in a mainstream media outlet!
    If the younger man was indeed beating or abusing the woman, then bravo for Pops.
    An old Marine I had the honor of knowing – deceased now, God bless him – had a 20-something daughter who was living with a ne’er-do-well, a doper who wouldn’t hold a job and occasionally slapped her around. She encountered her Dad, my friend, in a 7-11 store one night, by accident, and he saw scratches on her arm, a place near her forehead where some hair was missing and very bad bruises around her neck.
    Well – he told her that her Mom needed to see her about something and when the daughter left to go to George’s place, George went to see the boyfriend. Carrying a kid’s aluminum baseball bat, George never said a word when he went in and beat the doper within an inch of his life. Broke his nose, collar bone, shoulder, a couple of ribs and one knee. Told him that if he ever touched his daughter again, George would come back and really hurt him.
    Guy moved out of town a few weeks later, hopefully to start a new and better life.
    Moral of the story, to me – Dads are a kind of protective lot. Mess with their offspring at your own peril.

  • Destroyer

    “Broke his nose, collar bone, shoulder, a couple of ribs and one knee. Told him that if he ever touched his daughter again, George would come back and really hurt him”

    that’s awesome…after breaking all of that, he was going to come back and really hurt him…haha.

    as a father, i completely understand his position. I would do the same thing if that happened to any of my two daughters. Despite the seriousness of the laws these days, some things are just accepted: if you beat somebody’s daughter, expect father to stop by and give you a whoppin’.

  • Carl

    Vigilante justice FTW!
    Who needs the rule of law and due process? Just hang the guy in the nearest tree! He’s obviously totally guilty.

  • Destroyer

    vigilante justice never hurt anyone…that didn’t deserve it 😉

  • Chris

    You can tell which people in this thread have daughters.

    My first responsibility to my children is to protect their safety. Period. That doesn’t change just because they become adults.

    The rule of law says I beat the shit out of an abusive boyfriend and then take the consequences.

  • D Scott

    Always remember….”Guns don’t kill people …. fathers with pretty daughters do”
    ’nuff said.

  • Bird shot to the nards. Hmmmmm, might work on a 14-28 year old male. I think the brain stem is in very close proximity. That, and the fact that I have a girlchild, allow me the reason that I need to remove the nards of ANYONE who would harm a child. Even me. Abuse of a child is, IMHO, reason for castration. Given that, I think Obama should cough up the funds to supply every American Citizen with a surplus .45. Oh, OK. They need to go elsewhere. I must be wrong for that.

  • justdavid

    Joshua, I wouldn’t even use one of these things for snakes. Shotshells in a .38 Spl, .357, or .44 Magnum will do the trick. Plus with different kinds of ammo, I have an effective revolver.

    I vote for renaming “Polish Roulette” to something else because as a nation Poles score really high on IQ tests — one of the smartest overall countries in Europe. So I have no idea how the “stupid Pole” thing got started, because it definitely isn’t true. (Disclaimer: I am not Polish.)

  • G3Ken

    I have a 17 year old daughter, so I know form where he’s coming from. Personally, a firm “knock it off asshole” followed by a call to the local police would have been my reaction if an actual “assault” had been taking place.

    If that failed to stop the “assault”, there’s no shooting in the leg, no nut shots, no wounding. Then it’s deadly force time and that boy would be spending eternity in a nice container some six feet beneath the surface of the earth.

    Anything else seems like poor judgment and an invitation to a lawsuit and perhaps some time in jail, neither of which I would like to entertain. When it’s time to draw down, it’s stopping time or killing time. I’d prefer the first, but the second is sometimes necessary.

    Sounds like there “may” have been a little overreaction on someone’s part here.