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  • iMick

    I must admit I’ve spent some time up a tree waiting for the old man to come along and remove a really pissed off feral pig from circling the tree. Got up that tree bloody fast, man it had some tusks. Saved by a mighty Lithgow SLR thats probably a paper clip now…*sigh* šŸ™‚

  • DavidR


    Is the message:
    “beware of charging boar”

    or is it:
    “thank GOD there was a charging boar between me and the guy who was shooting at me”???

  • Raymond

    Goodlord…I know some people might criticize shooting at a target with your buddy tumbling down the hill just on the other side of the target, but this is the reality of the situation. Unexpected things happen. That being said, HOLY SON OF A BITCH he was lucky! I mean, the lead shooter shows great presence of mind dropping down into the slide like that, trying to actually maintain a shooting position on the target and then bounding again when the boar looked like it was about to tumble into him, but I’d be rubbing that guy’s head for luck for the rest of my life. Panicked fire and a third shooter with a long gun. He was definitely very lucky to not get hit.

  • Ewan

    If you take into account the time it took for the time the sound took to get to the camera the firing angles look slightly safer. The final pop from the rifle is a giveaway.

  • DavidR

    I dunno. Sound delay was the first thing l checked for, and the sound delay does not seem that great. Additionally, the steadiness of the camera implies that there was little if any optical magnification. So I think the camera was pretty close.

  • It wasn’t that far away. Those hunters got lucky on that one.

  • That video clip would make a nice discussion piece for a hunter-safety class.

  • Hog hunting, practice for taking moving targets from sniper distances to CQB distances, and now complete with bump contact squad tactics.

  • Mac C

    One has to ask regardless of the “chaos” of the situation if shooting at ALL was the safe choice here. I’d take a tusk to the thigh (or worse) over a bullet into my body ANY DAY. Especially considering what types of bullets these guys probably had (not 5.56!)

    Those guys are DAMN LUCKY not to have shot each other (dead).

  • yamalink

    I wonder if the boar community is watching a video called “Rolling man shot by friend.”

  • Tony

    That was one of the stupidest, ugliest and most unnecessary things I’ve ever seen in my life. That wasn’t hunting, that was the Three Stooges kill the only thing on that slope with functioning brain cells. Gives all sportsmen a bad name. They should never be allowed to touch a firearm again for the rest of their lives!

  • Kurgen99

    I think I would have been pissed at the guy firing in my direction with a handgun.

    I also sounds like a rifle shot was fired at the end.

  • p1choco

    Pucker factor 10! That video is just as cool as the one with Howard Hill shooting a charging boar with a stick and string.

  • Mmmmm….BACON!

  • Destroyer

    i agree with tony. stupid shit like this is what gives ammunition to ant-gun and anti-hunt people.

  • Carl

    Creds to the boar for the all-out full-frontal assault and going out in a blaze of glory!

  • Rick

    I don’t know. After watching the video, it seems as though the pistol shooting was in the clear in terms of line of sight with the tumbler.

  • Mike

    How about the guy holding the rifle as he’s falling down the hill?!?

  • CMathews

    Without crazy knowledge of video analysis I couldn’t do this, so I put this out there to the rest of the readers, one of whom maybe a video analyst? Can you see if his booger hooks on his bang switch as he is falling? If it is, we should worry more about the uncontrolled rifleman than the stable grounded pistol shooter up the hill. Granted it isn’t at all safe what the pistolero did, at least he wasn’t falling uncontrollably. This could have ended FAR worse.

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    First rifleman seems to be fumbling with the safety. Bad show.

    Handgunner was a good shot – lucky for the first rifleman.

    Second rifleman pumps one into the dead bore — with his buddy directly in line.


  • HK_USP_45

    Even before the boar starts it’s charge, the rifle man is standing between the pistoleer and the boar. Then as the boar is just starting to charge, the rifle man crosses right in front of the pistoleer and into his field of fire, just before he starts his roll down hill.

    Also, you can see by their footwork as they prepare for the charge that something dangerous is about to happen. They’re skipping and hopping around — not sure footed, and not how you want to be with loaded guns.

    They’re all luck that the boar doesn’t have 2 hunter shoulder mounts in his burrow, instead of the other way around.

  • WPZ

    One thing that struck me was the handgunner shooting one-handed under stress.
    I’ve watched a lot of police shooting videos thanks to a copper friend who’s a trainer and I see that a lot. Under stress, in a moving situation, there appears to be a strong tendency to angle back into a narrow silhouette and fire strong hand only. Even among highly-trained isosceles shooters.
    Must be a natural instinct.
    Those videos make me practice strong-hand a lot more than anyone else I know.

  • Bob

    Been interesting if the boar got one of those guys. Sometimes the hunters become the hunted.

    Iā€™m all for hunting but do it with a bow and arrow girly man!