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  • Griffin

    what a handcannon….

  • primo capo

    it’s ugly!

  • subase

    can’t imagine the amount of sound that would make.

  • David

    Taurus will have it in the “Judge” series by Shot Show next year.

  • SpudGun

    Darn it, David beat me to the Taurus gag.

  • That fore-grip needs to be attached to the end of the barrel, got to give the guy credit. He is creative

  • Carl

    I don’t get this. Where does the cylinder and the frame come from? My first guess would be a revolver type shotgun, but the frame looks way too bulky for a marketable product. Yet the parts look as though they have a pretty good surface treatment and finish.

    If anyone built this from scratch they should be given a medal and a permission to start a firearms manufacture, not jail time and have their stuff confiscated.

  • Lance

    Thats a good CHL gun for you Steve!!! LOL

  • Tony

    David: Now that would be a shotgun revolver that might actually work! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • They forgot the laser!

  • Elvis

    I’ll take two!!!

    But really. If you put a Redhawk grip on it, smoothed out the frame, maybe put some nice looking wood under a thicker barrel, and took off the vg, it’d be sweet!

  • Cymond

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the imitation Beretta logo on the frame. And Steve Doran, I wouldn’t want my hand anywhere near that muzzle. I wonder what the rail is for. Red dot? hardly seems practical with those egonomics and short barrel.

  • Matt Groom

    If you’re gonna build an illegal gun, it might as well be one HELL of a big gun!

  • Nat

    I want two for the zombie apocalypse. Even Tam would agree these would be great for keeping the undead at bay while you reload you main gun.

  • Lar45

    The guy was probably a very talented machineist with access to CNC machines and worked on his project after hours or whatever.

    You would not want the front handle to be on the barrel at all. That would put your forearm next to the barrel cylinder gap. At the very least you’d end up with a nasty burn, or the high pressure gas and flame could cut into your arm right where lots of important things are. Did you guys see the pic going around of the guy who almost cut his thumb off with a S&W 460? He had his off hand cradleing the bottom of the frame with his thumb next to the end of the cylinder. It nearly took his thumb off at the last knuckle and was only attached by a piece of skin.

    With the discoloration on the outside of the gun, it looks like he probably shot it quite abit. I would imagine the recoil could be abit brutal. I wonder if it was single or double action? The Aguila shorty shells would probably make it less painful to shoot, or load it with slugs for a modern Howdah.
    I’d want to shoot it atleast once. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lar45

    One more thing. The article said it was a 6-shot revolver, but if you look at the cylinder, it looks like a 5-shot.

  • Scrounger

    Nice LQQKing ‘zip’ gun.

  • The thing’s a fake.

    First off, there appears to be no cylinder release or crane. It’s possible that the [yeah, 5-shot] cylinder drops out for reloading, and the release is on the ‘wrong’ side.

    However, the length of those chambers appear to just be long enough to fit the shells but [unlike brass cases] a shotgun shell’s petals will unfold outward and would extend aout half an inch into the barrel – – jamming the rotation. It’s a single shot.

    Made to fool.

  • thomas

    actualy using the armys map distance finder thing the shells open just inside the cylinder awsome none the less

  • The waterhead

    that thing looks like its been used in a crime. as you can see where its been placed into a super-glue chamber. just look on the end of the barrel, cylinder and shot shells show the super glue and finger prints

    • What is the connection between super-glue and crime?

      • PB

        Superglue fumes, usually in a modified formula, can be used to “develop” latent fingerprints. Essentially, the fumes turn solid and white wherever moisture is, which includes fingerprints.

  • Bear

    Something like this would be fairly easy for any good machinist to make, a good lathe and a milling machine being the only machine tools required. The mechanics of it have been well known for over 150 years. The vast majority of us, myself included, would never do so simply because getting caught would mean losing our freedom, our money, and our shop. There is no magic involved in making a gun, aside from a bit of mathematics and a little simple physics.

    • Bobo

      Bear, why would you say “because getting caught would mean losing our freedom”? There is no law in the US about making your own firearms, it is a perfectly legal for any individual to build a gun from scratch; With that being said, you can not build to sell, and you must abide by all ATF laws governing a firearm. This particular gun would be illegal, but I am guessing that you don’t know why as your statement was a general “we can build our own guns” statement. If you ask, I will tell you what makes this firearm illegal (or at least require a tax stamp)

  • Fluffy

    Holy balls, that’s the ugliest revolver I have ever seen. And that’s saying a lot.