Bushmaster MOE Carbine

The Bushmaster ACR may have gotten all the attention from the press, but Bushmaster have also launched a few other products. The Bushmaster MOE is a new entry-level M4-style carbine which features Magpul MOE accessories. They feature an MOE collapsible stock, MOE pistol grip, MOE polymer hand guard, MBUS rear flip sight and Magpul PMAG.

Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth and Foliage Green
Caliber 5.56mm / .223 Rem.
Overall Length 35.5″
Barrel Length 16″
Rifling 1:9″
Weight w/o magazine 6.22 lbs.
Weight of empty magazine 0.25 lbs.
Weight of loaded magazine 1.00 lbs.
MSRP (Price) $1295

Steve Johnson

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  • William

    Just like the Smith MOE? I’m not crazy about the Magpul MOE look, especially the handguard.

    • William, yea, same concept.

  • James Potts

    Why-oh-why do I live in California….?!

  • Your kidding, right? My carbine is basically all MOE…stock, grip, hand guard, MBUS rear sight…And when all is said and done, including the cost of the MOE parts, it was under $800.

  • Mike

    BFI needs to market a CARBON 15 version with their gas piston conversion. Then you would have a piston driven plastic assault rifle that is AR-15 compatible and covered with MAGPUL stuff! Oh wait….wasn’t that what the MASSADA was?

  • Dave

    @ James. You can get one. Check-out Calguns.net for resources on how to legally buy and configure a Bushmaster MOE Carbine. 🙂

  • Vak

    Looks exactly like the smith & wesson MOE rifle. Except 100 $ cheaper. But S&W tends to overestimate the MSRP of their rifles, so it might actually cost more.

    I honestly don’t know how to feel about that.

  • SpudGun

    $1300 for an ‘entry level’ carbine? Oh wait, it’s bedecked in Magpul-lery, so the faithful will no doubt run to the store to buy it.

    Nothing wrong with Magpul stuff, but I have other criteria when choosing a rifle.

  • At the fun show this weekend, the S&W MOE Carbine was going for 950 out the door in cash, tax added if you paid with plastic.

  • Nandor

    Yeah, I prefer the look of a quadrail fore section with Magpul XTM alternating color panels instead of that MOE handguard.

  • Chris K.

    I’ll take the S&W please. Bushmaster isn’t getting any money from me ever.

  • Steve, this isn’t related to this topic, but your RSS isn’t loading.

  • jdun1911

    The MOE series are made by Magpul so you expect whatever gun companies use the furniture will look the same. Magpul MOE series is design from what I understand to be an inexpensive alternative to the standard AR.

    The MOE handguard is a good upgrade because it allows you to put side rails on. The MOE grip is also a good upgrade. A little wider then the standard but the grip texture is much superior then the regular version. IMO is better then the Magpul MIAD.

    The Magpul MOE stock isn’t worth the money tho, unless you just want it for the looks. To me it’s a downgrade from the standard AR stock. They should have place a QD mount on the stock but no that would have cut into the CTR feature. Spend a little more money and get the CTR, IMO.

  • Sean

    Yeah, I too paid $950 for the Smith. I just trust Smith more than other companies. And don’t want to give Cerberus my money. Ever.

  • Erwos

    jdun1911: Nice thing about the MOE stock is that it comes in a cheap little MOE furniture pack with the handguard and grip. I bought all my MOE furniture, including buffer and tube, for < $100 shipped. Nice deal!

  • jdun1911

    Most people buy them separately. You’re better off spending the extra money on the CTR which IMO is a direct upgrade to the standard M4 stock. The MOE stock brings nothing new to the table in terms of function. I consider the MOE stock as a downgrade.

  • zach

    @jdun1911 I think it’s for the person that doesn’t want to spend the extra money and doesn’t need the QD feature, but still likes that particular stock design.

  • Austin H

    I just picked up my MOEG (green). Its outstanding looking. Of course “to each their own” as far as looks go, but its fantastic looking. I can’t wait to break it in tomorrow.

  • zac

    The MSRP on this rifle is way off compared to what you can get it for, I bought it for 980 after taxes at my local gun store. When I brought it home I stripped it down and its your basic AR as far as internal parts and quality are concerned. To each there own but I like the MOE stock it has a nice cheek rest and is very sturdy, as for the heat shield its up to par for the price, you can accessorize it with what ever you want as Magpul has a full line for it. Keep in mind this is just your standard Bushmaster entry level AR with some Magpul accessories added, but that being said Bushmaster makes a good AR and this is no exception. Its very accurate and dependable, I just finished my first 1000 rounds through it (I strip and CLP it after every 200 rounds) and it never had one jam or misfire, I dont use reloads or steel ammo only brass (PMC 55gr FMJ-BT to be exact) not the best ammo out there but still no jams or misfires after a case and its fairly priced and accurate target ammo, what more do you want. With the price, accuracy, dependability in my opinion this is a good buy and I have no complaints with it, but to each there own.

  • steve

    MSRP seems high to me too. Just bought one today for $1050, equivelant to around $950 in the lower 48 (Im in Alaska, guns are about 100 bucks more here). Far from an expert, but IMO this is a nice looking gun, functions well, and the price leaves a little extra in my pocket for upgrades and ammo. To each their own seems to be the motto around here, but I know I couldn’t be happier!

  • Jena

    Anyone know what street price is on the Bushmaster MOE in East Central Florida these days? The S&W MOE? Of the two, which is the better choice IYHO? Thanks so much.. 🙂

  • Russ

    FYI, the cost on Bushmaster is $1295, I got mine last week for $899, and that included the Magpul front handgrip (value $30) and a Bushnell red dot scope (value $100) it’s not great, but does the job, easy to sight in, 2000 hours of red dot time. So for that price, I feel like I got a great deal…Vance Outdoors…Columbus, OH

  • Chad

    I have owned a Bushmaster M-4 / 6 postion stock, for < 8 yrs. Rounds shot who knows, no more than a 1500 ish, no failure to feed or extract and I primarily shoot XM193 55 gr FMJ. I just put a MOE forearm (28.95) and a MOE vertical forearm grip (18.95) . This set up is much lighter than the heavy quad rails that burn the crap, out of your support hand (cause there's no heat shield) and not to mention usually your back pocket. You can mount accessaries at several positions and on the cheap to boot! I'm comparing this firearm with my M-4;DPMS, Stag , and colt. The lower case colt was on purpose, can you say piece of junk/ jam master ! Really and truley theres a bell curve with all of them 20% exceptional, 60%average and 20% less than average. Thats my expierience with everything man made. A Mil spec M-4 with a two stage mil trigger is light and difficult to shoot tiny groups that every one wants but only 2 out of 10 owners can actually do. BUY a Bushmaster, DPMS, Stag, Colt, what ever , test it clean it and keep it WET and she will perform.

  • Enzo

    Entry level. lol. What does a more expensive brand get you? Are they twice as reliable? Twice as accurate? What brand of AK-47 does the Taliban use? Do they use LMT,Noveske,Daniel Defense, POF? No, they use a knockoff Pakistani model that isn’t even close to “milspec”. The truth is that the AR-15 isn’t reliable at all which is why the military doesn’t use them. The Army is looking to replace the M4 too because it hasn’t been reliable in Iraq & Afghanistan. For civilian use, pretty much any AR15 is just fine though. This Bushmaster Gas Piston is good. Better than the current Army’s M4 for sure.

  • Matt

    How far are they accurate out to

  • David Moehrke

    I just bought a M4 A3 Bushmaster MOE carbine Gas Piston operated(Feb. 9, 2012) from Impact Guns, it cost $1079.00, and $1101.00 with shipping. Now the question I have is on the lower receiver the gun is marked with Bushmaster, and Windham Maine. Does this mean that my rifle was a late production model in the old factory, which in later years may bring an increase in value I.E. pre 1964 Winchester model 70’s? Now I am not a firearm expert, however I do have a couple of IMI galil ARM one in 5.56, and one chambered in 7.62, and a pre ban AUG, with both the original stock and the 5 magazines that shipped with the rifle and a new black colored stock the allows AR-15/M16 magazines to fit and feed. I think that I know quality when I see it, and this bushmaster exudes quality. I took it out to the range today and ran several GI and Magpul magazines thruogh the rufle without a single stutter, with the exception of one GI magazine that would not feed at all, not even as a single shot. that magzine made it to the burn barrel. This is a great rifle, it shoots to 1 to 1.5 MOA at 100 yards, and being a piston gun the receiver stays quite clean, and cool.

  • lenny

    i am about to order bushmaster m4 moe. it says it is chambered for 5.56 NATO / .223 REM??? i know they are very similar but they are NOT the same round. firing a 5.56 out of a .223 can eventually ruin your rifle (so i’ve read). so is it a 5.56 or a .223 rifle?

  • Jena

    “i am about to order bushmaster m4 moe. it says it is chambered for 5.56 NATO / .223 REM??? i know they are very similar but they are NOT the same round. firing a 5.56 out of a .223 can eventually ruin your rifle (so i’ve read). so is it a 5.56 or a .223 rifle?”

    The Bushy is a 5.56 but you can shoot .223. .223’s chambers MAY NOT stand up to the higher pressures of the 5.56X45NATO rounds.
    I bought a Bushy MOE and ended up giving it to my son. I became more knowledgeable about the AR-15 and built three of my own as I wanted to personalize. BTW, the bolt carrier’s screws were not properly staked on my Bushy, just a sloppy job. It works fine though and I’ve a spare BCG just in case.

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  • philipp

    is this gun a gas piston ?